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Last Chance For Mag Prime Parts In The Void!

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The mysteries of The Void have always presented unique challenges. The well-protected Orokin Towers have been known to house Prime technologies, but there is word from beyond the realms of normal space that a part of this is evolving.

On July 7 at 2 p.m. EDT, Mag Prime, Boar Prime and Dakra Prime will enter the Prime Vault, with all of their crafting parts abolished from The Void. If you already wield the power of these Primes, they will remain in your inventory.


Tenno, this week is your last chance to enter The Void in order to collect and craft these items, so be sure to take advantage. The Prime Vault, an archive outside of Tenno reach, will house this Warframe and Weapons until they are later released back into the Void.


As a responsive measure, Steel Meridian's Rank 4 Sacrifice, the Boar Prime Barrel, will be replaced with the Soma Prime Barrel and Perrin Sequence's Rank 5 Sacrifice, the Mag Prime Helmet, will be replaced with the Volt Prime Helmet.



Q: Will my inventory blueprints be removed too?!

A: Nope. Anything in your Inventory/Foundry after the removal will stay.
Q: Are these parts gone forever?!
A: Nope. Items in the Prime Vault have the chance to come back at a later date.
Q: Can I still trade Mag/Boar/Dakra Prime parts after the removal??
A: Yes you can!
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About time.  ^.^


Don't get me wrong, I wuve my Mag Prime!  But it is time for her to go into the Vault for a bit.  She's been clogging up the drop tables for too long and I'm hoping she'll get some tweaks while she's in there.

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Hmmm... Well if you have enough forma to spare mag prime isn't that different from the Normal Mag! Expect the idiotic look it has and the death orb energy gain thing... I wish they will change the look of mag prime soon. at least change her in a way you can change her color to anything ( expect White ) without thinking about her ugliness...

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