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Some troubles whit Nvidia GTX 690 Asus in Warframe. (Spanish - English post).


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Buenas noches.

Tengo una dudilla bastante grande acerca del rendimiento de Warframe (en general) y luego en mi PC, os lo creáis o no en una GTX 690 a veces (cuando se juntan muchos NPC's y comienzan a spammear y demás, pero muchísimos...) me da un pequeño bajón de FPS pero esto me pasa más de una vez y ya es algo preocupante, no sé el porqué, ahora parece que ya tira mejor pero... ¡Guau, no me lo podía creer! Sé que es la Beta pero aún así...

Well, whit my new graphics card (GTX 690) I'm having some troubleshooting these days that I played Warframe... FPS were going down and up, not allways lineal, of course I had a good rate of FPS but somestimes they crash, I know this is a Beta, but... (If you wanna have a better explanation, please, translate the other paragraph), when there were lot's of enemies the fps were just a few less for some moments and then come up another time and I'm trying to resolve that, there you have the stats of my PC.

Os dejo los stats de mi PC:

i7 3770 3,40Ghz

Corsair Vengeance 2x4GB RED EDITION XMP 2133Mhz (Dual Channel)



VGA ASUS Gefore GTX 690 4GB GDDR5 915-1019Mhz

Windows 7 Ultimate

Acer 22" G226HQL

Cooler Master CM690

(Está bien refrigerado, tiene 4 ventiladores y tal... Ahora no sabría deciros cuales son pero son de los buenos).

Buenas noches y gracias, thank you for your time.

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690 support VGA OMG!!!

well..the thing is...I'm not sure how this game handles more than one graphic cards

GTX690 is technincally 2 cards joined together to form one..so that might be why (often new games have touble with dual or tri GPUs)

if I recall GTX 690 is just 2 680s combined together and then tweeked...

I had lot's of touble using dual GPU before I bought my new card..a lot of games has performance issues due to dual GPUs...

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