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Host Disconnect Lose All What You Get.

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Tower 4 Interception Wave 11
Tenno 76%
Enemy 17%
Mission Failed
Back to ship/liset
No host in squad
clap clap clap
Host crashed or internet problem

Why it must be in that way?!
Why not Mission complete and we get all what we got in that mission and host get it too if he logged in back?
I lost a lot of time playing this interception mission and got nothing from that, not because we failed the mission but because of Host game crashed or host internet problem. That wasnt our fault so why we need to get punished for that?

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Warframe really does need better mission tracking and host migration. As it stands, if you're not playing solo then whoever is hosting end up being the games biggest single point of weakness.


I was once in a defence mission where I lucked out and ended up with a great random team. We where approaching wave 40 and ironically, the talk in team chat had moved to if we should press our luck or all leave at next extraction. Then the dreaded 'host migration' screen came up.


Before this, we had been almost surrounded by mobs, but we where in a good place due to the whole team being mostly maxed out on energy, most of the mobs where under the control of my our Nyx's chaos ability; and the floor was littered with energy, health, and ammo pickups for us to grab the moment we needed them.


After host migration however, it was another story. Our warframe energy levels where that of someone starting a mission. All those lovely health, energy, and ammo pickups on the floor where gone. The room full of mobs that had been attaching each other under chaos where no longer under control of it (while our Nyx was still with us).


It quickly became carnage. Our Nyx was quickly dropped of all energy by the presence of an Ancient Disrupter. With the lack of CC from our Nyx and no quick access to energy, we quickly each started to fall... and hit mission failed!


Now it's quite possible that we where pushing our luck and would have failed the mission later anyhow, but at least we would have felt like we thought an honest battle and died fighting. Instead, a bad host migration robbed us of all our advantages and left us all frustrated, with both my friend and I logging out of the game and choosing not to play for a good week or so.


Personally, I'd love to see host migration instead 'pause' game play when the migration begins... and then somehow try and use the game play states of the remaining team members to create a better 'resume' gameplay stae for the migrate with maybe a smart "resuming in 5...4...3.." when the migration ends.

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It's because a key was used to enter the mission, and the keybearer disconnected. I guess this is to prevent say a host starting a mission, then (somehow) splitting into a separate squad and inviting more people. You could potentially do infinite runs off a single key.

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Even so, getting 30 mins in to a defense mission, and losing all progress and all prime parts because of network flakiness is not on.


If they want, they can pause, and allow the remaining squad members to chip in a key to continue.


That way a key will still be consumed, and the remaining squad members don;t lose everything after 30 minutes.


(I've just been dumped out half-way through wave 20 of a void defense run)  I am not a happy bunny.

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T2 Defense, 19 waves, Just happened to us, got a brief freeze, exited game, bug report, log back in, everyone was dropped couldnt reconnect to session. Hope this is something they're looking into.

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yep, seems to me this needs a different approach then just terminating the game and bye bye 30 minutes of your time. please try again.

At least in case of something like a game chrash, it would seem reasonable to at least let the remaining squad members finish the run right?

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This happened again.

2015-05-28 20:43 UTC


Completed a 30 minutes T3S, and successfully extracted - Mission Success results were shown.


Then during the return-to-Liset screen, everything went sour.  And "all progress lost" message was shown.



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