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Rhino Changes


  • Rhino’s Charge will now toss enemies into the air when hit, ragdolling them.
  • Rhino’s Roar will now last 30 seconds, regardless of rank.
  • Duration Mods can now buff the duration enemies spend suspended in mid-air from Rhino’s Stomp.


Cool. But guys...

we really need an official statement regarding the tankiness/iron skin/base stat issue.

Otherwise the common rhino threads every couple days aren't going to slow down any.

And there will still be a split community on what rhino is or isn't supposed to be.


Just tell us if it's something youre happy with how he is now OR if you're still looking into it and will get to him when you get the chance.

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  • Fixed the Kubrow Incubator in the Liset showing the incorrect texture after a player rushes incubation.


haha no more deathstar/R2-D2 kubrows anymore xDDD

Edit: Not c3po, the name above whoops! xD star wars a bit rusty



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I was really excited about this update and I waited till 01:00AM (my country time) well I can say I am really disappointed about it. I was hoping for something more from you, DE. I hope U17 will make me cry (tears oj yoy). We'll see. Thanks anyway.

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I am disappointed. I waited an extra day hoping for something amazing. What I got was a primary Gammacor with worse stats than the secondary version.

Stats never mean everything. From the sounds of it, this thing ragdolls enemies or something. CC is king, not damage.

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Im not entirely sure where to put this but with the new Tac Alert, on the ceres level the Bailiff Defector got stuck under the stairs which caused the spawns to not leave their spawning zones until confronted.


However, it is a great idea, just wish there were more than 2 levels.

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Not sure if intended, so I'll just report it:

Defector's waypoint is an 'Enemy'

Defector is immune to Banish.

Defector has no armor (apparently?)

Defector isn't affected by Blessing (Neither Heal nor DR).

Defector isn't affected by Health Restores.

Defector is neither affected by shield drones, nor by overshields.

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