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200%/200% would be alright i suppose.

a flat value increase is also possible, but note that Redirection or Vitality must still be a larger increase than Vigor's boost. due to investment and whatnot.

furthermore, this is definitely one of those really weird Dual Stat / Nightmare Mods that don't follow the norm. most are two stats at ~60% the power of the dedicated versions. but quite a few others and Vigor, are nowhere near that mark.

because it's Health & Shields however, 200%/200% is sufficient and gives a large enough boost to consider using depending on Playstyle.i hope you're capable of realizing the satire in that one liner remark that you're harping over.


but Vitality instead of Vigor would still protect you better with the current stats of it. getting a ~16% increase in your Shields is not particularly significant when you could more than double your Health for a larger buffer against Damage.



extremely unlikely i would have said it's 'too good'.

for a 100 Health 100 Shield Warframe, Vigor would add 220 Health and Shields.

for a 150 Health and 150 Shield Warframe, Vigor would add 330 Health and Shields.

so a Warframe with 150 Health and 150 Shields, would have 1440 Health and Shields if they used Redirection, Vigor, and Vitality.

i still would have a hard time considering equipping that. i might sometimes, but, woo, after you have your dedicated Mod for it on (since it's objectively much superior), adding a 220% Vigor would be a 29.7297% increase in that Health or Shields Stat.

big whoop. the only thing Vigor would have going for it really, would be that it costs 11pts, so it's a cheap alternative to Redirection or Vitality.

- - - - -

and if a Player wants to sacrifice two, or most/all of their Mod Slots for survivability Mods rather than Ability Modifiers, go ahead. it's silly, and you'll just end up dead without any Abilities (as without any CC, you're going to get Killed anyways).

due to that balance, it's not really even worth Equipping the Mod(Armored Agility at 70%), but you could. it would make some difference... yes, but not a lot. and what are you going to sacrifice to put that there? probably the aforementioned Ability Modifiers, so you're then trading your Abilities being as effective for a bit more Survivability. you could make that decision if you wanted, that would be fine.

Let me correct myself...you stated it would be "too much" if Vigor added more total Shields/Health, given capacity cost, compared to either a single Redirection or Vigor.

You used a very good example which made sense.

On a frame that would gain 220 Shields & 220 Health with a boosted Vigor, that would be the equivelent of the same frame using just 440 Shields or 440 Health....thus favoring the higher Vigor than the stand alone mods. Especially when looking at Mod Cost capacity drain.

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I bought 1k plat and I didn't receive the plats and mod....what's going on?  :(  

It's been 2 days...

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I guess you used the wrong image for the Animal Instinct mod in the Buy Platinum page, DE. Or maybe we got the wrong one in game?

In game (it actually detects enemies up to a distance of 18m):


On the Buy Platinum page:


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Hey Warframe
I didn't get the plat and mod after i purchased 2100 Platinum
i got Recipt,email to me rainhansen@live.com.my
i dont know where can i report to Warframe

Edited by RainHansen14

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Same here, i didnt get rare mode either... 


edit: My bad i fuse it with other mods, soo dump :D

Edited by MagicWalker

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