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Frost Rework, Ice Frost Skin Pack.

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Can we get a new skin +helmet for Frost when he will get ability rework?
I immediately bought Prisma Excalibur pack for 235plat.

Frost Prime looks weak, almost no gold on him, so the new cool looking skin will be awesome. Skin that looks like Ice/ice themed skin. So all who plays frost will feel the COLD : D.

Some ideas:
Ice hands: http://img13.deviantart.net/1f83/i/2014/209/e/c/sub_zero___mortal_kombat_x_by_sadecekaan-d7mmv4g.jpg

Cold aura around him: http://orig11.deviantart.net/d14b/f/2008/253/0/5/sub_zero_by_halonacc.jpg


HoarFrost on his skin: http://s9.flog.pl/media/foto/6570640_szron-na-szybie.jpg



And ofcourse I guess that Frost will have around 400 or 450 armor while excalibur got 225.

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I guess they are waiting for new cloth technology to be finished and debugged properly, but volt p design have the same flaws as frost (non prime model with added gold bits). Frost P need a visual overhaul as a whole, when you change his helmet there is no clue he is prime.

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You know...it'd be interesting to have a Syandana that creates a mist around the frame, like an aura. Overall I approve of all of this

Yeah that would be awesome. Ice energy syandana that creates cold air and is a cold air itself. Similar to what Frost have on his arms.

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