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Door Won't Open For Exterminate Alert Mission

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On this alert mission:




Twice went into alert mission, once as a join, second as host, and both times, there was a door that would not open and the mission could not be completed as there were Grineer on the other side of the bugged door. 11 left to kill on the join, 1 left to kill on host. Quit the game both times via Alt-F4.

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Same issue as listed above.  There is one mob left on the other side of the door.  It has the Yellow Lock icon on it and no way to unlock it.  I have searched the entire mission looking for an alternative entrance.  I entered the mission as a "Private" setting, though none of my friends were online so was doing it solo.  I tried to exit using Alt-F4 as well in hopes of keeping my rewards (as limited as they were) and to see if it would maybe let me back into the same mission upon logging back into the game.  Unfortunately the alert was over so I don't know if it would have worked. 


This is my first post so hope that I am submitting the bug in the proper place.

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this happened to me today as well.

a few guys left and an excal who was with us was trying to javelin them through the glitched out door but he could only get 1 =\

had to quit the mission =\

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