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  • The following mods have been disabled in PvP: Magazine Warp, Slip Magazine, Burdened Magazine, Stabilizer, Steady Hands, Fast Hands, Quick Draw, Tactical Pump and Terminal Velocity. They have been replaced with PvP specific versions that have been added to the Mission Rewards of all PvP game types.




Do you just hate PvP, or are you trying to artificially inflate the number of mods so that players have to grind more?

Wasn't the whole point of PvP 2.0 to give everything it's own PvP stats, so that it stops being an unplayable mess?


If PvP is already meant to have separate balance, why would you not just give the stats from PvP mods to their PvE equivalents(when used for PvP)?

Why would you make it so people have to grind another year of their life away just to enjoy what is effectively a mini-game/side activity?

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It tells you to stay in your missions for a reason.


It's @(*()$ horseS#&$, stay in your mission, easy to say when you're not the one getting blasted back into the exit.

I was camping exit waiting and got knocked back, mission finished, game #*($%%@ up.

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Okay, just did the night-time Cambria room :


+ Nice introduction for beginners (it's pretty straight-forward), it might create good stealth players in the future...

+ Invites people to look around instead of going in like savages.

+ I found neurodes in lockers! DE, if you make this a neurodes farming place, a loooot of players will do it!

+ beautiful tileset. :)


- The first 2 rooms went well,then I got into the one with ziplines : as I approach silently before pressing x to reach the rope,a frontier lancer spawned RIGHT in front of me!!! Not kidding, he was facing me, less than 5 cm face to face!!!

DE, you REALLY need to fix the way spawns work! We can't have proper stealth with that! These things still happen and people wonder why I keep begging for Stealth 2.0 for 2 years?!


- Outside the data vaults, any grineer meeting kubrows becomes alerted. It'd be cool if the enemies had "factions alerted states". (they know kubrows are here, but they don't know you're there.) Not too much of a nuisance but it's a little frustrating to be shot at unexpectedly when you thought the AI couldn't have possibly seen you!


Anyway, good job mr Whirrrr, keep going DE.


Vote for Stealth 2.0 2013 - 2015

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Still no fix for Heavy Caliber causing excessive accuracy loss on Dera, Mitter, Ogris and Torid:



Still no fix for broken excavator hitboxes:




Still no fix for Hysteric Fixation and Follow Through not working 100% of the time:



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Still no fix for prime weapons not able to equip a skin.

Who said that this is a bug? That is intended to. Get used to it.

Other than that, the whining about someone's credit and mission progression loss, because he got knocked back into the extraction zone: S#&$ happens. Your mistake. Get over it.

On the PvP mods. Welcome to the ongoing pay2progress Methode of PWE. People say that Perfect World Entertainment isn't directly interfering with DE's business, what is your excuse about this now? It is definitely showing that this game gets more and more restrictions, more force to grind mechanics and even the fact that blueprints of rare resources has been implemented to provide a constant possibility to rebuild necessary materials, really, you are still thinking that DE isn't getting onto the PWE theme and strategies?

20 nodes, fixed random rewards, loss of independently farming for your resource and or parts and or mods,... You need to wake up. This isn't the warframe from more than 1 1/2 years ago. I for my part am able to bake me a new plan, getting onto a new game, since I haven't paid anything, yet owning everything ingame, including more than 1.6k plat as a reservoir, or getting into openGL or DirectX and creating my own 3D game. What is your plan B, besides of flaming and denying this game getting more worse than before?

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  • Fixed Zephyr’s Turbulence not properly deflecting some ranged attacks against hit-scan enemies.


  • Fixed Zephyr’s Turbulence not properly deflecting some ranged attacks against hit-scan enemies.

  • Fixed Zephyr’s Turbulence yo.

yesyesyes and YESSS. Been waiting for this since the accuracy changes months back xD As long I can survive a bit better in those high-level grineer missions, I'm set (:
What was it before anyway? [EDIT] found it via wikia and a two other sites; 
  • High level enemies with hitscan weapons are still accurate enough to hit Zephyr 100% of the time even with the accuracy debuff. Because of this, Turbulence is functionally worthless in high level Grineer missions.


Seriously though, those high-level Grineer survival missions are brutal lol. Might as well just let them kill you anyways haha xD


Anyways time to tryout the new weapon! (:

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