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Model / Texture Glare


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While playing Warframe for a while, I think i got a head ache from all the glare! I had some other people comment on it in game as well as per my pictures below:



Maybe reduce the glare a bit - not sure what or where the setting is if there is any in game? :\

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The latest patch (although no notes yet) seems to of changed the lighting effects dramatically for me and made it alot nicer. None of that overpowering glare.


There are parts of the world that still seem to 'cause' it, but it's not as overpowering as it was.

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Yeah, happened to me too. And while game has much more smooth fps count (no stuttering, which happened during last two-three days) and looks nice in some places, this literally burned itself in back wall of my skull.




Just decrease it a little bit, i don't want to turn off color correction, because then game looks bleak.

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