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{Recruiting} Chi To Meiyo! ~ (Blood & Honor!) ~ Information Page. (T.s.3 & Private Forum For Full Members)


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Clan Name: "Chi to Meiyo"
{Blood and Honor}
Motto: "Leave no one behind."

Teamspeak 3 Server!!:

All are welcome to join in on the fun!!!

Recruiting is now OPEN!


We've always been more about "Quality over Quantity."
That being said we're always open to new possibilities.

Feel free to read on and drop us a note here, send me or any member a PM or just drop by our TS as a guest!
(You'll have to know how to use certain functions like "Poke" or directly text chat to get our attention.)

Many of our members are very busy with things both directly and indirectly related to the Clan's "normal" operations. As well as our own personal lives. Very, Very busy. But we still get things done.

We now have a brand new website for "Vested" Clan Members (Sage & ABOVE) and Guests to visit.
So, sorry no unrestricted public access.

As we move on into a very promising future together I'll continue to edit this page often.
Much of the older content I've posted has or will be removed. Most of the history and "lore"
will be put up on the public sections of our website.

Please feel free to request membership by replying to this forum  or directly through the game by going to Contacts and typing the name "Chi to Meiyo" in at the bottom. You should get a reply within the day, if not immediately,


For those who're completely new to Warframe or the chat system if you're in-game and you see

pink text with someone's name preceding it it's a Whisper, you can reply by typing /r before

your message.We spend a lot more time in-game than we do checking the forums!

(not sure if this is still accurate with the new chat system.0

Who we are & What we're about

We are Chi to Meiyo!
You may not know us yet, but you will, soon.

When we set our minds to something we go at it full throttle. We hit the ground running and move as one.. We know what we're there for and we make sure we get it along with damn near every single Mod, Mat, Blueprint or rare component in the vicinity!

Where other Tenno rush across the map we laugh at danger; bouncing from ledges to pipes; up craggy cliffs and glossy trap infested; Tower walls. While other jokers are idling at the extraction point wasting ammo and energy or reading the forums Chi to Meiyo is tearing through every nook and cranny of the lesser known parts of, well damn near everything with real skill and precision.

We are Chi to Meiyo!
From Mercury to Outer Terminus and beyond there is not a single Grineer base, Corpus Lab or Abandoned Facility overrun with Infested horrors that we have not torn through and turned out in the course of successfully performing our duties as the last of the free Children of the Solar System.

We are Chi to Meiyo! We fear no creature born of Man or Machine. The despots, Abominations and cold calculating criminals that seek to conquer and corrupt what remains of the worlds of our Ancestors will know of our coming. As their reach exceeds their grasp, they will know us by the flash of our weapons and the cold bite of our blades. They will know us...as they gasp, screech or beep their last painful regrets.They will know....

We are Chi to Meiyo! It means "Blood and Honor" in the language of an ancient culture that lived by their principles. A simple code of conduct.. . That the ideals of of Bravery, Loyalty, and Respect should mean more than mere words. In the wake of the Old War the lands of the Earth may have turned to ash, the Sun grown dim and cold but it shall not soon set on the principles we live by....

We are Chi to Meiyo! We are united. We are A Family. We stand together as one, though we come from different worlds and points on the path of life, From different cultures, nations and creeds; We are stronger in our diversity and singleness of; purpose. We exemplify the principles of the Tenno. Their loyalty to their cause, their patience and steadfast determination.

We are Chi to Meiyo!
Our Voice will be heard!

Warlord: "Chi to Meiyo"
{Blood & Honor.}

Edited (Repeatedly.) for a strong Mission Statement & Aesthetics Wed. 11/13/2013

Edited by OldJerseyDevil
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Hey, sorry about not replying to the last topic. I didnt know you had to follow a topic to get notifications on replies. Ive followed this one though (also i think you may have added me, or am i imagining things?) Ill be about this weekend if you wanna game, and i look forward to being able to help on the dojo.

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I would like to join.  I'm rank 3 and currently have rank 30 Excaliber and Saryn frames, an adult, and in complete agreement with everything you have in your profile regarding gameplay philosophies OJD.  My IGN is Rayonix ;)

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Hi OJD, I was considering posting a "looking for clan" type post specifically so I could find something like this. I'm pretty low-maintenance and probably wouldn't even bother with a clan if it weren't for all the cool and interesting things that are available through the new clan system and dojo. That said, I like the idea that you're putting forward here - I hate it when people just rush on ahead (seriously, play solo if that's what you want) and whenever I'm with a group or clan I almost EXPECT we'll be helping one another, so it bugs me when people don't (you're right, btw, it should go without saying that you mark. The. Damn. Mods.).

I've gotten to Rank 4, almost by accident, and it'd be cool if I could join you guys.

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i have been with this clan for a week now and it is really great lots of teamwork and we do rush but only if everyone agrees 


hook up on TS usually there is someone around 



Clan Warlord:Old Jersey Devil

Clan General:Lordshogun

Clan General:Steelwolfe

Edited by lordshogun
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Interesting, I'm not too far into the game, maybe a little over a week but this game has been quite fun. It would be nice to play with other people, particularly a smaller group to which I can familiarize with easier than a larger one. If possible, I'd also like to join, my in game name is "ahchamna" without the quotes. Thanks in advance.

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To keep everyone up to speed. We're using this thread for our main recruitment forum.


Welcome to Chi to Meiyo all current and potential clan mates! I'll be posting updates and useful information here whenever I get the time.


Anyone can join the clan regardless of skill or experience and almost immediately be accepted as an initiate.


Promotions are handled based on what we, (myself and my three Generals as well  as the core members) see as a candidates potential..


Specifically we're looking for team players who can help each other reach their own personal goals as well as those of the Clan as a whole.


The fundamental ideals include, but are not limited to:







Building Chi to Meiyo over the last few weeks has been a slow but rewarding process. Some members have been with me since the beginning before Update 8, many more have just joined and have helped greatly with our recent successes. A few others have known me for a couple years now  and really know how I roll. It's real simple. Show up when you can, leave the drama at the door! Play the role your best suited for to the best of your ability and have fun!\


We don't do drama, period. We don't want to go into politics, religion, race, creed, color, gender or any other personal issues that may or may not distract from what we're here to do, which is relax and have fun blowing the hell out of stuff!


In the end it's about good times and respect.


I'm mentioning this as a guideline for the Clan now as this isn't my first  clam bake and we already have members world-wide. I've seen Good guilds get torn apart when people start bringing their personal issues to the game with them. Everyone has opinions on issues, discussions about them should be kept to a minimum, especially when it may start an argument.Think of it this way: If all your friends in real life agreed with all your opinions all of the time they'd be boring as hell, right. If you think voicing your opinion would get you punched in the face in real life don't bring it online. We all have our days when we need to vent, that's okay, just don't do it to the point that it interferes with others good time blowing stuff up, okay?



Moving right along: we handle things informally but encourage  expect at least some form of open communication from all of our members.


Everyone is welcome on the Teamspeak server (See the first post.). Just show due respect to others whenever you log on as it's a public server for many people playing different games. Not just our Warframe clan. If at any time this becomes a problem for the admins we'll have to do as they ask. Right now Chi to Meiyo is small but growing quickly and I want to set this in stone. we are guests on this server.


If anyone needs help setting up their Teamspeak leave me, Lordshogun or any other member a note here or through private forum messages. (All you have to do is click on the name of who you ant to contact to go to their profile page.)


Only a few of our members actively post on these forums but I'd like to ask them to try and start identifying themselves as members if they're posting on this thread specifically.


Don't6 worry if you don't have a microphone or have some other problem with playing and chatting online. Teamspeak is not a requirement to be in Chi to Meiyo, it's just an easier way for us to communicate and coordinate runs. There are some people who prefer to log into the TS and not speak, just listen in and type in-game in the clan or squad channels.


We don't generally do any recruitment or monitor the in-game global or council channels, so if you need help learn how to use the Clan tab once your in and for a faster reply use the whisper. Seriously I'm not a fan of the way the chat systems set up currently, but one must make the best of what's available..


Finally, and my preferred method for communication is Steam chat. I play Warframe through Steam, a few of the others in the clan do as well. I've even walked a few mates through re-installing the game to play through Steam. More to the point any message you leave me there whether I'm on or not will still be there waiting for me whether I'm on a void run or just logging in for my daily reward. Look me up if you want: OldJerseyDevil AKA:The Ruccus I know it's long, but other people know me from other games and forget how easy it is to change that crap!


Now the clan news. Our first few builds on the Dojo are well underway. The Reactor went into build phase at around 6am EST Monday. Should be done soon. We're currently setting up the infrastructure for our Oracle and labs and the second floor. and Great Hall. We mostly decided to go this route to get the rare gear quicker rather than work on a Dueling Hall that may or may not work at all.


Besides the Dojo builds the Clan has been running numerous Void runs at all levels! This has quickly become less of a miserable waste of time & precious revives and more of a very enjoyable and profitable way to level (and re-level!) gear! Team effort, communication and carefully choosing what Frames & Artifacts to bring on any run is proving to be the key element for our success. Everyone has had a good time & gotten some of the BP's necessary for the Frost Prime, Reaper Prime and or the Latron Prime. General LordShogun being the mad OP Kunai spraying Golden God that he is has already completed his Latron Prime. He may have even leveled and re-Forma'd it by now! I'm just a few hundred Rubedo away from building my Frost Prime!


Over the last week we've continued our farming runs on many Defense and Boss missions of all types. Apart from the primary objectives of having fun and keeping the Dojo projects fueled we're focusing on killing as many Bosses and rolling through defenses for better exit rewards (Void keys in particular.) More recently we've been pushing the envelope trying to make this Stalker fellow show up so we can get some payback for his stealing our couches! He's punked us a few times but one of our guys got him bad and stole his Dread BP!


On a personal note I'm off work for a few days and will be grinding off and on. I'm not on permanent vacation yet! Long story. I've re-configured my router ports and optimized other network jazz for less lag and more killing potential but my net speed is till cranky so don't ask me to host! Seriously. If there's a mission you can't access yourself just try to invite me and I'll set it up. It's a lot easier than it sounds and beats an all out lag-fest if you just try to join on me!

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Howdy! Member of this clan and getting my role sorted out, was there when Oldjerseydevil started clan. Made a bad decision but hope to make up for it, team player and hoping to help you guys that want it.


Just hope I don't get a torrential outpour of "Help me NOW!" 'cause I don't want to disappoint you!


Vos es non unus! (Personnel motto - Don't freak out!)

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Loving this clan atm! As soon as I joined these guys I felt comfortable and welcome :D.


I, along with other clan members, are usually on the 13th teamspeak so feel free to join us and have a chat!

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can I join?


Consider it done, suprhomre.


EDIT: Says you're already in a guild.


Guys check this out! http://www.ign.com/videos/2013/06/04/warframe-is-coming-to-playstation-4


Tthe new trailer for the PS/4 Warframe launch looks SWEEET!. While I'm not a console guy I think it's a great idea considering it'll bring more hype to the game on either platform. DE Steve also said there may be cross-platform account linking or whatever but more important the two platforms will not be updating in tandem so whatever they screw up on the console port wont hold back the updates on the PC!


He also said he spent all day in a "Warframe Season One" meeting and hints were in the vid... SQUEEE!


Just go watch it!



Warlord, Clan-Chi to Meiyo

Edited by OldJerseyDevil
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On the subject of MATERIALS.


Also why we suddenly cancelled a couple of the builds.


Source: http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Research


Quick Start to research:
To setup the ability to research all projects you need the following:

    Two Cross Shaped Hallways
    One Reactor
    One Oracle
    One Bio Lab
    One Chem Lab
    One Energy Lab

You need to construct them in the following order:

    Cross Shaped Hallway x2
    Then finally the Oracle Room, Chem Lab, Bio Lab, or Energy Lab in any order (if in a large clan, begin with Energy as it has more items if you wish for them to be done sooner).

The total cost of these items together is:

    550,000 Credits
    455,000 Salvage
    175,000 Circuits
    140,000 Polymer Bundle
    240,000 Nano Spores
    70,000 Ferrite
    15,000 Alloy Plate
    75 Forma


Unless the DEv's in their infinite wisdom and benevolence implement some way for smaller clans to win or buy mats a lot faster we're going to have to double or triple our efforts at farming and recruiting! So if anyone in the clan has any friends or friends-of-friends that aren't already in a clan that they love...  Well you get the idea.


-ojd- Warlord: "Chi to Meiyo"

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Recently joined Chi to Meiyo and now Soldier.  Haven't really chatted with clan-mates much, but I've done a few runs with them and donated to the building cause.  Not really because I choose not to, but because I get so wrapped up in doing runs I just keep repeating. :)


I also don't use TS, but I do use the in-game voice chat when playing with friends.  (feel free to friend add me too)


At any rate, if anyone needs help with something, just ask and I'll do what I can.

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