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Hotfix 16.9.1 +


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Hotfix 16.9.1



  • Fixed Excalibur's Exalted Blade not inheriting any melee mods. This fix now allows the damage of Exalted Blade attacks to scale based on the mods of your Melee weapon.
  • Fixed game hangs related to Exaclibur's Slash Dash.
  • Purple Text now only applies to global chat Moderators and won't appear within Clans/Alliances.






  • Reduced memory footprint slightly for many-core systems.

  • Optimizes physics task framework for dual-core systems using multi-threaded rendering.




  • Fixed several crashes caused by rare timing-issues exposed by recent optimizations.


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Still no fix for when enemies spontaneously knwos your existance when trying to do stealth (regardless for cloakers or non cloakers).

As of each update, it gets worse and worse. Due to this problem, it makes Spy missions impossible to do.

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A correction here: note that you do not need to wear the Symaris sigil at all, period. As far as I know, it is purely cosmetic. I do not even OWN one (though I have already earned enough rep with Symaris to have cleaned out all the other rewards, including several madurai transmutation mods). I frequently go solo sythesis target hunting.



During said solo, sigil-ess hunts, I can indeed corroborate that occasionally, I do not get the message at the begining from Cephalon Symaris that there is a synthesis target (nor have I ever encountered a synthesis target in these events where for some reason Symaris does not pop up within the first 30 seconds of the mission to inform me). 


Your guess is as good as mine why sometimes there is no Synthesis target on what should be perfectly eligible missions, but I doubt very much that the "bug" has anything to do with Sigils. 

Thats the issue... I have no idea why it randomly refuses to spawn.


I for example, played 3 full matches in a row in an area where the current synthesis target spawns.

It did NOT SPAWN.. and I was playing alone.

I made the changes of the sigils and the targets magically it started to spawn. (I did not make any change on my inventory).


This is exactly how I could not finish the Anti Moa scan.  They never spawned for me.

So I suspected the Sigil "refresh"  somehow helped.

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