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New Contest: Elevated Liberty!

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It's a bird! It's a plane. Oh, no... it IS a bird! Patriotic Zephyr, so majestic and noble, flying from planet to planet spreading fireworks and freedom for all! (Well, maybe not the Grineer.) This Independence Day, show your feathery pride and open your wings in celebration.


How to enter:

Take a screenshot of your Patriotic Zephyr decked out in Independence Day flair, and submit to this thread for judgment!


Need an Example?




Upload your image to imgur.com, copy the BBCode, and paste it right into your submission post.

Check this thread out if you have trouble posting your image.

Consoles: Link your XB1 OneDrive screenshot or share your PS4 screenshot.



One submission per person

Screenshot must not be altered or edited

Screenshot must feature Zephyr

Do not reserve spots in this thread



1st place -- A LIFETIME supply of in-game Grand Finale Fireworks (Calculated by 10 per day x 80 years) and 1000 Platinum!

2nd place -- 500 Platinum to buy all the BBQ necessities to feed our army of Tenno!

3rd place -- 250 Platinum to make all the red, white, and blue pinwheels humanly possible.

Winners are chosen based on ultimate patriotic creativeness!


This contest is on now until July 9 at 1:00 p.m. EDT.


This thread will open at 1 p.m. EDT today!




Time to let this bird soar, Tenno! 


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Arsenal View:



Right: Zephyr with Tengu Helmet (White, Brown, Yellowish-Gold, Black)


Left: Ormolu Kyroptera Syandana (Red, White, Blue, Black)





Just realized that my 'Bald Eagle' color scheme looks similar to the one used on the contest banner ._.



"That moment when Black isn't Red, White or Blue."

- I used Black for the energy color on the syandana to remove the cloud effect on the end

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1st place -- A LIFETIME supply of in-game Grand Finale Fireworks (Calculated by 10 per day x 80 years) and 1000 Platinum!

Thought it said plats for a moment.


Good luck to all entries and this is not a reserve post.

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Because it's my first time here and I haven't known how to put the show/hide button, here they are.






Good luck to all participants.






I'm on low settings because 5450 ;-;

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Notice the Sayandana and armor I chose represent fireworks. As well I have the Specters of Liberty badge and I have the Cephalon Suda sigil representing the stars of the US flag. I also chose the red energy color because of the Rockets red glare and the Shotgun as weapon choice.

Arsenal view:

k4t6RLch.jpg All colors were chosen from this palet.Notice the favorite stars.

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