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Catalysts and Reactors


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Would be nice to offer the option of crafting the Catalysts and the Recators with a blueprint or something to avoid the game to become pay to win.

I bought these extentions for platinum so I don't really mind,but it would be still nice to have this option.

Another option would be for the extentions to be found in quest rewards or by heavy farming.

All this should be hard to access in the purpose of it being challenging.

Also it would be nice if the warframe could recieve an aditional Reactor for extra level ups. The same thing goes for the weapons modification.

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You can find their blueprints as rewards for Alert missions with a ? as a reward, and they require a lot of farming.

Not really, i got a blueprint last night and it was already craftable. Surprisingly it doesnt really require much, just a day and 15k creits...i think its 15k, might be 25k, whichever

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