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Tactical Alert: Emergency Exit


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A genetically mutated Grineer has refused to comply with his superiors. He is trying to escape and is being pursued by the Grineer. 
Anyone that is strong enough to turn their back on the Grineer is worth saving. Defend this fighter until we can extract him between now and July 1 at 2:00 p.m. EDT. Successfully complete all aspects of this Tactical Alert and you'll receive an Orokin Catalyst Blueprint and a Stratos Emblem. 
Go forth and defend! 
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Grineer? Bad


Grineer smart enough to defect? Good.


Grineer smart enough to defect carrying Jat Kittag? BEST!


Now if only he had the sense to stay inside my Snow Globe...



Still keeps calling us "TENNO SKOOM".


MIGHT be the only thing he knows to call us.

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