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My five cents here.

Stamina system - Needs a tweak.
Currently stamina is where it just doesn't hurt - but is not an interesting mechanic.

Probably stamina could see a whole new bright future if some new mods entered the fray - i.e. damage boost on low stamina for melee, etc.

But parkour should not rely on stamina in my opinion.


Melee blocking, however, is one reason it could stay. More stamina, more chance to block? Interesting ideas are just flying in the air.


Star chart - certainly good idea, but needs to be done right or will end up FUBAR.


A quick, limited feedback on good vs bad in that new environment with missions:

Bad: Starts as deception mission. Ends 5 minutes later in a winscreen as a deception mission. Your usual current mission.

Good: Starts as a spy mission; After every extracted intel, have a chance (could be a variable, non-constant) for a mission to change into one of other types - say, a rescue. "Intel discovered there is a prisoner in this area, go rescue". After you rescue the prisoner, there could also be a chance for another twist - i.e. Grineer have invaded the ship, and its falling apart now. timer goes, player runs for extraction.

There should be more objectives than an average tenno cell can complete if they remain in one group, so that they have to make a decision, like one does in a survival match right now - either extract or go fix another objective for lotus.

Of course, rewards should stack progressively.



A footnote:

I remember when void was first introduced, hunting for loot in the void was very fun. I wish something was done about that...

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I have a few things to say about these.



Honestly, it's not needed. Considering what we are, the Tenno, we were made to be not only mobile, but warriors with both blade and gun.

-Sprinting/Parkour: Stamina isn't needed on that since there's already limitation on that. You can't attack while sprinting and you're not as accurate nor can you use more abilities effectively while doing parkour.

-Blocking: Honestly, if anything, blocking should have it's own meter, depending on the weapon type you use. If this meter goes down completely, then you can't block again until it's fully replenished. Edit: Perfect blocking can also be added to where, if timed right before an attack, it doesn't reduce this bar.

-Archwing: ...We're not even physically moving our bodies to move, the archwing is doing that for us.



If anything, to keep things from being very limited, possibly have somewhere from half to all missions types on each individual planets (albeit no dupes on a planet, not counting alerts, Syndicates, etc). It'll allow us to not only have more choice, but more variety (both gameplay wise and visually).


Progression Post-30

I'm still quite surprised not much progress has been done on Focus. I mean, yea, some parts of it has been cannibalized, but parts of it should be locked down and be for sure only for Focus. Even then, if you're having trouble with ideas for Focus, there's always hot topic polls like this and even the Design Council.



I honestly haven't done a Trial run, so I have no opinion.

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What worries me about the new star chart is that not all mission types are created equal. While some are both fun to play and drop good loot, many mission types are dull and give mediocre rewards. In particular, I wonder about assassination missions. Will they still be the only way to get warframe parts? If I'm farming Nova parts, do I just have to wait for a shot at Raptor to pop up? 


Changing the star chart means the loot drops need to be adjusted. Anything that only drops from just a few sectors (like the rare mods from spy missions) will become maddeningly hard to acquire. 

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Saying “so long!” to Stamina



You guys have been pushing the rush for a while so i dont see what you are looking.

i looks like the average person also likes it so .... continue the rush.

The real question is melee when it comes to stamina.



Wish Upon a Star Chart
More info.
How about giving us unlimited revives for Trials?
Other than that..... wasnt that the point of it?
Warframe after 30
Like Logan’s Run, a significant number of weapons and Warframes are at the end of their days once they hit 30.
Translation: Min\Maxers stick with a couple weapons and frames and want buffing of everything else to best min\maxiness.
But let me throw some stuff.
For a while i have asked about having the ability to forma the B and C configs differently. Cause that's one of the thing that limits variety here. People forma their frames five times and what they end up doing is just "specializing" the frame in one way.
You should let just forma the other config different so min\maxers can create differently build to their most min\maxiness.
Another suggestion is probably having the whole frame become specialized. Once you hit 30 you have 3 options to choose to make your frame better at a certain thing. A caster, a brawler, defender. Or each frame can have their own 3 branches. This means that you can adjust the stats of your frame to fit a certain role better. So for a defender you get more armor or shields but you lose speed and energy. Cause everything should have a plus and a minus.
This can also lead to building multiple frames so you can have all version of a frame.
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It feels a bit of realism yes but kinda annoying more than anything. By time you start doing anything with it, the bar is already gone kinda makes the tenno feel like they out of shape.. too much greedy milk

For blocking we take a page from fighting game with a guard meter or so, that fades with each impact you take while blocking. When meter is gone you have to wait a bit before blocking, can also an additional penalty is melee attacks slightly weaker during this low to no guard energy due tenno's arms have become numbed.


Solar Map Changes:

20 is too low tbh, trim down is ok but down right loping it off is just excessive. I'd say bring it down to somewhere around 70-100 or so if anything.

As the map is, its true it has too many as before recently some planets had repetitive mission, enemies, etc; nice example is Saturn.

Mimas, Cassini and Keeler were pretty much the same with only Mimas having different enemy types in than the other 2 but it was still survival on grineer galleon. Keeler and Cassini was an exact mirror prior to recent changes and that's just the easy ones to remember. Tbh though the real problem is the reward system as currently only doing Spy 2.0, Interception (Hate it btw but gonna only place to get t4 keys sadly), Def, Survival/Excavation and void are thing worth doing for rewards. Extermination, Capture, Deception and MD outside of void gives no real benefit for wasting time to do them atm. Orokin Derelict is nice example as well that reward system really needs work more than solar map. Survival, Def and Assassination are the only real rewarding missions for this tileset with Extermination here is good for farm orokin vault. Imo is should be utilized more with old prime parts being farm-able here as infested version to the void.


No Opinion on this atm havent done it sorry~


Level 30+

Yeah sure well could do even the so called butchered focus system could come into play. Extra exp can be used to further customize our warframe stat wise ie. could make a speedy frost or a bulky loki or angry bird zephyr no sure yet. Though a next concern would be how the change will affect the forma system would allowing levels beyond 30+ remove the need for it or worse we have re-level from 60+ or so upon using it and also would this make catalyst and reactors still relevant due level limit being increased. Questions questions all to keep the wheel moving.


Side Note that can work ijs -> Oh yeah before I forget.. DE in previous warframe system formaing a warframe. didnt hurt as much due to the fact we could slap on a skill at max to continue same old same carnage, however due the new skill system they come with levels which reset whenever forma power activate kinda feels like being punished for upgrading heh. Is it possible to make it the max skills remain available after formaing or a system that each forma use on a gear reduces the reset penalty ie forma #1 resets Lvl 1 while forma #6 resets to Lvl 25.


And my novel on this topic is done.

In Sumary;

Stamina can go bye bye with a hello to block meter,

Solar Map reduction to somewhere around 100 or so probably 60 (Some Varierty must remain darn it),

Trials No opinion on it due laziness and internet,

Level 30+ is welcome and bring dat focus give it some love though wonder how this will affect forma, catalyst, reactor, etc (boom goes another core)

Side Note: Forma need review imo anyway due new warframe skill system


*Puts on hat and ninja scarf then rides away bursa on* Yeart

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When to the trials I am under the impression that you want them to be as challenging as possible and I'm totally down for that yet at the same time I'm not the best player out there so it's easy for me to die/get lost (what with enemies coming from all sides at a constant rate and whatnot). I understand that most of that is due to the fact that i'm too noob for my own good.
From the little experience I got from play the current trial I believe that if the layout of the levels were made in such a way that I could find and follow the to whatever objective or destination I am to be headed towards. 

I suppose that means my answer is no, I don't believe any further instruction should be necessary; I also believe that the very mission could be more manageable for those that get easily lost  in the map while trying to rush to an objective over a sea of enemies  if the map could in point us in the right direction in a slightly less obscure way.

Somewhere along the process of typing this my thoughts began to unravel so i'm sorry if what i'm trying to convey doesn't reach you all in the way that I intended.

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Saying "so long!" to Stamina

Well ok, how I say this? I actually tend to often ignore the stamina bar once that we can still use the coptering and all kinds of moves when we want to move fast. The only thing which I'm seeing about the stamina is that it only causes the player to be unable to run or even to block if it runs out and that can sometimes be problematic, especially when playing in higher level enemies (like over level 40). I've playing other games and even though those don't have a stamina bar the game is still functional. Sometimes I tend to find myself in a big trouble with the stamina when I want to block the bullets because of one of three aspects: 1 - there're too many bullets to block; 2 - some weapons drain more stamina that others; 3 - on higher level missions sometimes the enemies can quite literally drain the entire stamina bar with just a few shots. Imagine yourselves the thing like this: I'm on a mission where the level of the enemies is over 60, they attack me and I try to block their bullets, they are pretty much able to kill me in secons, even with my best warframes. I'm not so sure if the stamina can still at some point be useful and I'm not trying to say that it needs to be removed, but it could basically have some tweaks to make the things a little better, but on the other hand if the stamina is removed I think that would be much better at some point because we don't need to worry about how much stamina we have, in fact I would love to be able to indefinitely block the enemies' bullets once that it could drastically help me a lot when fighting against higher level enemies.


Warframe after 30

Do you mean like leveling up after level 30? I'm not so sure about that, but at some point it could be nice, but on the other hand the use of potatos and forma would be come useless once that the weapons would have enough energy to put some mods. It doesn't sound like a bad idea though and I wouldn't mind to level up my weapons to make them much powerful but I thing that the mecanic that already exists is already good, I mean we can use the potatoes and the forma to built our weapons/warframes and other stuff to make them more powerful, sure that forma'ing them causes them to go back to level 0 but that's not a big deal.

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DE, I think I have figured it out. We dont need a progression past 30. I dont think that is what we really want. I think what we really want is more customization that can be accomplished when we finally get a weapon up to 30. Right now i want to avoid mentioning anything about the mod system as someone else has posted about that previously in this thread. What we need is a system that allows us to modify HOW weapons and warframes BEHAVE. you have already touched on it with the augment system but you kinda messed up. What you have given us is a way to ADD modifiers to our warframes and weapons. What i think we needed was a way to change HOW THEY WORK OPTIONALLY. Vaubans tesla mod is the perfect example. You can either ignore his augment and the tesla will shock everything or you can use it and instead of it beind a single target aoe detection ability it becomes a razerwire that cuts up everything that passes between the two teslas. That kind of stuff is what we need more of. That is customization.


While i am at it how about i suggest something for weapons? How about you let us change how weapons work? Right now we have 8 different bullet types; hitscan, bolts with travel time, activated grenades, toxic grenades, impact grenades, 3D mines (quanta alternate fire) rockets and beams. We also have three firing types. semi-automatic, fully automatic and charge. And we have "Modes" of firing; single bullet or clustered (shotguns). What if, after our weapons reach level 30 you allow us to, through some sort of quest or trial or blueprint or all 3 or attachments or SOMETHING, allow us to change those on a weapon. To do this you would have to implement some sort of dps measuring system and a system that would change the stats of a weapon to maintain that measured base dps but we could have a grakata that shot a laser cannon shot like the opticor- or how about firing an automatic shotgun beam marelock (it can just shoot beam looking projectiles for all i care...cause that would look so cool)? or you could keep people from making any weapon they wanted by making restrictions on a per weapon basis. You yourselves have messed with laser shotguns with the Phage. Now i am not too serious about the weapon idea because then you really wouldn't be able to make "new" weapons just new model and stat weapons.


What we need is more customization not more power. Something we can DO after our weapons and frames hit 30 and have 8 forma in them. you have so much content in your game it is rediculous. Let us do something with it! Also, please forget about my earlier post on mods. It was really stupid.


I edited this because i forgot several types of "bullet types"and Firing Functions which i thought of shortly after initially writing this. I still have yet to use all the weapons.

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How do you feel about Stamina in Warframe?


Not sure we need it all that much. Sure, it makes sense you get tired but the game is far from being realistic anyways so it only curbs the fun. It needs a rework at least, that's for sure. Heavy frames vs lighter frames could really use some differences, like heavies have less speed but less stamina drain too.


As for the parkour 2.0, I really hope we won't be able to do that ridiculousness you showed us on the livestream, like jumping onto the wall straight from the front, then start going to a side without losing altitiude at all... that's beyond stupid, I know the game is not ultrarealistic but come on!


What is your initial opinion of the proposed Solar Map changes?


Well, the current map actually looks fine, easy to navigate and as it was said before, don't fix which is not broken. If you want to change the map so badly, I would have the planets as they are now or similarly accessible, every planet having their own genomes (and some on-ship/station kinda missions) while the missions themselves wouldn't be on panels around map but on the surface as dots. You can give and take dots as you wish, you have enough space, whatever as long as it works similar to Payday2 and we have access to our loved missions easily and not for plat. Again, if you have time to think about this, balance the weapons already! No, don't buff 1-2, or nerf 2 more, balance all weapons. You can spare that 2-3 hours to do it. Okay, with this many weapons it might take 4 for a single person. It's math not brain surgery.




I believe instructions are always nice but overall we need an "objectives" info page from the very beginning which tells us the current objective (press esc, there it is, preferably with overall map, showing exact location and not the "door leading to it" as the pathfinding stuff usually goes bonkers if more than 1 route is possible.


As for about the trials in general, well... to make a mission that depends on the cooperation of a full team with this many troll obstacles (*7 people standing on pressure plates while the last is running around and yes, we have a ton of enemies capable of easily taking you off the platform resulting in the rest getting downed instantly - honestly, who thought of this **********?) for a meager chance for something not even all that useful...


Anyways, the difficulty (no, not challenge, those are 2 different things - worth mentioning since you basically always mix them up as told so many times) does not fit the rewards.


*Mind telling me how the staff of the base traverse that door? Standing on 8 platforms while pressing buttons seems pretty overkill for a doorswitch. And overall weird to use pressureplates at all in a scifi setting. It couldn't look more out of place... maybe if the whole thing was wooden and worked by ropes...


Warframe after 30


"Like Logan’s Run, a significant number of weapons and Warframes are at the end of their days once they hit 30." Please, don't tell me you started it with such a sentence... at least do not pretend you are unaware of your ... weird attitude when it comes to balancing stuff. Of course most items on 30 go to the bin if nearly everything is garbage compared to the actual op stuff. Please make weapons with nearly equal dps. Like Common stuff is 5% worse than rare stuff (primes) and ultra rare stuff (awarded from events for example or hunter specials like Stalker) is 5% better than those even. Or make it maybe 10%. But that's it, not more than that.

Also clarify statuses, does fire use your weapon damage or it just uses and arbitrary dmg dependant on nothing logical?, etc...


As for answer, no, I don't like the idea of progression above 30.

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Stamina/ Mastery Rank

Stamina- If we take out the stamina then we will be handicapping the individuals who have worked so hard to master their parkour skills. Giving new players the same advantage as the veterans. It should be modified based on size and mastery level rank.

Rank- the only thing that needs to be changed on rank is weapons that are locked and stamina. Having locked weapons will drive players to reach higher levels of mastery rank as well as wanting more stamina. This will also keep veterans in the game longer.

The last thing we want to do is lose players because the game is too easy and not challenging enough.

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As it is right now, the stamina system only serves to dampen the fun of playing, and not in a good way. In the context of Warframes, those with high movement speeds (Volt w/ Speed, Arcane Vanguard Rhino Prime etc.) barely feel the weight of stamina drain, while those with slower speeds will get significantly less mileage. Of course, sliding your butt across the floor and flipping constantly pretty much makes the stamina bar trivial, but the real problem is...


...blocking. Right now you can't block for more than a few seconds before either having to stop and take cover, or just get outright shredded by fire before you can close the gap. It may be interesting to give certain weapons specific blocking energy and damage mitigation effects (daggers cost far less than heavy swords to block, but only reduce incoming damage by a fraction. Sword and Shield has good blocking efficiency and damage mitigation kind of thing) so that raw damage output is not the only thing to consider when choosing a melee weapon.


Solar Map 3.0

This one's in a really weird place right now: We know that the current iteration of the map is not good for the longevity of the game due to ghost town syndrome, but the proposed changes have people up in arms over the removal of freedom to do the mission you want against the enemies you want, whenever you want.


I for one am under the impression that the new navigation screen would work like Payday 2 (pretty much replace missions with alerts, with the option to create your own alert for a hopefully small amount of credits and/or resources). If mission selection is done in this way, I would find it acceptable if we could have a 'priority filter' of sorts: you select criteria of a mission you want to run, and then the game will notify you when a mission with those criteria are available, or automatically have you join said game if you are actively queued up for a mission.



The Law of Retribution is primarily focused on gimmicks from the stage you fight on, making learning said gimmick's mechanics the first time feel like grasping at straws. I feel that adding in dialogue from the Lotus when you come across a mechanism or fail a particular task that hints at what you need to do would aid greatly in helping players learn and understand what they need to do in the first place.


For example, if someone decides to step off the pads or gets otherwise knocked off during the puzzle room section of the trial, the Lotus could tell you that maybe pressing the buttons out of order may cause the alarms to trigger; nothing too explicit, but it should definitely be available instead of checking the wiki three days after a new trial is available to get the rundown on the entire raid.


Mastery Rank

I'll admit, I'm guilty myself of power-leveling weapons and Warframes to 30 and immediately junking them after they have served their purpose, since I rebuilt Trinity, Saryn and just recently Banshee and the AkJagara to experiment with them some more. However, the way it is right now MR serves no other purpose but to show you how many weapons and warframes you have maxed out. It does not show any indication of mod selection, player skill or experience, especially with the advent of super-efficient affinity farming (not gonna open that can of worms here, though).


I don't think that a complete rework of the Mastery system is necessary, but a way to use MR as a measure of player skill would be just what is needed.


Say  we reduced the total amount of mastery a given piece of equipment gives (solar system mastery may not be relevant soon, but if it is then it stays as it is since you took the time to clear the node) down to 60% for ranking it to 30. The rest of the 40% is given when you pass an 'exit test' for that piece of equipment. Similar to a mastery test, you are locked into using only that piece of equipment in order to complete a task that requires at least a basic knowledge of the item's strengths or weaknesses (for example the Latron's exit test would be a marksmanship test).


Completing the challenge with installed mods exceeding 30 capacity gives one 'skill', completing with under 30 gives 2 skill and no mods gives 4. This way, you now have a quantitative measure of how versatile or skillful a player is, as well as a use for that obsolete skill stat displayed in your profile, although I would imagine it would be troublesome to implement something like this given the sheer number of weapons we now have, as well as how to implement an exit test for things like sentinels and kubrows.



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Warframe after 30


We can put a reactor and 8 forma... i sincerely can't bear any grind more.

I'm a little bored of endless mission with infinite level enemies.

Maybe get rid of endless missions, and instead make better AI, less mindless carnage and more meaningful encounters.

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Solar Map:


Warframe lacks a campaign and progressing the solar map is about the closest thing we have. The problem is that there's little to distinguish one node of a given mission type from any other node of the same type. For that reason, trimming the nodes is a good idea. However, it doesn't really address the issue of why they feel repetitive. 


Navigating the map now is simply "clear every mission on this planet, move to the next." which is essentially playing the same missions on a different tileset, before abandoning that in favor of just doing alerts and void runs. There's no incentive, no real sense of progression. That's where the problem is. 


Make it a real campaign. One long trial (or series of trials) that takes you from one end of the system to the next. 


Imagine having survived your Encounter with Vor and with that your last mission on Mercury. Lotus informs you that the next mission is on Venus, but the Corpus have set up a blockade using cloaked seeker mines. You're required to do an Archwing Interception mission to figure out a safe passage. A success reveals the location of a Spy mission (on a corpus ship) to retrieve the minefield codes. Now the Liset can bypass the minefield and access the missions on the planet, eventually defeating the boss.


The Jackal is a powerful unit, experienced firsthand by the Tenno when fighting the prototype. However, destroying that only delayed it's production. We need to shut down the facility. The Grineer feel the same, and have offered up the location of a secret Corpus orbital station. You infiltrate under a Deception mission so Lotus can insert a virus to purge all data on the Jackal program. Suprise! The Grineer have double crossed us and alerted the Corpus to our presence. Virus upload fails and the mission changes to Sabotage after the 1st terminal, with the Lotus intending to crash the station into the Jackal production facility. 


Grineer betrayal cannot go unpunished, so we go to Earth to send a message. 


and so on...

The only extra work is adding some lines of dialogue that explain why you're doing what you're doing. Add a end goal and real rewards, incorporate existing Quests/Trials, new lore, and BOOM. Monotony resolved. 

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Starchart nodes currently serve as an unlockable progression for new players which is the aspect that should be improved on.

-Resources/mods drop should be distributed among different nodes instead of the whole universe.

-The redundancy of the same tilesets and same missions should be removed.

-Completing a mission on some nodes may affect another, for examples; 

     -completing an Extermination node reduces patrolling troops on a specific Assassination, allows easier stealth run for a special reward. (1 Extermination completion per 1 loss of patrols),

     -completing a Capture reveals security codes for instant hacking in specific Spy node,

     -completing a Sabotage turns a specific Extermination into Crossfire!

     -completing a Spy, to reinforce a Defense pod, along with a Survival to call Tenno operative to help on the Defense.


Trial mission guidelines should all be written in the game somewhere not too obvious to remove the requirement of www search.


Progress is (probably) addictive.... @___@


Someone else already quoted this, but it's still a good idea.


Warframe After 30 Part 2

Having read people's responses on this topic, and rethinking my post, I wanted to offer this.


1. Enemy scaling is definitely part of the problem. No doubt. Fix this and armor scaling. Probably the only way to do this is to finally agree on where to cap enemy levels (I'd say level 80, as that is what raids are now). This is the only way we can come up with a maneagable system of weapon balance.


2. But, it would be great to have a system that allows players to buff their favorite weapons, which are lower tier, to be able to tackle endgame content. Thus here is a revised Focus system; essentially, a Mod Tree.


-The idea is that the cap for Focus is dependent on Mastery. This ensures that players have to continue leveling new weapons if they want to continue focusing on their favorite weapons.

-Focus can only be gained by using that weapon, Warframe, or companion (Sentinel, Kubrow, Catbrow). It cannot be accrued passively from squadmates, as Mastery can.

-Focus can be gained while leveling a weapon that has just been Formaed; this gets rid of the agonizing deadtime of leveling a weapon back to 30 again. Yes, it's still there, but you are being rewarded for it. That, is the key difference.

-Focus can be gained once a weapon hits 30.


Once a weapon, Warframe or companion gains enough Focus, you earn a Meditation slot. This differs from a normal Mod slot in two fundamental ways:

1. It comes already polarized with one of the eight Polarities, which you choose upon earning the Meditation slot. A Meditation slot can ONLY accept mods of that polarity. A Meditation slot can be formaed to change its polarity.

2. A Meditation slot adds 5 Mod points to the piece of equipment in question. This slightly increases the mod point cap, but not enough to allow a weapon to simply use all mods. A mod cap ceiling is essential to force players to pick and choose.


You can earn infinite Meditation slots on a weapon. A new extension of the user interface would be required to represent this.


I know the main argument against this is our weapons are already powerful enough, this would just make them even more powerful. However, at present, there are only so many straight damage increasing mods. In addition, certain weapons do not benefit from certain mods as others do. While a player could max out a Soma Prime to have all the Event Dual Damage/Status mods and all the Elemental Damage mods and all the crit mods for maximum damage, this is the highest it can go in power. A weapon like the Grakata, formerly limited to 8 slots, can now get all of the above mods, and will make better use of them on account of its dual high crit/high status. Thus, at a certain point, the Soma Prime maxes out, but "lower tier" weapons gain better benefit out of being Focused on.


The other point is to start adding more varieties of Augment mods. Currently, weapon Augments are all the same; there is a Syndicate AoE proc, and a special ability. By adding more complex Augment mods, such as ones that proc an increased fire rate, or greater accuracy, more depth of customization can be achieved. By giving these Augments only to underpowered weapons, it levels the playing field, but only for players who are willing to put in the time to Focus on that weapon. It will also allow players to eventually customize all their Warframe powers with Augments, if they so choose, or to go stat heavy. Most importantly, this provides room for the Mod system to grow in a functional manner.


This version of Focus would depend almost entirely on what Mods DE creates and releases, but if handled correctly, it will allow indepth customization, as well as allowing players to use their favorite weapons for endgame. It also solves the problem of having a player only focus on a single weapon for the entire game; for them to progress in Focus, they must also progress in Mastery.

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General idea for trials....

The only true way to keep mystery in trials is to have randomly generated events which will give each new run a "unique" feel. If there were enough of these "events" distributed throughout a trials run (with some specific set events in place), they would be much more fun to replay but would keep the general theme of that specific trial.

This would also allow for a more diverse selection of warframes as certain random events could be geared toward specific types of warframes (high energy pool, melee based, single-target specialist, etc....).

The only real problem I could see running into would be concerning leaderboards. Depending on the way trials were "scored" it would be difficult to have a level playing field with the randomization.

However, the more mystery, the more enjoyable it is.

Keep up the good work DE!

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I'd restrict stamina to blocking, except each bullet takes the same amount of stamina to block, regardless of how damaging it is (was that a bug?). Perhaps it can take more stamina to block projectiles according to their caliber, but within reason - no massive spikes in stamina costs. Say 1 smg round take 1 point of stamina, 1 rifle round 1.5 points of stamina, 1 sniper rifle round 3 points of stamina. Knockdown-blocking costs 4 points of stamina.

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Stanima management  is critical  in pvp   with no Stanima  ppl will run around holding block with their grams n spam attacks completely  invincible . This is already annoying but I am able to wait till they get tired to deal  damage. Its cheesier than Reflex Guard in old conclave (avid user of RG)

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Lv 30 for a gun is good u get 30 mod points. If u like the mechanics  u add a Blutatoe. If u wanna unlock potential u Forma. Both those items are essential to WF since I started on PS4 U10  13*s on a gun   is how u scale.  

However a WF needs 10 slots for mods. I used to Forma  out an ability or 2 to have an optimal buil for certain powers. I logged on durin Cyrotic Front n found my Banshee n Trinity n Saryn were forever nerfed because i had Formad out  2 abilities each to make great builds. I then had to make Sacrifices. *sadface* now with ability augments my choices narrow  yet again.     *teary eyed*

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