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Hotfix 16.9.1 +


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What are "timing-issues"?

In programming, timing issues usually refers to when you have multiple threads doing tasks which rely on each other. So for example, if you had 2 people working together to make a PBJ sandwich. Maybe person 1 gets the bread out, gets the silverware out, Puts the bread away, cleans the silverware up, and puts the silverware away. Person 2 gets the PBJ out, puts it on 2 slices of bread, and serves the sandwiches.


If this doesn't happen in the right order you might not get any sandwiches. For example:

P1: Gets bread out

P2: Gets PBJ out.

P1: Gets silverware out.

P1: Puts bread away

P2: Tries to put PBJ on bread, but bread has been put away...

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Hey so, yesterday i got massive fps drops, and im always running on constant 60 with a minimum of 57 when things get too bright, is that what this fix fixwd? Where people having similar issues?

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  • Reduced memory footprint slightly for many-core systems.

  • Optimizes physics task framework for dual-core systems using multi-threaded rendering.




  • Fixed several crashes caused by rare timing-issues exposed by recent optimizations.



Changes/fixes like these, so understated, but so important and really impact "quality of life" gaming experience for Warframe.


Thanks DE!  =)

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Still no fix for melee range nerf, vertical dimension of melee hitbox disappearing (nerfed), making it impossiburu (very hard) to use aerial melee on airborne targets and cameras; and making it impossible/very hard to hit short enemies (Kubrows) and crawlers.


Still no fix for lack of environmental awareness making melee miss enemies one or two steps above/below the player in a ladder or minute ground slopes.

Certain guns have this misaligned issue as well.


I have been playing with the Atomos..

the hit point is never in the center of the blast.  its a bit on the right-top of where the flame hits.

very infuriating when you need pinpoint accuracy (to kill cameras)

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You guys are amazing right now. I have never had so much fun unleashing mayhem accompanied by maniacal laughter as I have with Exalted Blade.


It also seems fairly well balanced damage wise so far.

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A few issues:




d) Synthesis Targets sometimes DO NOT SPAWN, you have to unload the regalia logo/sigil from your char and then add it again. I have no idea why. happened twice and now found that the culprit is the game not detecting the Symaris logo sigil .

e) Captured synthesis targets are NOT COUNTED correctly.  I captured 4  2 days ago, then I captured 2 in public games yesterday and now 3 today.

I went to Simaris with the surprise that the game only counted 5 captures, and not the 9 I should have now.


A correction here: note that you do not need to wear the Symaris sigil at all, period. As far as I know, it is purely cosmetic. I do not even OWN one (though I have already earned enough rep with Symaris to have cleaned out all the other rewards, including several madurai transmutation mods). I frequently go solo sythesis target hunting.



During said solo, sigil-ess hunts, I can indeed corroborate that occasionally, I do not get the message at the begining from Cephalon Symaris that there is a synthesis target (nor have I ever encountered a synthesis target in these events where for some reason Symaris does not pop up within the first 30 seconds of the mission to inform me). 


Your guess is as good as mine why sometimes there is no Synthesis target on what should be perfectly eligible missions, but I doubt very much that the "bug" has anything to do with Sigils. 

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I have been farming spy missions to level my equipment and get low level void keys (on neptune(Sao mission)) then now, after the hostfix, my game crashes after i enter the concole room to get the data. It just feezes then a few seconds later it crashes

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Pointing it directly: Exalted Blade Wave still causes extremely less damage compared to direct impacts with the Exalted Blade itself!

Direct hits, and even Slash Dash, are hitting 10k+++ up to 30k.

Exalted Blade's Wave? 700~900. A pretty useless Ultimate, still.


Meaning by Slash Dash ability - even not in EB state, you are causing 10k+++, to make it more specified.

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