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Game crashes everytime I beat Vay Hek...


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This has got to be my 7th or 8 times fighting Vay hek on Everest and the game crashing and shuttting down not even 2 mins afterwards! I've been fighting him and his OP Hek for days now trying to get Trinity parts and they drop like rare to none. The last 10 mins we beat him and once I finally got her systems and we decide to depart from the boss area, about a minute later, the game freezes up slowly and then ultimately shuts down. Not only that, I lose the Trinity system blueprints! they aren't there when I log back on and check the foundary. I wouldn't be so fustrated about it if it didn't happen so constantly and if her parts weren't like god tools. I enjoy wasting all of my ammo and heals on a guy who can't seem to stay down as much as the next guy, but I beg of you DE Dev's to please fix this dilemma. It makes it a little disappointing to know the game may crash each time I kill this boss, and it's slowly encouraging me to look towards a different frame to pursue. And that I don't want. =\

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