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New Contest: Elevated Liberty!

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What bird has the most elaborate, most complex, most beautiful dance in the Solar System? My guess is there are lots of contenders, but this bird must be one of them. The superb Zephyr, this one right here. She clears a space in the forest and uses it as a concert platform. To persuade potential mates to come close and admire her plumes she performs the most complex dance she can manage and does so with the aid of fireworks.




She was not able to find a mate but managed to attract some of the local wildlife. Not all hope is lost.

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Here's my entry! Don't know if it was mentioned how difficult it is to take pics on PS4, since the share button has a delay...





And 2 more that were hard to pull off, just for fun. Felt they didn't have enough explosions for the entry.




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