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Speed in my opinion should be tweaked. Some frames are too fast, some are too slow. Rhino prime, for example is bulky and huge, but his speed is the same as Loki. While Frost is atrociously slow, while having less speed and armor, than Excalibur. This is very strange and needs to be looked at.


Spy and solo.


The reason i hate spy 2.0, is that it requires either solo play (which i hate doing in a coop game) or sitting in the recruit chat (which is inconvenient and inefficient). Solo play should be always supported, but NEVER favored.




Sometimes i do consider myself a completionist, but this goes only towards warframes and mods. I see no reason, for example, to keep or build weapons or companions, that i don't like to use.




As for now, the only things, that i consider balanced, are: Sentinels, Dual stat mods and Regular mods. I'll comment on other things as well.

Warframes - many of them are not well designed and need a rework. Specifically Ember, Rhino, Limbo, Mag.

Augments - i personally hate the way they are implemented into the game. Most of them are plain useless, others such as Irradiating disarm and Greedy pull need to be nerfed.

Primaries and secondaries - Multishot mods need to be removed and the enemies toned down proportionally. Serration mods must be built into the weapon, so that it wouldn't take up a slot and leave some space for other mods. This should make the weapon building a bit better.

Snipers and shotguns need to be looked at, as countless posts already suggest it.

Melee - weapon speed needs to be in correlation with the melee class. Daggers and Twin daggers must be the fastest (1.5 atk/sec). Then come single swords and machetes (1.3 atk/sec). Then dual swords, small axes and katanas (1.1 atk/sec). Then polearms (1.0 atk/sec). And the slowest must be the heavy axes, hammers and swords (0.8 atk/sec).

Archwings - archwing mods are currently very underpowered. They need to offer a lot more for the space they take. Archwings level up VERY slow.

Archwing needs more missions and content to be at least comparable to the regular missions.

Syndicates - i only level up Simaris and his rewards are good so far

Grineer - Bombard's and Napalm's auto-targeting must be removed. Bombard's and Napalm's AOE radius must be nerfed.

Corpus - Bursa stomping speed must be nerfed. Nullifier shields must be vulnerable to punch-thru mods and bows/snipers must be able to pierce it wit 1 shot. Nullifier shields mustn't be able to cover heavy units.

Infested - Boy, where do i even start? Swarm MOA and Tar MOA spawn rate must be significantly reduced. Swarm MOA and Tar MOA ridiculous jumping removed. Swarm MOA insects should be killed with a roll/melee and not transfer to the teammates. Tar MOA shooting range must be nerfed. Tar MOA tar mustn't damage the players, the slow effect is enough. If multiple Maggots are on a player and he rolls, they all should die. Disruptor and Healer aura radiuses must be nerfed. Disruptor should not be able to drain all player's energy at once.

Defence, Survival & Interception rewards - More valuable rewards in starchart and lesser useless crap. No forma blueprints or resources in the T3 & T4 void. People come to these tough missions for prime parts and rare cores, no need for other useless stuff.

Conclave - Not interested in pvp, so no comments here.

Corrupted mods - More variations of existing ones for warframes with different negative effects, so that the build could concentrate more on desired stats.

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Movement speed: Simply put it, I want to be able to go fast by boosting off walls and such, running speed is fine.


A bit deeper dissection though; I would definitely enjoy slower pace if there was something to complement this. Something exciting that would feel rewarding, even after the mission objective has been completed. If the movement was to be hindered somehow without really changing anything else, it'd just become slow and painful walk to extraction.


Currently there is really no reason stick around because all you're going to see is faceless horde of Corpus, Grineer or Infested, so you just fling and copter to your Liset. Manics are always a fun thing to fight and a reason to stay for a bit longer because they're move around quick, try to flank and are unique. There is really no interesting gameplay involved in shooting at a wall of turrets with legs and thus, again, you just play Superman and fly to the exit.


TL;DR: Current movement speed (again, not only talking about running) is fine, but I'd be happy with slower, if there was something to do while progressing through the map (interesting enemies, tilesets with difficult paths and brain teasing parkour.


TL;DR v2: Yes.




As for Spy Missions, I think there should be both solo and multiplayer focused versions and I'd rather not have obvious visual ques (would be kinda awkward; "Here is our super secret computer and here is a path right to it.").


With solo focused it should be all about maneuvering through the environments and timing your actions so that no one would see you.


On coop missions the focus should be on puzzles and teamwork, not so much on stealth and avoiding alarm triggers.


And maybe on later planets focus on both (dunno how this would function if everything is gonna be blown up again).

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On Speed.


If you're gonna remove Parkour double our speed.



On Solo Spy.


Simple. Team spying simply does not work. Because people are impatient and screw up and then everyone starts blaming everyone.




With guns mostly. I do feel sorry for the real completionists who are OCD about getting everything. There's way too much to get and you can't do it alone.


On Balance?





From those 3 options I believe you're in the Blizzard side where frames and guns take turns being imbalanced.

Otherwise I dunno. The frames sure as hell aren't on a level playing field and there's so many guns THAT DO THE EXACT SAME THING but better (like all the prime stuff) there's not point to getting the inferior version other than mastery. 

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The balance question is too complex to answer with a simple poll like this.


For the most part things are balanced in certain aspects and unbalanced in other, which is most prominent among enemies.

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I would consider myself a completionist.



- Every warframe/archwing

- Every weapon

- Every mod

- Scan of every enemy



- Only missing Excalibur Prime

- Only missing the regular Boar, Lato Prime, Skana Prime, Lato Vandal, Braton Vandal, regular Snipetron, Snipetron Vandal

- Only missing Gnashing Payara, Four Riders, Vermillion Storm, Detect Vulnerability, Affinity Amp, Pistol Amp, Shotgun Amp, Resilient Focus, Looter, Fire Resistance, Laser Resistance, Electrical Resistance, Toxin Resistance, Frost Insulation, EMP Aura, some syndicate mods, nearly all of the PvP mods and of course Primed Chamber

- Missing a few... most of them are bound to archwing though.





Balancing things is always full of tough decisions.

I don't want to say that everything went wrong but there is a lot of work imo. Nearly everything is mediocore and if something is better than other stuff all of the sudden, people want it to get nerfed. I won't ever understand this. The synoid gammacor was a pretty good gun, now I would consider it mediocore.

I think we should have more diversity between starter weapons, midgame weapons and finally get some endgame weapons. (And some love for the weapon types that were left behind: Sniper, Shotguns and Scythes)

We also need a slightly adjustment for corrosive projection (30%->20% and capped at 4 per squad) to ensure the difficulty of enemies in the future, because invincibility frames are just wrong, armor is the way to go.

We had the cracked mods implemented in U14 (afaik), but where are the stronger versions of mods you talked about in multiple devstreams (can't remember the numbers), those mods would ensure endgame without coming to the problem where enemies are able to one-shot tenno and tenno need whole magazines to kill enemies. (of course we would need limitations for endgame material because we don't want to see stomping on earth/mercury/venus/etc, that would just kill the experience of newer players)

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There isn't really something shining between balanced features, it's all in the average level.

What's not balanced is: Energy Spawn and Ability Spam. Both in PVE and PVP.
This would require a lot of work since a tighter Energy Spawn would assume your skills should be used smartly and should have a solver effect on the situation. This would make a lot of subpar skills like Contagion useless. This also would require most #4 skills to be stronger than they are now, because elseway they wouldn't be worth the cost.

PS: Nerf Kogakes in PVP and reduce one/bishots. Thanks.

PPS: Efficency is part of the Energy and Ability Spam Problem.

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Parkour 2.0


I'm gonna miss Coptering

me too :( 


Do you think spy missions should favor solo play ?

I think we should have multiple difficulties :


- solo -> most of the current spy vault

- public party -> requires two players to complete ( if there are 2 more players) but without team synchonisation

- serious party -> same as public but with team synchronisation and harder levels


and keep the easy/normal/hard setting we have currently while choosing enemy level.


Game balance :


1. mods

Presently, tons of mods are useless.

all +30%impact/poncture/slash -> only 120%event one can compete with 90%elementals


The idea behind a corrupted mod is that you can have a greater bonus but you have a penality.


For nightmare mod they have two bonuses but each lower than the original mod.


good example : shred +30%fire rate and +1.2m punch through ( metal auger is +2.1m )

                         speed trigger +60%

                         vile acceleration +90% fire rate and -15% damage



bad ones : critical delay +48% critical chance and  -36% fire rate

                  point strike +150% crit chance


                  malignant force +60%status chance and +60%poison damage ( it's a dual stat so it counts as nightmare)

                  rifle aptitude +15% status chance


Thus i never use critical delay and rifle aptitude in my builds.


Solutions :

-remove non event +xx%impact/poncture/slash mods


or buff the mods to +90% and change the maths to be on par with elementals ( 90%*(impact+poncture+slash) instead of 90%*impact) <- i'm not sure that it is a very good idea but it whould increase modding possibilities


-remove +crit chance -fire rate mods


or buff the bonus crit chance to +200% at least


-buff status mods to more than +60%


or create +60%impact/poncture/slash and +60% status chance mods to increase possibilities



Some descriptions aren't accurate :


primed fast hands increases your reload speed by 55%

It has been misunderstood as halving the reload time

The desciption should rather be : "-35% relaod time" (3.2%/rank)


same issue for natural talent : "-33% casting animation duration"


and efficiency mods : "-30% power cost" (streamline)

then max efficiency shouldn't be shown as 175% efficiency but 25% power cost

Most augment are useless or sould have been in the ability. Quiette Shy's youtube chanel has been shouting it for a long while now.


2. warframe powers (maybe a little bit off topic)


neckros :

-desecrate : should change for a duration based ability (has already been suggested somewhere) with fixed range for a synergy with SotD. The current neckros cannot be built for a polivalent build with desecrate.


-terrify : the armor reduction cannot reach 100% with maximum power strenght. The base value should be at least 50%. This change would increase the viability or neckros at higher levels

hydroid :

He need a total rework in my opinion. He has tons of crowd control but having enemies on the floor or shaken is not convenient when you want to shoot them ( looks at bastille ).


freeze : useless 1st ability. The changes annouced in the devstreams seems promising.

ember :

add a 100%fire panic proc chance to her 1st.3rd and 4th abilities to incease utility without augments


accelerant : it should buff radiation,gas and blast damage because those are fire based.


Change her default aura polarity to a "Naramon - Dash/Bar" because she needs a corrosive projection/shield disruption/energy siphon aura as a fire caster.

world on fire : new augment fireball costs no energy while world on fire is active


mind control : could the AI be a little bit more offensive ? It's more like a passive pet atm.


overload : modding for overload has no synergy with speed and electric shield. I would change it for a mprime-like modding with overall range affected by power duration.

oberon/rhino/ash :

I feel like there are other warframes which can to their job much better.


3. weapons

shotguns :

Shotguns are not the most effective weapon type at point blank range despite it being thier only role.

They already have spread so there is no need for damage falloff imo.

snipers :

role : very powerfull and accurate single shot weapon with high critical chance rewarding headshots. Unlike bows they aren't silent so they should be more powerful.


issues : they are not better than bows for non-stealth gameplay


how to fix : -change the damage type something else than impact

                  -innate punch through ( lanka already has )

                  -armor ignore 

                  -over 100% crit chance with point strike for better headshot reward

supra :

some weapons have insanely high crafting costs and aren't even high tier ( looks at AkJagara )


4. enemies

nullifiers' bubbles still cannot be destroyed effectively with low fire rate weapons such as opticor.


Corpus - They die like flies, and really need some beefy units, like a, uber-moa, or something


5. rewards

In the current state of the game i would rather do 3x 20waves of defense than 1x 60waves because the reward are better (3xraw credit reward). In fact we need an additional credit reward for each 5min/5waves/1round that increases in order to make longer runs worthwhile. Why isn't there a higher chance of getting the loki p systems on wave 40 than on wave 20 ? We need a higher chance of getting the bests rewards on a new roll (and a lower chance of crappy reward).

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the spy alone

dat question^^... should or should not favor?.... hm... it does and i am cool with it.



i cant vote because the choises are not specific enough... sure are there things which could use some balance but i cant vote for warframes because of some abilities... similar for the rest of the points. if i could rebalance an "aspect" it would be ember.

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Coptering was never limited by stamina in the first place, since you can do it as long as you have even a sliver of stamina left. Even in a brave world of no stamina, it still makes sense to keep coptering because it's fluid and efficient. Some people say it looks silly and breaks the flow of the game... I say, I'm too busy looking at the terrain and planning my moves at high speed to care what it looks like.  My deepest fear at the moment (well, one of them) is that DE will remove coptering and force us to use only the new wall running and flinging mechanics, which cannot possibly be as flexible and intuitive to use.  It would be like adding Melee 2.0 but removing the quick attacks so that every melee action was a combo: extremely specific to a given situation.


As far as movement speed, I think it's fine now. What's really needed isn't a nerf to player mobility, it's more incentive for them to stick together and work as a team.  Parkour 2.0 won't bring that, it's just going to change who's really good at playing the mobility game and leaving everybody else behind.



I'm okay with spy missions being mainly solo.  There's other mission types that are mainly team oriented, like Defense or Interception. Giving players who want to play solo a mission type that feels like it was designed for them, instead of always fighting the system and having to be ten times better than other players to play without a team in a team-oriented mission, can only be a good thing. Variety, choice, etc.



I haven't *completed* my codex, only because there's some things that are virtually impossible e.g. there's only one place we can find an Arcane Machine and it's not farmable.  And I don't think I've ever seen an arid eviscerator eximus.  In general I feel compelling to complete most things that give me gameplay advantage/alternatives, or contribute to the game's story. The codex falls into both categories, since some enemies have interesting background and scanning things also helps me find mods I want. An example of something I don't collect are noggles. Purely cosmetic and kind of goofy. I want to be immersed. If you want me to be amused, then amuse me with characters, not goofy.



Warframe is all over the map as far as gameplay balance. Without a clear sense of whether weapons are supposed to be equal-but-different, or tiered, it's impossible to say objectively whether something like the Kraken should be buffed up. My yardstick is whether weapons are fun to use and well represented in the player base (equal but different: under used, Kraken buff = yes), but it feels like DE is perfectly willing to abandon things to languish while introducing newer, slightly better weapons (tiered: old and easy to make, Kraken buff = no). Weapon stats are very bad at understanding the difference between theoretical and applied DPS, and also understanding the difference in opportunity cost for slow or awkward weapons compared to really user-friendly ones.


And for warframes...   The most pressing balance problem in Warframe, IMO, is the prevalence of "press 4 to win" type frames and tactics. Killing enemies should be the result of players showing skillful, interactive manipulation of the game. Screen-clear nukes and literal aimbotting make some frames completely and utterly dominate missions at "low" (like, less than 40) levels, to the point where no other players are necessary...or even encouraged to play.


Enemy factions...  Infested are a nightmare to fight compared to the others. Just way too much synergy going on between the constant knockdowns and grapples, time-dialating goop, bugs, shield-penetrating damage (in a game where only 1/10th of frames have easy healing ability). In general with monsters the thing DE needs to keep in mind is that most of the time we face things in hordes. It's nice that your designers want to make cool monsters with buffs and interactive attacks and stuff, but when you bring that design into the actual gameplay where there can be 30 monsters at a time...


Rewards need to distributed more evenly across mission types. Like currently there's no practical way to get a ton of fusion cores other than Triton excavation. Too much "Sigh, we got this useless thing AGAIN??" going on in most reward paths. Won't comment on void drops since you already have big plans in that area.

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Runnig speed should be high, but there's another thing, that is often overlooked. Jumping shoud be faster in pretty much all aspects:

1) our warframe should jump immediately after we press jump button without any delays, it should also cancel combo anmations and other stuff like that;

2) the jump itself should be faster — now we jump like we are underwater and feels floaty and weird;

3) we should drop down faster too — now we stay at the highest point of the jump for too long.


I really hope jump speed will be looked at during the work on Parcour 2.0.

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Current movement


Running which should be faster than sliding

Jump except zephyr need to be higher and faster


Spy mission


While solo can be preferable very much, doing spy with person who know what to do will reduce the time taken for completing the mission such as splitting the job




Maybe... a bit




Warframe and weapons ... mostly unbalanced

Mods.... mostly balanced except some mod

Archwing... balanced except the weapon

Reward.... too much rng and useless stuff

Sentinels... balanced since each of sentinel has their own use

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That balance question was hard.


Problem is that the scaling of enemies isn't great on WF so that isn't balanced, so that ruled all of them out. WF abilities hit a brick wall at higher levels so again, not balanced. Weapons also hit a brick wall so not balanced in my eyes. Think it's all tied to enemies and how screwed up it is that they're bullet sponges who do over the top damage and proc's - one shotting and dying from 2 second procs? Who thought this was a good idea? It just is not balanced. Armour? Doesn't change much.


Many weapons have also been created and left behind. You're putting all these man hours into weapons to only release them with sometimes shabby stats. If you're going to release stuff you don't seem to care much about, you should be putting that time into U17 or more worthwhile content.


Level rewards? Archwing is NOT balanced and not balanced when it comes to rewards. It's terrible. Getting resources/credits on Void levels isn't great either. Same for high level excavation/defence/survival on standard levels. Just seems too favoured to giving you nonsense (oh boy, another power throw) opposed to stuff you'll find useful i.e. cores.

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On the subject of balance, i simply dont think there is any.


Some might say primary weapons are balanced, but i say that theres a bit of a dissonance between how difficult is is to get some weapons and how effective they are as weapons (Glaxion vs [Any other primary requiring MR5 or higher], for instance)


Secondary weapons are easily the least balanced weapons. With the hand cannons like the Vaykor/Marelok and Lex Prime being massively superior to the rapid fire options like Hikou Prime and Sicarus Prime.


Melee weapons arent as severely unbalanced among themselves, some types of weapons just being bad options due to the mediocrity of the weapon options, but as a combat style it still falls short compared to firearms.


Warframe balance is nonexistant as long as a Mesa and a Greedy Pull Mag can be used to bot through defence and interception missions. There are also more cases of frames in need of a rework, like Rhino.


Archwing has so little content in it that balance doesnt matter.


Mods are a difficult case, since weapons are apparently balanced around the mods they can use, though pistol crit mods could use a buff, and a shotgun that can actually crit needs to exist to justify shotgun crit mods. Also status chance mods continue to be ignored. Wheres the balance in that? Theres also a few nightmare and corrupted mods that are very difficult to justify using.


Enemies i dont particularly care about as long as they dont have excessively long invulnerbility periods (like Manics used to) or dont spam severe direct-to-health damage (Eviscerators, Mutalist Ospreys) and Radiation procs (Tar MOAs)

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ATM movement and able to copter is what attracts me to this game.

Ppl are asking asking DE to kill it.Can't you have it both ways.Those who want to parkour 2.0 go ahead.Leave coptering to those who mastered it.

Was coptering a 'dirty' move?You want to kill it cos' you dont know how to?

These 'ppl' who wished to kill coptering are they in the majority or are they the 'majority' in forums cos' they posts so much.

Not all players post here.

I believe that this  community constitutes only  a small percentage in a much larger community of  of players in the world who may seldom post their opinion.

To quote the Grineer queens" big mistake big mistake" if DE were to kill coptering jus becos of a small handful of short legged tennos in this forums however title they have in this small forums.

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I think that it is at a decent speed BUT it is doing it wrong. On occasions, movement can be clunky and unresponsive, slowing down any decent pace I had built up over time. Other times I just drop my mouse as I accidentally wall launched myself a good 25 meters without any real rhyme or reason. I rarely copter because it requires more button pressing than I desire. There is more I want to do, like being able to turn walls or get that little big each air that one areal attack cant do.

In other words, I want flow. I want seamless transitions between different elements of running, jumping and climbing so that it feels like parkour and not just you going from point A to B super fast.




Personally I am not a completionist

I like to collect as much as I can, yes. But if I dont get it all, I dont harbor on the thought. I think the only thing worth collecting all of are codex enemies, as you can actually do something with them once you have them.

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-remove non event +xx%impact/poncture/slash mods


or buff the mods to +90% and change the maths to be on par with elementals ( 90%*(impact+poncture+slash) instead of 90%*impact) <- i'm not sure that it is a very good idea but it whould increase modding possibilities


-remove +crit chance -fire rate mods


or buff the bonus crit chance to +200% at least


-buff status mods to more than +60%


-To remove the non event impact/puncture/slash mods is not a good solution as new players will have less options on modding


-I agree with buffing them to be on par with the elemental mods but they should still be weaker


-Don't suggest to remove mods just cause you don't use it


-The mod does need a slight buff but 200% is too much


-dual stat mods are fine as they are and don't need a buff as it would overpower the non-dual stat mods

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on the topic of coptering I feel it should still be used to gain some horizontal distance, like a tool to close the gap between you an an opponent when doing melee combat, trying to run your way towards said any is useless because soem team mate might just shoot them or 4-to-win said enemy leaving you sad with no kill.


I also am a bit disappointed that coptering i being nerfed/killed I always subscribed to the idea that parkour and coptering should work together and not against each other

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Rewards: Do you mean the reward or the reward system?


Weapons: This is not balanced. 

Melee weapons for example, simple/dual daggers are more weak than others, same for secondary & primary weapons.


Warframe: Some Warframes need to be balanced. Ember is so weak, not resistant; Banshee needs a buff on her silence (more duration? a percent of total duration?).

I think armor of every Warframes should be released. I'm speaking about armor system. A Warframe with a pretty good armor should be really resistant for a long time & a Warframe which have less armor should be brittle but less than right now.


Sentinels: The problem is everyone use Carrier, I guess so each Sentinel needs to have vacuum and Carrier needs a new precept.

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About dual stat mods

We need more of them that modify a greater variety of stats

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I gave up on it when the Void Trader came.


I was about 6 mods short of having all mods in the game, and had all 'frames and weapons maxed. Archwings and weapons too, if they appeared before the Void Trader, can't remember. I still try to keep up with the 'frames, 'wings and weapons, but I gave up on mods and definitely on the Prisma weapons. Nowadays I rather just log out instead of go look for one of the mods I'm still missing, because the Void Trader's prices made that a moot point.

See, I play often solo because my Clannies ( all RL friends of mine ) have a lot less time to play than I have. That also means I don't want to "waste" Void Keys since the rewards I could get would be things most of my Clannies still need. So I try to only run Void missions when there's a Clannie to tag along. And even then, I keep at least 4-8 spares of each Void reward, so when Clannies want a specific Prime, I can provide it, instead of having sold it to Baro. Especially since I need to sell a dozen or two Prime parts in order to buy a single item from him. I much rather give out 3 sets of Prime weapons/frames to Clannies than get a single mod/weapon from Baro, sorry.


Then Raids came... With a lot of time, effort and some luck, we can manage to get 4-5 of us online together. But it takes so long, has bugs, and is very unforgiving if you actually want to figure things out yourselves. After several attempts we managed to get to 3 meters from the end of phase 3, and failed because we got confused and backtracked for no apparent reason. By then, one of us was properly fed up of the effort it takes and not having a single thing to show for it - and having to do it so many times before it starts being worth it - they gave up. And that was the end of it, for us.


Sure, you could tell me to just do the Raids with others, but...

I have a muscle condition. I am fully aware I'm not the best Warframe player our there, and I'll never be. My muscles don't let me respond as fast as I'd like. My RL friends know this, and aren't bothered by it. Randoms however, may feel like I'm just leeching or not contributing enough, despite me doing my best not to hold them back. I may have all the 'frames, but I cannot play on par of others on all of them. So while I *could* play whatever 'frame we need on the Raid, I may end up being the worst player on that 'frame you'll ever run across. And on other 'frames you may not even notice I'm struggling.

It's also time based. The more I use my muscles, the worse it gets and the longer it takes to recover. I have had to quit playing certain games I loved to play, simply because after playing for an hour I'd need 2 whole days of rest to get my arms and hands to move again. The Raids are quite intense, and offer no real breaks in between, and take a fair amount of time for the inexperienced. So these are really rough on me.

As much as I'd like to do them, I have come to accept it's a part of Warframe I won't get to play.


I had the Starchart fully unlocked while it was still the old version, and with the addition of a few nodes with the current version of the Starchart I cleared them all soon after.


I have a fair collection of Syndana's and skins, but mostly don't feel cosmetics are part of completion, since they're just cosmetic. I still will do Alerts for Alt Helmets I'm missing ( despite having the Arcane version of them ) for completion's sake, but that's more of "something to do" than really wanting it completed.


TLDR; I try to have all Warframes, Archwings and weapons maxed asap, excluding Prisma variants. Most of my Codex is done, pending a few Eximi that don't want to show up and I can't be bothered to hunt down specifically. I gave up on collecting every single mod ingame because of the Void Trader. No Prisma weapons owned. Cannot do Raids.

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Spy Alone :


We did it. We were 4 guys & we did it. No one knew anything about our actions, no purge triggered, no alarm raised.

It was super difficult, but it was one of the most co-op thing I have ever done in this game!!


How did we manage to do it? Simple & hard at the same time :


we acted like a well organised team & coordinated our actions!!!


Do not tell me it isn't possible...In my honest opinion, if you want to make sure it's done with little to no problem, do it solo.


HOWEVER, the downside we had were friendship doors : they sometimes forced one of us who was already on his way to a vault to go back,deal with it & continue his task,risking to be seen by someone on his way back... Not good if your team wants to do the split plan & play spy "seriously".


Right now it's either go as united as you can or go solo.


The removal of these coop doors(in this gamemode only!) would be nice though.



Spy got a side problem too : adding a 2.0 to it was great, in fact it's one of the best gamemode revamp I've seen in my 2 years playtime. (thanks mr Whirrrrr)

Nevrtheless, you can't do Spy 2.0 without doing Stealth 2.0 ! I've been shouting it for years & I'll continue to do so : please,please do more adjustments to the way Stealth works!


- No way to distract enemies,

- Enemies got a telepathic mind,

- Enemies sometimes collide into each other in the famous enemy cluster (or they spin around for minutes) because of pathing issues,

- No shadow/ light mechanic that makes you less/more visible,

- No destructible lights,

- Enemies know exactly where we are instead of being aware of your last position,

etc et caetera...


I suggest you to scroll through the other Stealth threads for more ideas to improve the ninja ways :











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As for Spy i dont know how it should be but i only play it solo because i dont want teamates failing.  it is annoying to play this type with others because i have to be dependent on my teamates to not fail on there vault they are after.

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Re: Spy


For the most part, personally I enjoy doing my Spy missions Solo, and when my friends need someone to crack the Vault for them, I take on the role whilst they wait outside. However, I think that, much as I favour Solo myself, Warframe does market itself as a Co-op game experience, so you should make things take that into account.


So long as Spy is still doable Solo, much as most other missions in game, I say do what you feel necessary to increase the viability of being co-op. That way, the option is there and isn't an objective exercise in 'which causes less frustration'.


Re: Completion


Whilst I like to complete and collect things, I don't really care if I miss that thing here or there. I mean, working with my friend years back, we'd both managed to get all but 2~ of all Pokemon in the Dex. That was perfectly fine by our books all told. 99% is still an accomplishment, no?


Same sort of logic: Sure, I'll complete the codex best I can, and nab every weapon I can, but I won't really loose any sleep over missing just the odd one or two. Honestly, I've got quite a lot of weapons I enjoy using as is over others, and that'll suffice. Something to work towards is good, yes, but obsessing over one missed entry isn't really needed.


Re: Balance


Balance is when a variety of styles and abilities can come together and each have a valuable role to play, no one being reduced to little more than a glorified spectator. It is when the "Leeroy Jenkins" type can do what they do and the long range or support players can still play without having to race Leeroy for kills or what have you. Everyone is engaging in the game, the actions of their teammates and are having fun doing that. Where one person going crazy with a sword feels just as awesome as the guy with the sniper rifle hanging in the back at the same time.


So long as it is possible for one person to completely and utterly trivialise the existence of another player or players, balance is not in effect. Balance, especially in a group game, should encourage team work without bitterness, exploitation or the removal of the most important thing: [size=5]Having Fun[/size]


As it is, Warframe suffers from the latter problem. Not only is there an inordinate amount of possible damage to be had, there's little reason and indeed it's highly impractical, to use something which doesn't have a high rate of fire and clip size to deal with the horde of enemies we face. Beyond a point, there is literally no reason to use a Warframe that is built around damage, because CC is more important; for 'High end content' I understand that in Trials, you are better off not killing your enemies, simply locking them down into infinity. And if you don't, one shot will kill you, regardless.


For all the great possibility the Mod System could offer, it is really no more than a means to stack damage upon damage. There's no real choice when your options are +165% Damage or +30% Reload Speed. Sure, you could, but it'd be an objectively poor choice. What's the point having faster reloads when you can reload once everything is dead?


Elementals converting the standing damage spread into the proportion listed would perhaps help. Right now, one elemental combo is either 120% or 180% extra damage, before you even begin to factor how that interacts with an enemy's resistances, on top of the flat extra damage of Serration and the like. Why, exactly, do we need to be able to increase damage at least three fold, and still have more to add on to that with Critical, Multi-shot and Punch Through?


Not only that, but because of the sheer scope of power available, you are forced to design bosses with damage caps or mitigation or invincibility so that Players cannot instantly cheese them.


What, exactly, is the practical point of having that much power, when anything that can take it isn't found outside of long-term endless runs? Overkill is fun and all, but it's still a waste of resources. This isn't Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume where Overkill is a core mechanic


I can't pretend that any suggestions I could bring wouldn't have been heard before; these forums have some truly insightful people with much better understanding of balancing games. All I can say is that so long as I can find it more fun and more likely to have something to do by playing Solo in a game you market as Co-op, things need review.


Apologies for going on, as always.

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As for Spy i dont know how it should be but i only play it solo because i dont want teamates failing.  it is annoying to play this type with others because i have to be dependent on my teamates to not fail on there vault they are after.

That's why you are teammates...


When you're in a team, you're not supposed to be "the-antisocial-guy-in-the-corner", if you know what I mean... :p


If they find a way to make it more coop viable, I'd like it too though...

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