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Arkfall, One part Tenno, One part Sniper, All Clown.


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Greetings Fellow Tennos!

Giving my current issues with the Solar Rails, and not being able to make it to my target goals tonight, I decided I would stop stalking the Forums and say hello properly.

One Part Tenno:

I have got to say the lore of this game has me gripped, the style of everything is great and amazing, and even though some would call us Space Ninjas... I don't see any god damn ninjas with a .50 caliber Doorknocker blowing melons’ clean off meat sacks in suit from across cargo bays. Do you?

Digging around on the forums, I found a post that linked to the other game DE made, called darkSector. So... a quick YouTube search and 7 hours later after watching a playthough from stem to sterin, I. AM. HOOKED. The ideas and the creativity that the DE team have are groundbreaking.

Yea ok I know I sound like a fan boy... I might be slowly becoming one. Where else have you seen a solid blend of Western and Eastern philosophy in a game?

One Part Sniper:

I do not claim to have amazing skills, or that I’m some kind of shooter badass. I never will be, nor will I ever claim to be, but in shooters, I tend to find myself looking though a scope, in some random location that most people don't even register, popping the tops off Support Players like cereal boxes in an orphanage.

That being said... I'm not bad at it either... It take skill to land a head shot across a command room, with a Melee brawl, pistol fire fight, and powers going off... though the legs of two allies... and between two crates. (Yes, I about crapped myself $&*&*#(%& when I did it, sadly, I couldn't give myself a victory dance, I have a few undesirables breathing on me.)

I play Long gunners in other games as well... Planeside 2, Tribes: Ascend, Global Agenda, Firefall and bunch of single player games. Something about lining up that clean shot and fundamentally shifting the battlefield with a single round... In a word: Power-Trip.

All Clown:

I have been around long enough to start doing somethings differently... Gaming is my Hobby. I game when I have time and energy enough to devote to it. I've been in Business long enough to understand how it works and relates to game development. Lastly, I game for fun and enjoyment, although my versions of those two words differ day to day.

When I'm running missions on the Rails... I find myself cracking jokes, listening to music, laughing at people, and spouting puns like Armageddon is tomorrow.

To any Tennos out there, Feel free to find me in game and I will most likely be happy to help with whatever you’re looking to do... at the time of this posting, I'm working on ranking up MAH HAMMA! [TM] and a lovely new Bolto.

My Name is Arkfall, and I have a bullet with your name on it... I'm just forgot where I put it. So I'm going to keep pulling this trigger till I remember which one it was.

Stay Frosty, and See you all out on the Solar Rails!

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