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Electric Shield Not Blocking Some Projectile Attacks. Possible Bug?


I've encountered this before but today is the first time I thought to take pictures (I don't have an video capture software so not gifs).  Volt's Electric shield doesn't seem to block all projectiles even while behind it. This was against Grineer.








Now, to preempt any questions, there are no enemies behind me, I checked this multiple times. All the enemies were in front of me, quite a few meters away.  You can actually see the shield impact damage animation in the first and third pictures.  My shields were higher in the second picture because of my Kubrow.  And the fact that I was actually taking shield damage means I wasn't confusing this for the bleed proc that I had.  I also never moved from my position.


I'm wondering if this is something I should actually report as a bug or whether there's some obscure fact about Electric Shield that I don't know about.


EDIT: Forgot to mention, there were no bombards on the map and the damage was in small, rapid increments, nothing like what a grenade would do.

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aoe weapons can also dmg you if you are close to your shield something like granades etc.


I would have thought that but there were no Bombards and the damage was in very small, rapid increments, nothing grenade like.

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