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Hotfix 16.9.4


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  • Re-enabled Physics optimizations for dual-core systems.
  • Made several small optimizations for long-running missions with lots of loot.



  • Fixed Exalted Blade’s energy waves not receiving a boost from damage Mods when used by Clients.
  • Fixed Exalted Blade’s energy wave not benefiting from channeling buffs.
  • Fixed Clients using Exalted Blade not gaining benefits from Syndicate Mods.
  • Fixed the Proto Glaive skin causing Exalted Blade to not appear properly in Excalibur’s hand.
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Does this mean you finally fixed disconnection issues in Defense and such? Like we won't have to force stop the game, and can actually reconnect normally?


I really want to know what those optimizations are. I suppose they aren't that significant though, going by the phrasing.

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can we get new prime stuff this week? please :'(

also is mesa not getting xp intentional or bug?


Can't stand still as Mesa for longer than a minute. It's actually normal for everyone, the anti AFK system doesn't care if you score kills or not, you have to move.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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