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Several Energy-Colour Based Effects Still Broken Since 16.5


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Mirage's Sleight of Hand colours things white rather than her energy colour

Banshee's Silence colours things green.

Valkyr's Agile Animation's Idle pose uses Valkyr's default orange energy colour.


There's probably more, but I havent dug hard enough.


C'mon DE I want my pink boxes back.

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I had a similar problem with my Cronus and Heat Swords. Despite setting my energy colour (on both) as yellow, from time to time their energy would show up as blue during a mission. Usually just the first mission of my play session, but very often there it was, start up Warframe, sign in, first mission would have the energy trail as blue. I am now using a Prova and this issue is not occuring with this item.

A similar thing happened to my kubrow, reverting to its default pattern and colourations while in the Liset. This has stopped recently.

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