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New Contest: Elevated Liberty!

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One of my ALL time favorite warframes is Zephyr... So i have to do this event thingy =p


#1 Zephyr

#2 Trinity

#3 Nova

#4 Valkyr

#5 Mirage

#6 Ember

#7 Saryn

#8 Banshee

#9 Mag

#10 And Volt.... cause i needed at least 1 dude i liked lol


I live in Arizona By the way, its covered in dirt, and cactus, and rocks, and walmarts -_- WALMART!!!!!!!




...i just love zephyr alot lol

And watching other peeps play zephyr while i'am not... its like AYUGHGHGHGH 

so i'am gonna just go hop on warframe and take a screenshot. yep, awesome xO




---a little while later we have this



Me and muh dog, =] WOOF WOOF!!!

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This is my submission. I thought I had done really well and then I saw some of the others. In any case it seemed a waste for me to have the photoshoot and not post something. There are some really great submissions here. I'd like to post some others that aren't my final picks, but I'm afraid that posting more than one pic like the rules suggest might get me disqualified even with a specifically chosen entry. Good luck to everyone!

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unfortunately the fireworks didn't last any amount of time while doing this, and with my newest mods upgrades i fly straight up out of the map. lmao

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