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Ongoing: Obsolete Descriptions.


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I'm glad I found this thread, because this one's been bugging me for a few months:


"Send a massive charge of potential energy hurling towards unfortunate targets."

<insert jackie-chan-hands-above-head-gif>

You can't hurl potential energy.  Once "hurled" it's no longer merely potential, it's actual energy.  

A "charge of energy" is also pretty dubious.

Maybe rephrase this as "Discharges a massive bolt of energy towards unfortunate targets."


On the bright side, now I finally understand why gun enthusiasts get their panties in a bunch when games use firearms terminology incorrectly.

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Shattering Impact

IMPACT damage from melee attack reduces enemy armor by +6

This is incorrect and vague. It should be like this:

Melee weapon strikes with IMPACT damage reduces enemy base armor by +6.


Why? Because the armor reduction applies even if there was no IMPACT proc (the weapon only must have greater than 0 impact damage), also it reduces the base armor of an enemy which scales according to its level and NOT ITS current (scaled) armor.

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Since Oberon's changes, there have been no changes to his ability description for Hallowed Ground. At the moment, it states that it "Sanctifies the ground before Oberon in righteous fire." Now that we have plants, I'm unsure just how accurate that is.



And as a side note, his Passive Ability doesn't mention a big part of his passive. Currently there is no mention of the fact that he can instantly revive his pet if he picks up a Health Orb.



While we're on the topic of Health Orbs, I'm unsure if this one is intentional, but Reckoning states that killing enemies with the ability gives them a chance to drop a "Health Sphere". As I said, I'm unsure if that's intentional, but as far as I was aware, they were called Health Orbs.



Thank you for your time!

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