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As many people have said, the grinding and energy system is the main problem.


Regarding reward mechanics, I think a more definite and skill / gameplay based reward mechanic will be more fun and less "grinding", which are based on mission type and / or quest.


Eg A.  In a quest-based (or not, depends) Rescue mission: (the rewards provided are for explaining the idea only)


1.Rescue the target in full stealth (no alarm) throughout the whole mission : Guranteed to get overextended


2.Let the rescue target to kill 30 enemies with your side arm, and extract within 8 minutes after releasing the target from the prison: Guranteed to get  Stalking Fan.


3.Revive the target 10 times, while the bleed out time of the target is reduced to 5 seconds: Guranteed to get Soma Prime barrel.


* If you want the rewards to have some lore relations, you can say the rescue target was very grateful for the tenno's performance and reward us the rewards.


EG B. Quest based (or not) Grineer Survival mission:


1. Kill 30 bombards with melee Finisher: Guranteed to get [insert stance]


2.Kill 30 ballistas with headshot, using bow or sniper:  Guranteed to get [sniper / bows related rare mods]


3. Kill 20 Seekers with DPS effects: Guranteed to get [insert examples @@ ]




* If you want the rewards to have some lore relations, you can say the "lone tenno operative" was grateful for our help and reward us the rewards.



It not only makes rewards more definite, but also reduce the need for doing super long endless mission - a core problem of many issues that we are having: balancing, grinding etc.  It can be done so the requirement difficulties are matching to the the rareness of the rewards.

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ok first greedy pull: yes some say its an exploit, others say its useful, what i say is this: greedy pulls should not be touched as it brings more strategy to the mag frame, she can me of more use then just standing around dieing like ive seen most do, yes she pulls items to a peacemaker mesa but thats what its ment to do, help the team get the most advantage out of their respective frames and enjoy working AS A TEAM. something most have forgotten about this day and age. if it works as intended leave it be, if there is a problem in the coding then fix it other wise dont touch it.


same goes for frost, he is a great strategic frame, he was perfect before he was nerfed, he could be used as a life saver, or as a great defence player, now that we was nerfed the first time you had to adjust for the weaker snow globes which made it harder for people to find a reason to play with frost. i personaly think you should leave all frames alone, this is a play your way game not, "you play my way or im calling for a nerf on your frame." (yes lots of misspelled words get over it) you all think that because some skills are used to much that they are OP but in reality they are saving your rear ends from dieing or failing the mission, every frame has a part to play, you just need to find how YOU fit in

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Greedy Pull: 

Greedy pull working for Mag along doesn't realy hurt anyone, nt even Mag, and now she can stop being a designated Carrier and get back to wrecking the Corpus like nobody's business. It's completely fine with me.


PvP is too fast paced for the amount of damage we can do at a time and the amount of damage we can take.The Bo Prime could literally copter over half of a Cephalon Capture map (the ice one) where you can grab the Ceph and copter back imediately, with everyone else just standing there wondering what just happened. Parkour 2.0 would be an excellent addition, though, because it would be less about speed and more about  evasion. I play PvP every once in a while, but I might play it more if I had more avenues of both attack and defense simply by movement. On the other hand, the wall hopping and double jumping in general sooks like t still needs a bit of work. The part that worries me especially is where you have to double jump in order to stop rolling after every tiny jump like we do currently. I would actually like to ee the forced rll emoved, at least for jumps and falls under 25m. If that could be weaked, I would wholeheartedly support all the rest of Parkour 2.0.

Frost Rework:What to say about this? It's good, I mean it's really good, but it doesn't really solve the problem of Snow GLobe still eclipsing all of his moves. Even after all that work, Snow Globe is still going to be the thing that Frost does, all the time. It's extremely difficult to solve that issue, but I'm sure DE can come up with something. 

One more qualm I have about Freexe though: is it still single target? Making an ice patch is great and all, but single target moves aren't worth much in Warfrae by any standard. Even a 2-3m area Freeze on impact would be good, just as long as it isn't single target.

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Do you think the Greedy Pull changes are sufficient?

Yes, now it will actually live up to it's name.


PvPers, do you think the movement is too fast in Conclave?

No, these new players that are complaining about how fast it is need to learn to aim. In fact, I think it is too slow. I should be able to listen to a m1dy or TQBF song and feel like I am moving as fast as the BPM! In other words, just add Rush to PvP.


PvPers, are you excited for Parkour 2.0 in Conclave?

To be real, I don't think there is enough information. We don't know how fast it will be, how situational it will be, and how much skill it will require. However, if I was to go off of everything you have then I say that I am not excited. Parkour 2.0 looks much slower and less fun than what we have, and I ultimately play games for fun.


Would you like more corrupted mods?

Depends on what they do, I don't want the drop tables for nightmares getting over saturated.

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Mag needs something that can make her part of the team, give her some kind of utility in higher level missions that IS NOT OFFERED BY OTHER WARFRAMES. The main issue with Mag is that she's sort of trapped in "anything you can do, I can do better". Where while she has uses, a bunch of other frames are far more effective at it than she is.


What she needs is a rework. Be it a complete ability change or simply a look at what her abilities can do and how they can be used effectively in high levels. Greedy Pulls change is... alright. But, it removes a significant use for Mag, that being of a team-oriented frame. As others have suggested, perhaps a more satisfactory change is to remove its ability to pull in energy orbs? As it is obvious you are doing this to curb things like Draco, removing the need for energy would specifically target her use in Draco, while still allowing her to assist teammates and make it easier to loot mod drops that they have rightfully earned. 




But, you know this is all a part of a larger problem. The grind. My belief is, that if you take your focus away from the grind and instead put your monetization efforts towards cosmetic items, you would have a significantly happier playerbase. Yes, a cosmetic-only F2P system might have worked for things like DOTA2, and perhaps you would think that is because of their large playerbases, but I think if done right, a cosmetic only system would work out in the long run. Find ways to make engaging gameplay and monetize through cosmetic items, and an item economy, by allowing the trading of cosmetic items. Pay2Swag sounds a lot better than Pay2HaveFun.

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Greedy Pull:

This augment always felt a bit odd to me, regardless of what people use it for or if it's broken or unfair or anything, I'm not so sure it fits with the theme of things.  Is Mag actually greedy?  Some kind of kleptomaniac?  I never got that vibe...

But the main oddness about it was how much of a gimmick it felt, when you compare it with all the other augments -sort of like Pilfering Swarm in some regards.  Maybe there's just not enough augments for each ability yet, but somehow I'm a little surprise Mag players don't feel a little bit cheated that all their augment does is turn them into a glorified Carrier, where Excalibur's getting triple damage finishers with Radial Blind, or Valkyr's getting an almost infinite duration on Warcry.


Corrupted Mods:

I've liked the idea of trade-offs, min-maxing may be awkward and difficult to compensate for, but I more like Corrupted Mods for 'fine-tuning' of frames.

The longer you play a frame and more familiar you get, you start to notice the smaller things like a little bit of lag on casting something, or something's range is just a bit too short; maybe we don't want to overkill the range or the strength etcetera.

So maybe smaller corrupted mods, with more modifiers, we can already overkill each stat.

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- Mag change will be perfect. it still gives mag the full benefit of the mod without enabling broken combos. now we just have to have trin recharge mesa's energy before she starts shooting. xD


- Frost: i admitedly like what was shown of his ice wave and snow globe. However, i think avalanche should be different as the armor reduction bit feels like an easy getaway. Ice is such a popular element in gaming industry that it can't be hard to find a suitable replacement to an area nuke. If avalanche is here to stay, however, i would much rather it focus on CC than dmg. Finally and the only thing i really don't like is his Freeze - A different thing altogether would be preferable, a movement power if possible, to counteract his inate slowness or an area buff (ice dmg increase to him and nearby teammates or cold proc aura, maybe?).

Stat wise: Frost snowglobe benefits a lot from armor and while i think his armor is good as is (though 200 would be nice - i like round numbers ^^) i would switch his health and shield values to make him an health frame. Another reason for this would be that it would aleviate the fact that the ice frame is so affected by ice environmental hazards since he would be built for health. His prime variant could have increased armor (+25, like excal?) and speed upped to 1.0 (only because his speed is frustrating at times).

Obviously this is all wishful thinking, and there's no guarantee any of this matches what you envision for frost, though i hope you can take it into account :).



Keep up the good work!

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In light of DE's Greedy Pull proposal (only Mag can pull her share of pickups), please consider also making resources and mods similar to credits, where one player picking them up distributes the resources and mods to the whole squad.

Yes. This. I have been saying this since the thread on Greedy Pull hit.


Honestly, the one thing I would miss being able to pull to the squad is ammo - my favored use of Greedy Pull is as a way of creating a mobile supply point, especially in survivals, but I do realize that being able to pull dozens of health and energy orbs is easily abused. But ammo resupply doesn't really hurt anyone except when everyone is in a different place or the Mag is loot trolling (by throwing everything off a cliff, for instance).


You know what else it would do? It would solve loot problems for people whose connections lag out so badly they can't even pick up a single credit. And perhaps reduce performance load, because the moment the loot item is picked up, the engine no longer has to process its existence in the world space. This has been especially troublesome in Voids, where loot tables are fully iterated and thus have to be rerolled up to four times separately.


If we can't overhaul the entire system to reduce unholy grind, this is at least a huge first step that can be taken.

Greedy Pull: 

Greedy pull working for Mag along doesn't realy hurt anyone, nt even Mag, and now she can stop being a designated Carrier and get back to wrecking the Corpus like nobody's business. It's completely fine with me.

Its problem is that the change removes about 90% of the augment's use in a team, with the leftover being pulling Life Support. It's an overnerf. Globally shared loot, or retaining its current behavior with resources/credits, are the best options.


On the subject of corrupted mods, what I would change: Can we finally get a second pass on the more "useless" ones? All we ever see is the standard set of Warframe ones and Heavy Caliber, Spoiled Strike, maybe a Vile Acceleration... and a lot of that is because several of them are just bad, not providing enough to be worth the slot - and often not enough to be worth even their own drawback.


Take, for example, Vile Precision. It has a similar problem to the current Primed Pistol Gambit - it has more ranks and more mod slots, but gives less of a benefit per rank than the original mod. Logically, as an extension of Stabilizer, it should provide 100% recoil reduction for its (quite reasonable by itself) drawback; it even has two more ranks and costs two more points. As it is, there is no reason whatsoever to slot this mod - or to slot both this and Stabilizer, which is a colossal waste of slots. Critical Delay and Creeping Bullseye are similarly bad (although their issue is closer to the Status Chance mods like Melee Prowess) - 48% crit chance for that penalty? This generally results in losing more damage output than you could possibly gain.


Corrupted mods should really live up to their concept - larger boosts than the originals, but with moderate penalties. Also, I wouldn't mind seeing more melee corrupted mods (Attack speed up/damage down?) for melee, and a Vile Precision for secondaries that (in accordance with the new scaling) gives -fire rate but up to 100% recoil reduction. Utility mods like VP especially shouldn't be left in the dust anymore.

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Frost changes

Liking the changes to his 1 and 2. The knockback on snow globe is nice, but having four out at once sounds like it might cause a lot of clutter and annoyance with no way for him to easily remove them. I would rather see it changed to be easier to quickly deploy and remove. Perhaps reactivating the ability could detonate it outwards or reabsorb it to replenish his shields. The armour reduction on avalanche just seems like a bandaid for the game's broken armour scaling, and at higher levels everyone will be using corrosive projection, rendering it pointless. Honestly, I was hoping it would be replaced completely with something more interesting to use, same as with excalibur's rework.


PvP movement

Overall I love the mobility in conclave, but it is a problem in cephalon capture. Really looking forward to parkour 2.0, in both pvp and pve.


Corrupted mods

No more until we fix the ones we have. They're either the biggest source of powercreep in WF or completely useless. In fact all mods need a fairly significant balance pass.

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Greedy Pull:

The latest information can be found here. In light of this new information, what are your current thoughts on Greedy Pull? Is there anything else you’d change? Do you foresee any other issues?

Do you think the Greedy Pull change is sufficient?

-> Other.

* The 'selfish' neuters its team utility, as it not longer lets you concentrate your party if people want to pick up mods, ammo, orbs.

Further, it can't be used 'on the move' as a rally point, again, dispersing the group.

- This, to me, makes it extremely niche: I'm not going to be using it unless solo. And I have frames better suited (a ha ha) to anything than Mag is.

* The 'no LoS' I thought was an intended feature. It'd take less time to manually pick up the sutff (especially with a Carrier) than it'd take to run around trying to get LoS. Unless you're, you know, standing in a single spot with the best LoS you can get. Because no one ever does that (currently).

Removing it would move the augment from 'niche' straight to 'trash tier'.

+ The change that should have been made (unless mechanically unfeasible) was simply to remove energy orbs from the 'stuff pulled'. Or have those made 'selfish' only.

Frost Rework:

Ice Wave now extends out from Frost in a cone.

Enemies frozen mid-air will now fall and (potentially) smash on the ground.

Enemies that survive Avalanche will now have their armor 'broken', making them vulnerable to future attacks.

Snow Globe will repel enemies that step inside.

Freeze can hit the floor and create pocket of cold, slowing enemy movement.

Frost's passive will give enemies chance of being frozen when melee attacking Frost.

These changes are still a work in progress, but what is your opinion so far? Is there anything you’d change or do differently?

+ Ice Wave change makes targetting less finicky. That's nice.

* Freeze-smash: Unless announced otherwise, I'm assuming it's a custom death animation, not a non-standard kill.

Meaning that stuff that's frozen in the air won't fall and shatter, merely that if stuff died, frozen, in the air, it will do a 'smashing' animation when it hits, rather than the current 'ice statue' death animation.

As such, it falls under 'cool, possibly satisfying, but unltimately irrelevant'.


* Avalanche armor debuff: Situationally useful, same as any other armor debuff. I assume that the reduction isn't 100%, so is the % affected by Power Strength?

If not, basically useless. If yes, possibly useful to 'non-maxed' players attempting to stretch their reach, and to non 4*CP groups.


* Snow Globe repel: Situational. Personally, I think that just SG's inherent slow was more than adequate to deal with stuff that close when you cast SG. Makes no difference to me.


* Given the size of the ice patches, I'm not sure how much utility this adds over Freeze's inherent freeze. That said, it should come in handy at chokepoints as enemies start scaling. Somewhat of a buff, but... eh?


* Passive: Cutely thematic, but I don't see it as being particularly useful.

Stuff hitting Frost in melee means that he's stationary.

Stationary means he's inside a Globe and not playing enough attention. The hit will fix that, and with SG's slow, he shouldn't take another hit (unless miniGlobe).

tl;dr - Unneeded against non-lethal attacks, useless against lethal ones.

How do you feel about the upcoming Frost changes?

-> I don’t like them.

tl;dr - The changes listed (e.g. overlooking the 'no timer but only 4 different Globes', possibly others, don't recall atm) don't bring the rest of Frost's skillset up to par with Globe.

The Ice Wave targetting buff may make it a bit more appealing to use.

Avalanche's armor debuff may make it situationally useful.

But I don't see myself using any of other abilities as part of my usual play.

I'd have a better grasp of this from a newbie/midbie perspective if any of my theoretical alts managed to kill Kril.


Conclave, Movement, & Parkour 2.0:

The source thread discusses the difficulty in targeting players as they fling and copter across the map. Do you think movement is too fast in Conclave? Are there specific movement mechanics that you like or dislike in Conclave? How do you think Parkour 2.0 will affect conclave matches? Are you looking forward to the changes?


I'm not a PvP hotshot.

I'm not a dedicated Conclaver.

I played... idk, maybe 12 hours of Conclave 2.0

I'm a middling-ly accurate shot.


I don't think movement is too fast.

Not aware of any specific movement mechanics that I particularly like/dislike, beyond coptering making melee a strategic choice: Able to copter (Bo) or able to kill stuff in melee (most anything else)?

Not sure if the question also refers to Kogake knockdowns.

No clue how parkour 2.0 will affect Conclave.

Don't care.

Pvpers, do you think movement is too fast in Conclave?

-> No.

PvPers, are you excited for Parkour 2.0 in Conclave?

-> Not PvPer enough to care.

If you’re not a PvPer, do you think the Parkour 2.0 changes will make you want to play Conclave?

-> Definitely not. My problem with PvP has never been the movement in it.


New Corrupted Mods:

When we discussed balance in the last Community Hot Topics, 1) Corrupted Mods were voted one of the best balanced aspects of Warframe. 2) If you were to create new Corrupted Mods, what would you make? What stats would they modify? 3) Are there any Corrupted stat combinations that you think would be too powerful? 4) Would you make any changes to the current Corrupted Mods?

1) Wait, seriously?

I mean, sure, in a void each tradeoff is fine.

Holistically, however, Corrupted mods are the main thing breaking the Energy system, not to mention gl balancing anything with such a large power gap between min and max modifiers available.

4) As I've been saying for at least a few months now (when was Transient Fortitude introduced?), I'd make mods with a positive Power modifier mutually exclusive.

Streamline OR Fleeting Expertise.

Intensify OR Trasient Fortitude OR Blind Rage.

Stretch OR Overextended.

Duration I'm actually least worried about. But then, I'd make most buffs an energy-draining toggle (aside from things that need it for balance purposes, e.g. Vex Ward) with duration affecting the frequency of the ticks, because I find 'buff rotations' to be a horrible (read: lame, boring and immersion-breaking) 'mechanic'.

This means that the maximum 'stackage' of modifiers is reigned in.

This means that you actually have to deal with the tradeoffs (unless, e.g. Strength on Loki, duration on a nuker, etc.)

This means less mod slots dedicated to maximizing whatever, which means less slots devoted to minimizing the tradeoffs, which means more mod space because less 'mandatory' mods.

2) Having done the above, I'd make a corrupted mod for every single tradeoff.

That would allow customization without breaking the system with ludicrous bonuses or penalties.

3) Fleeting Expertise + Streamline.

Beyond that depends on the frame.

Any frame whose skillset lets you ignore a modifier makes corrupted mods unbalanced.

Case in point: Loki, (Nyx, sadly, but that stems from duration conflicts.) can ignore strength, letting them slot OE (+90% range is huge) with no detriment.

Mag (assuming player doesn't use Bullet Attractor) doesn't care about duration. Cue Blind Rage + Transient Fortitude + Fleeting Expertise for huge positive power strength.

Compare and contrast with, oh idk, Ember, whose abilities - her ult, in particular; given the recent duration increase on Accelerant - where a layer needs to balance all their modifiers.

How many complaints do you see about Loki being hard to mod? Nyx? Mag, even?

... Ember?

Would you like more corrupted mods?

-> Maybe, depends what they do and how the system works.

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about the Greedy Pull:

i'm not sure if this mod is supposed to change... unless you want to give something to Mag to give some synergy with others frames, like:

- give some overshield to the allies with Shield Transference (example: mag gets half of the amount and the remaining split between allies and companions)

- maybe apply some "vacuum" effect on allies while wielding this mod (10 meters, not affected by power range, like carrier), as passive effect (if the ally use carrier, expands the range)


she still have her utilities, but her augments will become focused on herself even more than now



about the Frost's changes:

i'm waiting for it

looks promising



about PvP:

no opinion, i stopped to play a while ago



about more Corrupted mods:


Yes... or maybe? between them

be careful about it, because is not fun see that have mods that completely overlap the other mods in the game, in fact, depending on the attribute, it is necessary that were created mods with more than two attributes to keep balanced with others


and, at the same time, I would like you to remember that there are mods in the game that need to be reworked before this, so that they can be used as really should, because we use only a limited combination of them because of the futility of most of these, as Maglev, Intruder, Second Wind, Rifle Aptitude, Quickening...

i did a topic before about it, only to remember that you have mods we got to talk "damnit, not again"



look at them, serious



back to the corrupted mods, we have some more places to split theses new and old corrupted mods:

Sabotage Derelict

this place can be used to get some prime parts (one or other), corrupted mods and, if you are lucky, some older primed mods, offering another option for those who play solo or not full team

obviously, each run only can guarantee one mod corrupted/primed or prime part, but still keep the Orokin Vaults of the mission, to offer another chance, if in team


maybe Capture Derelict too, but i don't know how to do this...

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Greedy Pull


Perfect for Mag, though it won't end Peacemaker farming groups, nor the search for the perfect farm. 


What's more annoying is how players think Mag will be worthless without it.

The devs keep on handing out meta skills like they're expected to just be bonuses, but players always turn them into the wholesale function of the frame (like credit buffs on Chroma's Effigy). Not like Mag still flays and eats Corpus alive, and carries the world's cheapest mass CC!


If you're suddenly complaining that Mag has no use without it and it's the only reason you have the frame, then why didn't you bother to speak up before/while she had it? At least with it out of the way we can get some clear feedback on what she needs, rather than what makes sitting in one spot (twiddling your thumbs while Mesa does your job) more convenient.


Frost Changes


Honestly, I'm not sure how to feel about them. Don't get me wrong, they're functional, and they'll make Frost an absolute beast in offense as well as defense... but they don't really promote synergy in his kit. Freeze tries to contribute by doing the same thing Ice Wave's augment does better, while Snow Globe (already his one-button wonder) alone has as much area-denial as Vauban has in his whole kit.

It just seems sort of lopsided, especially when Ice Wave remains purely damage (and a slow, which literally all of his skills supply or improve upon).


Avalanche in particular really feels like a copout - combining one of the damage mechanics that has faced the least complaint (Molecular Prime) with the high demand for Corrosive Projection? There's "tried and true", and then there's not trying at all. This one in particular will make Crush almost entirely worthless even with its augment.


I don't really feel like Frost ever needed to worry about his damage, so much as the weaknesses in what defense he already has.


New Corrupted Mods


How about a Corrupted Shotgun mod that reduces damage falloff or increases falloff distance at the cost of pellet count or increased spread?

Or a Sniper-only mod that increases fire rate at the cost of zoom, or reload speed at the cost of accuracy?

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Greedy pull change is ok, but like Quiette Shy said in his vid, it brings up the problem of Mag having little use outside of puller role, and with that role gone, she's gonna need a rework more than ever.


Frost changes are ok, but they feel underwhelming. Slow itself is a bit of a weak cc, plus Nova does it better, has more control over slow percentage and is able to affect more targets for longer. With Frost's abilities having superficial damage (unless some really meaningful number adjustments are made), his cc is supposedly his focus, but he's not really good at it.


Freeze creating a frozen patch is a nice gimmick, but it's just that. Since it's a single-target and a fairly short cc, I don't know why it should break from damage. If it could hold for its entire duration regardless of damage, it would have a use as "disable a dangerous target and eliminate it" ability. Right now it's barely worth its energy cost.


Ice wave will be better as a meaningful cone slow, but once again, slow alone is a bit of a weak cc to make the ability truly useful. Now if it could deal bonus damage to slowed/frozen targets, so that second and consecutive waves cast could really hurt targets, that would make it good and synergetic with other abilities.


Snowball is fine, with its customizability, but then it always was Frost's only useful skill.


And Avalanche used to be in its best state back when equipping Overextended (I think?) would cause it to freeze all affected enemies for solid 5 (I think?) seconds. Yes, breaking armor is fine, but if Avalanche could turn the whole place into a frozen museum, like it once used to, even if for a short duration, now that would be an ability worthy of an ultimate. As it is, it's just another version of Mag's Crush.

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Greedy pull
The change and the reaction to it illustrates perfectly well just how desperately Mag is in a need of an actual buff, and everyone crying out that Mag is now useless is a live proof of that.

Frost changes
No, I do not look forward to them.

Buffing (really? of all things?) Snow Globe wasn't a smart decision. Changes made to his other powers (save for ice wave) don't make much sense.
Instead what I'd do is more of a rework, really:

For Freeze, I'll take your buff a step further and make it actually freeze enemies in place in an area. Slow effect on Freeze, while neat, is very redundant given that Ice Wave exists.
For Ice Wave, I'd give it some utility by making it stagger enemies slightly. Maybe pop them in the air for a moment. Ideally, I'd like to see it leave a persistent wall once the expansion ceases (i.e. creating a curved line of obstacles in front of Frost after Ice Wave ceases, kind of like adding a second component to his power) while also including this change: Foot soldiers can only cross the Ice Wave wall by jumping over it. Jumping over the wall will 1. slow them down 2. inflict damage 3. knock them down on their descent. Tenno can pass the wall freely. Augment will add armor to Tenno for crossing the wall. To balance that, only 1 Ice Wave can be active at a time. There, now it's sort of a potent CC power (as good as a 2nd ability should be imo).
For Snow Globe, I'd replace its bullet-stopping mechanic with a damage reduction bonus to anyone and anything allied within the globe while only stopping bigger projectiles like rockets, but not laser shots. It will still be a defensive tool but it won't be a be-all end-all solution for any Defense mission ever and it will stop being a one-button wonder. Additionally, we won't have to deal with an unnecessary obstacle for our own firepower, which is oh so very annoying in just about any pub group with a Frost in it.
Avalanche just got turned into augmented Crush (again it shows how weak Mag currently is).
Then again, I'm opposed to the very notion of AoE abilities being sold as ultimates. I'd much rather Avalanche be reworked completely. As it is now it's sort of underwhelming, kind of like Radial Javelin which, for the record, very well belongs in its new place as a 3rd ability.

PVP stuff
I stopped playing PVP not too long ago. Yes, incessant copter-fest with Bo was one of the reasons.
I am looking forward to Parkour 2.0 in PVP and will definitely give it a try.

Corrupted mods
I'd rather every mod was replaced with or turned into a Corrupted or a dual-stat mod. 
I'll keep saying it, dual or triple-stat mods are way better than a selection of bandaids. The recent voting shows - Corrupted mods aren't regarded as most balanced ones for no reason.

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Like a lot of folks, I personally would just make the greedy pull on mag ignore orbs, this way a geroup doesn't have to worry about missing mods or ammo, but stops the infini-reckoning.

And for reference I did draco twice, once as a mesa, and once as the G-Mag. Both times I was bored to tears and haven't touched it since. so either way a change won't affect me, but as it stands, Mag without G-Pull or with a nerfed G-Pull will just mean she won't be seen very much... 

Maybe a rework like the nice one you gave to excalibur is in order?


As far as corrupted mods, I would love to see more, but in the interests of all the players sanity, maybe some of the useless ones could be retired? If you brought in mods to replace ones like Burdened Magazine, Vile Precision, Tainted Mag, Tainted Clip, or such, you know the onces that when they show one the mission complete screen the reaction is a groan of disappointment. Or maybe if you added a way to make it easier to get a specific mod, like specific mission types giving specific ones with the rarest ones only being in the vault on the ODA. I shudder to think of facing Lephantis with one of the keys equipt, but I would do it in a heartbeat of it meant that the reward would be worth it.

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Greedy Pull nerf is not enough, Peacemaker needs a rework.


Frost "rework" is not that much, only a little buff. Expected more...


Parkour 2.0... we still need wall run, and you need to buff holster speed first instead, really.


New mods are always welcome, and we can use more D polarity weapon mods, more V polarity warframe mods.

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Ok. First off. This is not a rant. ;) I am not being angry/sarcastic/threatening to quit. Lol! And I do understand that something needed to be done to prevent overuse of one frame/skill.

About the changes to Greedy Pull... I can understand why it was changed... It just.. Well, let me put it this way.

First: This game has always seemed, to me, to focus on teamwork. Greedy Pull used to be part of that teamwork. Now.. It's just, well... Greedy. Selfish. It in no way benefits the team anymore.

Second: I have had a hard time finding people to play with. So, I end up playing with randoms most of the time. (Anyone add me as friend? Play sometime?) Anyways, so I watch recruiting chat, and I don't have any of the frames everyone is asking for. (ie. Mesa, Frost, Trinity, Nekros, Hydroid...) Until.. One bright day The Greedy Pull Augument came along. All of a sudden, people were asking for a frame I had! It was pretty awesome. I was popular! I spent 15p on the Augument and voila! Insta-popularity.

I wasn't (and will never be) one of the players 'abusing' Draco by doing crazy exp farming there. I don't enjoy Interception missions.

I was, however, finally getting to play T4 missions (a year after joining the game), learning things from more experienced players, and actually feeling like a vital part of the team.

Now... It is over. I mourn the loss of my short-lived popularity, though I understand the reasoning behind the change.

Third: New players. New players used to be able to start out with Mag and pretty much get right into the tower missions by using the Greedy Pull Augument. Now they can't. Is that a good thing? Maybe...

Anyways, just thought I'd put this out there. :)

Thanks, again, DE, for all you guys (and girls) do!

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Greedy pull:

The change is good at stopping the team but not so good at stopping Mag. WIth her fourth augment she could spam her fourth ability to reduce the enemies armour and suspend them for a tiny duration. Not to mention shield polarize that can practically kill everything in range that has a shield. The only things stopping this ability in late games are the healers and nullifiers.


Frost changes:

I like them so far. Though I would like the build to come with a prime buff for Frost prime


PVP movement speed:

I like the speed of pvp. The only thing that makes me think the speed isn't good, is when we start using weapons like kokage and furax. Large slide attack, lots of damage, and knock down.


PVP parkour:

I'm interested in the new parkour with pvp. However I'm more intrested in the maps DE will create to support parkour even more.


Would I play pvp more? maybe.


Corrupted mods:

No. They are balanced by them selves, yes. BUT. Combine them with all the mods we already have and all you achieve is to make us even more powerful then we already are. This would just hurt scaling even more. Look at the enemies so far. We have to have null enemies, enemies with immortal phases (maniac), and enemies with capped damage (jugg) all because we are too damn powerful. You want people to stop saying the game is easy? Then rework the mod system and enemy scaling before adding more mods and probably buffing enemies to compensate for our new power levels.

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Interesting topics imo.

1)Greedy Pull:7

As others have said already, this won't solve many problems, the problem is in grinding, players will always find a way to farm in order to make grinding easier, as fighting against bullet sponges and enemies that can 1-shot you is not fun.

2)Frost rework:

I am looking forward to frost's rework, biggest concern of mine is how will the globe work in the end.

3)Pakour 2.0 in conclave:

Personaly i think this will have a big impact on conclave, more so then on PvE, right now, in conclave coptering is used to chase down enemies and to escape, this is why i think coptering will have a big impact on the conclave.

4)Corrupted Mods:

Some more corupted mods won't hurt, but i don't think all of them are balanced, think about saryn's miasma, it benefits from both +strength and -duration, in rest i think some more balanced corrupted mods would be awesome.

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