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Artifacts.. and more


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Hmm playing playing and see something wrong.

I and my firend using difrent artifacts - for recovery power and HP.

We all know increased power recovery is wrong.. so let it alone..

About HP recovery.. its so slow and it prob. - never cheecked - diding work during combat, or recovery is so slow that i didnt notice that it do anything.

HP recovery is on same lvl as Power... but in fight or after it i dont feel any positives that this Artifact give to us.. better find health orb than wait for artifact regen.

ATM i dont see any usefull thinks about artifacts... They dont stuck, when 4 player took HP regen still one works.

They dont increase ammo drop - dont see change with or without it during play.

Single Ancient Infestation can kill us with poision even if we have hp regen artifact - that in my opion should prevent from single posions... but noth.

About infestation..

Never missed Ancient attack &!$$ed me off.. i can be knocked down to my death and nothing what i can do with this.. Some infestation can u body block but mostly with mele attack you are usualy inside mob that prevent for any dmg what you want to deal.Making dodge move dont avoid eneny attack .. ancient still hit you in the middle on the dodge and steal your power and shield or kocked you down. Knocked duration is to long and animation of stand up is so slow.. Leapers can jump from down stairs to you and knocked you down but when i try pull it to me in the same situation it was blocked at the begging of stairs or in the middle.

Simple mobs usualy can do more than normal players - eg. Ancient using one skill to: Knock You down, Steal all Shield, Steal all Power - i want this skill too.

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