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Experimental Physics Optimizations

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I have not experienced any problems since i put the code into my EE.cfg file, been doing a 60fps and more doing 30 wave playing greedy mag


here are my computer stats


GPU: EVGA geforce gtx 960 SSC. 
CPU: AMD FX-6100 3.3 Ghz 
MotherBoard: ASRock 970 Extreme3 
Memory: 8.00GB Dual-Channel DDR3 
Invidia Drivers: 347.52 
HeadSet: Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma 
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium

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I tried pulling as many people with a maxed range Mag, and I never got any crashes. I also tried pulling as much as I could in the simulacrum and everything seems fine. The relay seemed to run a little better. Usually I would run around 45 fps in the main relay area where Baro Ki'teer spawns, but I was running around 54 fps when I checked the relay. This might be because there weren't many people in the relay at the moment.


I'll leave this optimization on and report back if I see any crashes, but so far everything seems fine.


Computer stats:

GPU: ASUS Radeon 6850

GPU Driver: 14.12 AMD Catalyst Omega Software

CPU: Intel i5 2500k

Mother board: Gigabyte Z68X-UD3H-B3

Memory: 24 GB DDR3

OS: Windows 7 Professional

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Edited file and game froze upon entering mission at the point the frames are dropping into view. Freeze happened halfway through white effect disappearing, after that music froze and then all the ambient noise. Upon ending process there was no error reporter.


Removing the line and playing the same mission again there was no problems.


CPU: I5 4690k

Mobo: Gigabyte Z97

GPU: AMD 7870 15.4 beta

OS: W7 64b

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did around 20 missions (with gp mag, archwing and other stuff) had no problems at all
I'll edit this if I get any problems

CPU: Phoenom II 955 @3.8GHz
GPU: ATI 5850 (catalyst 15.3)
OS: Win7 64bit

edit#1: just got my 1st crash just before login screen

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i tried this.

i enabled UseJobs, played some game smoothly.

then crash happened when i try syndicate mission.

it happened at the start of the loading screen.


it crashes the whole computer, so i have to push the power button.

so there's no WAR numbers.

now im scared to test this again.

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Enabled here too, let's see what happens. Will report back this evening if there is anything specific I notice.


EDIT: quick test: a relatively empty relay was rather choppy. Frame time at 16ms and fps was on 60-59.9 according to the display but movement felt choppy. In my Liset it was very smooth. (Intel i5 4670K + ATI R9 280X + 8Gb DDR3 RAM)

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There has been some issues that arisen when the hotfix was applied. Me and another are now getting much lower fps than normal. Me and him have played Warframe with no problems up until this latest one.

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Not sure if it's my PC acting up, but I think it may be because of the hotfix.
Issues I've encountered with after the hotfix are :


1. Before the log-in screen, i'll get a blank black screen. I alt-tab to get around this problem.

2. The game freezes up for some amount of time during the loading of a mission, which will eventually lead to me being disconnected from the host.

3. When I do manage to get a game, the game doesn't run as smooth as it did before the optimization.

4. Game froze whilst in a mission for enough time for me to be again disconnected from the host. 

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hmm i wonder if this has anything to do with the 13-17FPS cut that i noticed.. i could manage around 87-ish to 91FPS but now im noticing it in the 68-74-ish FPS range!


and performance got tanked as well in missions! im noticing a good amount of lesser frames in most missions i play now compared to before!

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Currently testing : 


-Everything is smooth , back to 60 FPS even in foundry or looking at space 


those annoying lags is gone now atleast i hope this remain like that


Edit : something that did not happen or atleast I did not notice before , when doing right click on someone there a news square (unwanted one) appearing only while the option is showing

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Been using it since yesterday, no issues have occured so far. It gave me a slight fps boost from ~220 to ~240. Although the fps is much more stable now when in intense combat.



Win 7

i7 4790 | 8x 3.6 GHz



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Just crashed in an ODS.  The crash reporter didn't show up.  Frames were Vauban (me), Ember, Trinity, and Hydroid.  My abilities seemed wonky, though that could have been lag from the host.  I was using my Torid, Sancti Castanas, and Hate.  The crash happened about 16 minutes in, and right after I shot a Torid spore.  I soloed a Hive mission with Trinity, Torid, Rakta Ballistica, and Hate before the ODS, and it seemed stable.


Windows 10 Build 10130


Dual Radeon 7970M, though Crossfire was disabled.


DirectX 10 and 11 enabled

Multithreading enabled


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