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Ember uses Fire element and she have Phoenix helmet, so maybe she could get some abilities tha uses Fire Phoenix Wings
Accelerant - +30% movement speed and for Visual she should have Fire Phoenix wings. Left Fire behind her on the ground, dealing to near enemies in 10 meters radius small fire damage with chance to fire status, and bonus damage from Accelerant. (On cast accelerant debuff enemies to get 250% damage from fire in 20 meters radius as it is now, and half of the range 10 meters radius debuff too 250% damage from fire near ember, so she can cast it anywhere and still move with it giving debuff to enemies with half range of it)


Fire Blast - The same as it is now but while casting she uses immediately Fire Phoenix wings to dash in any direction you chose, from the place where she was left Fire Blast and create a fire on the ground where she move. (Nice buff for immediately cast, and fast dash to any direction you chose)


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