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It is a really bad weapon...

- its highly inacurate

- first it shooting to slow and then it shoot faster as longer as you fire.... ? Ammo waste deluxe!

- as longer you shoot as inacurater it get... more ammo waste

- it got a big clip ... but yeah lol overall just 600 ammunition... and every rilfe ammo you collect is still +20. when you want to play this gun to its full potential (firing the whole time) you run out of ammo after the 10th enemy!

Sry but when i wielding this gun i don't feel like a soldier with a hvy mg... its more like wielding a $&*&*#(%& shotgun.

The braton is actually more like a hvy mg... alot dmg, clipsize above 100, highly accurate and fast shooting....

Thats how a hvy mg should work... and not this piece of junk called gorgon!

Just remove it from the game. Its so far away from beeing balance that you have create a complete weapon!

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It gets absolutely insane once you find Multishot mods and crit chance for it.

But i agree with you that it is generally bad and needs abit optimization to get good.

Same thing with the Latron, but i just think that one is garbage in general.

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The gorgon, as it currently is, gets incredibly powerful once you rank it up, and is from the boot a good weapon, as long as you know how to use it. To ask to buff it, with the last patch nerfing it, is rather silly.

My rank 30 Gorgon can make short work of any boss sans Jackal or Arn Etina in roughly less than a minute, or roughly in 1½ mags. since I've also got a mod that increases the reload speed by 50%, the DPS with it goes through the roof.

It's all about finding out how to best use a weapon, and to find the weapon that fits you the most. And, don't forget that you can buy ammo replenishment boxes from the market for ingame credits, and if you have abundance of money like I do(went over 1.8mil today), it's hardly anything.

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I wasn't a huge fan of it until I hit about 18 and got the 3rd damage upgrade from the tree. Then it felt a lot stronger. Everyone swears by multishot mods for it, but I have only ever gotten a +27% one of those so I can't really vouch for that. It does have some ammo issues of course being full auto, so typically I don't go full auto unless there's a lot of guns or a boss. Make sure your pistol is something that has a lot of punch for when you run out of ammo, because it happens all the time.

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this man speaking the truth the gorgon.... if it wasent for my HEK would be my go to weapon, multishot bassicaly makes this a super rapid fire shotgun.... also if your firing at longer than medium-close range your doing it wrong... try and aproach while in cover run out and hold the fire button down as close to them as possible.... and let the shredding commense, you will definatly need ammo boxes especialy at the start, but stick with it, its definatly the best choice of gun untill the HEK, unless you want to go the other route... which is the snipertron but thats just the way the game is.

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There are two types of guns.

The first type is for taking down targets. Typically these are High Acc, heavy caliber guns such as sniper rifles.

The second type are called supression weapons. Your chance of killing a target are better the more ammo you put down range.

The Gorgon is the second type.. its not a precision weapon, its ment to blanket an area with ammo in the hopes that S#&$ dies before reload. The Rev up to getting to it's full Rate of Fire is just a part of the gun, Like the Bolto fires "slow" bolts that sails though the air.. its part of the weapon.

Also.. Gorgon is one of the most powerful weapons in the game right now.. You need to level yours up some mate :D

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the problem with the gorgon is that it is increasing its firerate. Cause it loose alot accuracy while doing it. i would rather prefer a gorgon with the constant firerate! Everything else is a waste of ammo its the same with the burst weapons.

The gorgon is a ammo eating pile of junk no matter what you are saying! Every other weapons with similiar mods is better!

The only advantage i can see in the gorgon is the fact that it is good for players that dont aim for the enmies heads anyway, cause that is impossible with the gorgon.

i just stay with my braton its the only weapon which i can manage to get 10 kills in less than 6 secs.

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