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The worst thing you can do to a baby is to give it candy and then take it away. It's science.


I would accept every change about Greedy Pull but not messing with the team mechanics itself.


Make it cost more energy, deplete shields, decrease range, even add a cooldown, anything but crippling it in a way it's announced.



As long as stationary turret freaks like Mesa exist there is no reason to undo a positive change to underutilised frame like Mag.


DE, please stop making us feel bad by forcing to admit GP was to OP. It is an augment mod so we lose one slot already. 


It adds synergy to gameplay in missions that reward being stationary. If you create defense missions stop punishing defending.



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Do you think movement speed it too fast in conclave?


Movement speed isn't fast enough.


With faster movement speed, it will make PvP fast paced which is a lot more fun than moving really slowly. We are supposed to be space ninjas, not space turtles.


But if movement speed is increased, TTK has to be massively reduced.


Also, if movement speed is buffed, noobs will complain about it because they can't aim.





Have both.


A fast paced low TTK conclave for veterans.

A slow moving high TTK conclave for the noobs.

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I think the greedy pull change is absolutely stupid to put it bluntly. The augment makes mag a comfortable asset to the group, and people are now using her which benefits the whole group. Just because 1 freaking map has an over efficiency of farming because of it, does not mean you should ruin her team work capabilities. 


It's a stupid move, and I don't understand why you keep trying to fix the whole "loot cave" issue, when it will ALWAYS exist.


If people don't want to use this method, they have a choice. Ive used it, but Ive also refused to use it. It's that simple.

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regarding Frost changes i can say a like them all, although DEScott said they will need some numbers tweaking. That's ok, but i hope he wont make them too low - as in way smaller cone for Ice Wave, or too small ice patch on Freeze, etc .


if i'm not mistaken Frost's passive will be to freeze melee enemies that attack him, with a percentage (hopefully around not 10% or something like this, because it wont be such a common occurrance that enemy will come in melee range with you, you have snowglobe to push them out if they overwhelm you .. so i  think it should be somewhat high so i can proc when it is needed). As an additional passive i think frost should slow enemies with all his abilities, especially Avalanche (i cant say that reducing armor is not good, but a slow would be a logical effect too, seems underwhelming to use your best abillity and not slow your enemies :\ )


and by the way maybe some augments should be tweaked to match the changes, even remade if possible


all i can say for now is that i cant wait for the reworked Frost, hope he will be more fun to play with and i wish all Frames will get a rework to ballance them out.



+PBR on frames .. neeed that

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Greedy pull


I'm not sure if the change in effective enough, but we'll see


Frost changes


I'm looking forward to trying them out, especially Avalanche and Snow Globe.




I have nothing to say about it. Never played and most likely never will. But coptering removal should make it less ridiculous, i guess.


Corrupted mods


Sure, more variations is always nice to have.

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Greedy Pull:


The thing about Greedy Pull is that it's a symptom to the problem, not the core of it. The reason why people resort to that kind of farming is because of the Grind Walls put in place against us. It isn't just the grind, as games that have grind sometimes can manage it well. It's the Grind Walls, Time Walls, RNG Walls, and all the other walls that you put in place for us to try and vault over. When players see all the walls placed before them to try and get through/over, they're not going to be happy and play the game throughout various missions, they're going to find the quickest route to overcome the immeasurable walls placed before them.


You want players to play the game and be interactive, actually incentivize them by making playing the game not an endless grind, but an enjoyable experience that is rewarding to them. Don't hide the rewards behind obtrusive and oppressive walls (I'M LOOKING AT YOU, MESA GRIND WALL!), make the acquisition process of obtaining something in the game actually enjoyable and fun! Quests were a great start, they added tidbits of lore, even if the missions were the exact same that we experience throughout the game (this needs to be addressed as well), all until you threw everything behind a wait wall.


Then came the introduction of more mods to grind and get cores for. How do you think players are going to respond to the even more so massive grind you threw in their faces? They're going to do everything in their power to try and overcome that grind wall and make the acquisition process easier for them to overcome. Nerfing the availability of the cores wasn't the solution either, as now players are more so pushed into these tactics to try and gain sufficient supplies to level up the new mods that come in.


Do you really think players enjoy having to level something up after they polarize a slot with a forma? No. Having to go through all that grinding not just once, but multiple times will grate on a players' nerves. So when something like Greedy Pull comes along that can alleviate their frustrations, some players are going to resort to it. They're going to do all they can to try and get out of the rut you've placed them in, and that includes methods that you may not approve of.


If these problems were addressed in a more systematic way, then we wouldn't have to be talking about this. Now the problems I am referring to are the endless Grind and absurdly weighted RNG that WarFrame has, that's what needs to be fixed to be more fair to the players. To be more rewarding to those who continue to play the game, to those who stay in a mission nearly for an hour trying to get that one part only to have the weighted RNG not give them a good chance of getting it. The weighted RNG is a massive issue that infuriates players, it does not help with the experience. (I'M LOOKING AT YOU! SHELDON!)


Don't nerf the tools the players use, actually make the experience of playing the game more enjoyable so that the players are more exploring in their gameplays, rather than just finding the fastest way to overcome the massive grind walls you place before them.


Treat the core of the problem, not the symptoms of it, nor the ways players try to cure that core issue. That core is the insane amount of Walls placed before the players, it doesn't incentivize them to buy plat to overcome it, it tells them to find another game for them to enjoy. It's a simply psychological obstacle, and overlooking it will just create more problems in the future.


Edit: Dang it it cut my response. Retyping it now!


Frost Rework:


Some Armor Buffs and the Prime Buffs would be good!


I have to preface this by saying that all powers should be scale able outright, without need of an augment making a power scale able and useful.



The incoming Frost changes give some good scale ability to powers like Freeze, what with the traps now usable in all levels of content to the same level of efficacy, if used creatively by the player.


Ice Wave:

Ice Waves changes are interesting, and do help to ensure that the power is a strong offensive ability, how this plays into his defensive capabilities is yet to be seen,


Snow Globe:

For Snow Globe, I do enjoy the changes incoming for the ability, however, the limitation to four active globes does not give an indicator on how we will be seeing any globe HP or visual indication of globe health, how it interacts with the stacking globe health, and what has been done to help visibility while within Snow Globe. Not to mention we have no indication as to whether or not AoE attacks like Bombard Missiles or Stomp MOA blasts will finally be stopped by Snow Globe.


Another mechanical change to Snow Globe to give it some scale ability without needing to spam would be having the Casting Frosts armor value be applied to the HP of the globe, rather than stacked onto it. Thus, a maxed armor/power strength Frost now has a very strong Snow Globe with an EHP far better than before. The need for spamming the skill isn't as high, as now it has better HP to deal with incoming damage. Although, maybe giving its baseline health a slight boost as well, along with applying armor, would help as well. Allowing players with Punch Through weapons to shoot through the globe would be useful too, if players are outside of the globe dealing with other threats.
Aesthetically, removing the Snow Storm running rampant within the globe, and replacing it with actually falling snow would go a long way into making visibility within a globe better. Players wouldn't have to mod for Black energy colors just to get a clear view of the enemy. Also, showing visual damage to the globe in the form of cracking can help players identify when the Globe is under heavy fire. Having an audible "shatter" sound when the Globe goes down also gives an audio cue to all players that the globe has fallen, and the area is vulnerable.
UI wise, allowing players to aim at a globe and having an HP value/bar pop up showing the Globes current health would be very useful, as players can gauge how long before the globe falls and the area it was in becomes vulnerable. Also, giving the Casting Frost a location of Globes cast and their HP levels allows them to identify where they need to return to an area to recast the globe or deal with threats.
Thus, Snow Globe now becomes a very useful ward, but Frost isn't tied to it for his usefulness. It's a good skill that can stand alone, but not a skill that automatically pushes Frost players on babysitting duty.

Avalanches incoming changes are interesting, and can be useful throughout the game thanks to the Ice Explosions helping with lower level scale ability, while the armor reduction working to ensure it's scale able into higher content. However, just like the Greedy Pull issue, I feel that the armor reduction issue is acting on a symptomnot the problem itself.


It ties into enemy armor scaling in WarFrame. It makes the only really viable aura to use in higher content Corrosive Projection, as it eliminates the insane scaling that enemy armor has. The problem here is how enemies scale solely through armor, and insanely rapid paced at that. The symptom is the requirement of Corrosive Projection in order to go far in higher level content. If our enemies actually scaled outside of just being bullet sponges that eventually have the potential to one shot you, there could be more variety in higher level content than just required CP and enemy armor reduction.


To give some examples:

Grineer Scorpions:

Level 1-10 Scorpions is what we have now.


Level 11-20 Scorpions are able to block bullets/roll out of the way of incoming skillshot/ranged abilities and bullets.


Level 21-30 Scorpions now have a stance for their Machete to better utilize their weapon.


Level 31-40 Scorpions have the ability to shoot their grappling hooks into terrain, thus allowing them to use the environment vertically and fly around/across the battlefield. This could also allow them to resist knockback effects by shooting their grappling hooks into the ground to resist it. Or avoid such abilities completely by grapple hooking out of the way of the incoming ability.


Level 41-50+ Scorpions attain wall-running abilities similar to how we can, so that they can utilize terrain with more than just their hooks, and gives them a more interesting dimension.


Thus, we have challenge from content that is not just a rehash of the content that we have, but an expansion of this content by giving content better mechanics as their levels go up.


Veteran players actually face a challenge, rather than just more bullet sponges. We have a greater dynamic in end-game, and our enemies become far more interesting to fight

Grineer Heavy Gunners:

Levels 1-20 is how we see them now. To ensure that beginner players and lower planet content aren't too overwhelmed.


Levels 21-30 gives them the ability to use their AoE ability to stop knock back abilities. Thus giving Heavy Gunners the ability to resist some CC, but also use current assets for an expanded function.


Levels 31-40 allows them to deploy a stationary shield (much like the Grineer Shield Lancer) to use as a defensive measure. With this defensive measure added, the Heavy Gunners can better pose a threat to us as a "heavy unit" on the field, outside of a health stat/armor increase.


Levels 41-50 provides them the use of a secondary weapon/melee weapon (stance added). Holstered, of course, but usable weapons should the AI decide to spice up the weapon variety and fight us with more than just a regular gun. Adding in a melee weapon also creates some interesting situations in close ranged combat, or when enemies are disarmed.


Levels 51+ gives them the ability to dual wield a Melee and a primary/secondary. Essentially approaching the end-tier of Raids, this change makes heavy gunners a clear threat on the battlefield, and something that players should deal with quickly. They become a force to be reckoned with, but one that can still be overcome.

Grineer Commander:

Levels 1-10 gives them the ability to use a Command ability to empower nearby allies. As a commanding unit on the battlefield, this helps to increase the effectiveness of the commander, and fits his role aesthetically.


Levels 11-20 allows the Grineer Commander to teleport a group of allied units with him upon utilizing his teleportation ability. Essentially becoming a squad leader, the commander can now better fit his role as the head unit.


Levels 21-30 The Command ability now has a chance to remove procs placed on allied units. Adding in this change allows the Commander to assist the squad with removing debuffs.


Levels 31-40 gives the Grineer Commander heavier armor, and allows the Command ability to have a chance of increasing the level of allied units in the area. Grineer Commanders now also have a melee weapon on their person.


Levels 41-50+ Commanders have an additional melee weapon and can deploy a Grineer Regulator. Used in synergy, they can create very difficult situations for Tenno to deal with.


These changes help to make the Grineer Commander an actual Commander on the battlefield. Leading his troops and heading the charge against foes.

Grineer Regulator:

Levels 1-10 Regulators emit a pulse every 10 seconds that has a chance to knock down enemy units. Providing a bit of CC to the Grineer, the Regulators use now expands outside of just an enemy damage buff and UI jammer.


Levels 11-20 Regulators increase the buffs given to allied units. Regulators are  also equipped with shields similar to the Grineer Shield Lancer to provide extra defense on the battlefield.


Levels 21-30 Regulators have a chance to remove the procs applied to allied units upon its pulse. Pulse intervals are reduced to 8 seconds.


Levels 31-40 Regulators can now move freely through the battlefield and can utilize a short ranged teleport to escape/reposition every 10 seconds.


Levels 41-50+ have Regulators with increased speed, and pulse intervals are reduced to 5 seconds, with increased radius.


These changes help to make the Regulator a more useful unit on the battlefield, and helps them to become a very strong support to the allies around it. Rather than just a damage increase and enemy UI jammer, it now becomes something that Tenno can audibly hear and prioritize on the battlefield.

Corrupted Mods:




give this guy as many up votes as possible!!!!!



he really nailed this right on the head!

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Instead of nerfing Greedy Pull, we should change Mesa's 4th ability -> something like Exalted Blade.. just with pistols. o:


Frost looks perfect to me.


Even Parcour 2.0 won't fix the balancing problem and the P2P problem PvP has. :/

(I don't know at this point if everything that caused the balancing problems is solved already because I stopped playing PvP in patch 16.5)


All of my yes to new corrupted (and new nightmare) mods, maybe something like +Sprint Speed -Shields o:

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There will always be a loot cave. While i am glad to see some action being taken against the afk macro players, i do not believe that completely nerfing greedy pull will solve the problem.

The excessive use of greedy pull is coming from some players who wish to get all their standing or xp for a weapon in one go. Players will find a loot cave somehow. I recommend looking at the loot cave and not the gun. I believe the interception mission type is what needs to be changed, not so much greedy pull. If the mission type were somehow more interactive, this would destroy the loot cave.

Frost rework, I LOVE IT! I main frost so im really excited. Hopefully some stat buffs will come his way too (i mean, volt prime got an 85 armor boost, and excal just got his 160 armor boost).

Very excited to play parkour 2.0. My only complaint about it is i dont really like the wall hopping, doesnt look as cool as wall running, but thats it.

Corrupted mods, sounds awesome! Cant hurt to have more corrupted mods.

Edit: in response to the frost rework passive, it sounds cool, but i dont plan on getting melee attacked in the first place. Additionally, i probably wont be using Frost's 1st ability, Freeze, even with the added changes. Frost is a multi target frame. That freexe patch isnt enough to make me use it. Tactically, i would just use an ice wave since i wouldnt have to lay a trap, or worry about missing my target. His first ability still needs work but i love where the rest of him is going. If you are going to keep freeze as frosts first power, PLEASE make the effect worth while, something like all damage done while frozen is inflicted as finisher damage. This ability as it is DOES NOT stand out enough from his icewave ability.

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Reguarding the Greedy pull changes, i personally belive it would make the mod itself useless as a general build mag dose not really use Energy, with the currupted mod like Fleeting Expertise.

with the Use of Fleeting, 3/4 of her skills gain a major buff while her 3rd skill (forgot what it was called) looses its uses, although the 3rd skill is quiet useless to begin with. as a suggestion on how to change it?, im not sure

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Greedy Pull:

The proposed solution for this augment may stop the most severe "abuse cases" (read: the drinking-bird farming), but the inherent problem of the augment is that it promotes sitting in place and recasting it over and over. That's because due to it dealing damage, it can feed off itself.


I think there are better solutions to that than the one you came up with, but I'm no opposed to it.



Sounds really nice, carry on!


PvP mobility:

In certain situations, movement is probably too fast right now, that's right. But it's due to a number of reasons:

  • Only certain melee weapons, mainly Bo, Fang and Glaive series have fast enough copter/air melee to discourage chasing after someone.
  • Several recent changes made the mobility problem worse:
    • Ability damage reduction/removal of certain ability headshots: This was a good and necessary change, but it also helped evasiveness.
    • Bigger health orbs: it was good in some ways but also helps the most mobile players.
    • Replacement of recoil-reduction mods with almost impossible to obtain corrupted variants. This one was really unneccessary, imho.
  • Net code: At the speeds we're going at times, it's necessary to predict an enemy's movement even with hit-scan weaponry. Choppy and warpy motion - or animations that aren't properly transmitted (sometimes you can't see an enemy using its air melee; they will just start flying around) - can make it incredibly hard to hit someone enough before they manage to retreat.

Note that all of the above is completely dependent on how good your opponent's aim is. There are still some players who can keep up with the fastest people out there, but it's become increasingly hard to do so.


Parkour 2.0

Not sure yet, from what I've seen it could be too slow for PvP. To illustrate: a cool move right now is to wall-run and shoot your enemies while doing it. However, it's completely impractical in a duel, because it's slow enough for most players to follow the motion and shoot the wall-runner. That's why you don't see anyone doing that in PvP (except for fun).


Wall-flings/copter/air melee are way better in that regard, and it looks like all of them get removed. If the new moves aren't fast enough to evade someone at least some of the time, then they simply won't be used. I'm not saying this will happen, but I'd hate to see the Conclave turned into a ground-based "shooter with powers".


Corrupted Mods

Yes, but please fine-tune them better. And we probably don't need any more mods increasing range, power strength and efficiency.

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I'm sure others have said it already but it's Greedy Pull being used in conjunction with other 'frame abilities (namely Mesa's Peacemaker) that's the issue. A lot of people are calling for Mesa changes; I believe excluding Peacemaker she is in a pretty good place right now. It frustrates me that Peacemaker is pretty much all she's known for when all her other abilities (yes, even Ballistic Battery!) work really well, without creating lazy snoozefest camping sessions á la Draco.


PvP... I'm sorry to say, despite all the dev's hard work on it of late, I'll probably never have the inclination to play it seriously. It's just not why I play Warframe. Not to mention the issues with client-side hosting, balancing, etc. etc.. And by the looks of the poll results I'm not in the minority here.


Frost tweaks sound nice. I like that more 'frames are getting passives these days. Makes them feel a bit more... distinguished.


I really think some of our current Corrupted mods need to be revised before adding new ones. The ones for Warframes are used by almost everyone, but what about things like Critical Delay, Magnum Force... heck, Burdened Magazine? That gives the same shotgun magazine capacity boost as the normal Ammo Stock, but with an 18% slower reload speed, and it'll cost more to max out... wait, what?

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Mmh. After voting "other" in the first two options, I guess I should explain.

About "Greedy Pull":

Alot has been written about the farming/grinding problem already. I am in my fifth day of acquiring the retiring Prime parts. Every single thing that I did eventually get, I have gotten more than once, along with a staggering number of duplicates for other things.
... Those duplicates make grinding necessary, prolong the time it consumes and therefore bolster efficiency hunting.

I have recently been paired with a Greedy Mag as Necros on T3 Survival (to get those Mag Prime Systems; still grinding) and as Frost in diverse Mobile Defenses and noted the following about its current behaviour:


  • In Survival, getting Energy Orbs pulled out under you is bloody annoying. The necessity to path through the Mag's location every few seconds makes this game mode actually feel harder. That mods and the like pool there is perfectly fine and helpful, in the meanwhile, as I can collect those whenever I please (as they effectively travel with the Mag).
  • In Mobile Defense, while playing a non-spamming frame (Snow Globe vs. Desecrate) and dealing with less deadly enemies, one can much better afford to collect from whereever the Mag pleases to go. As the squad is not supposed to go anywhere anyway and can perfectly fine tank everything that comes at them, the current Greedy Pull is in itself a large quality of life improvement.
  • Generally, when Mag pulls greedily, the amount of loot appears to be much larger than when not. This hints at that even with care, a lot of drops may actually be left behind unnoticed, something that will obviously not happen as easily if they themselves become mobile objects (and of course, their tendency to pool in one place is a great help here).

Therefore, I am much in favour of the solution proposed by some here, that Mag should pull Energy Orbs privately but everything else as is; mayhap this could even be extended to also encompass, Health Orbs and ammunition (so that effectively affinity, credits, mods, parts and pigments remain under global effect), I do not really think that would make a difference either way.

On the other hand, it cannot be denied that other game objects, such as the mod Loot Radar or the sentinel Carrier are effectively rendered obsolete by the current Greedy Mag.
I cannot fathom, however, that anyone would want to take those into high-end gameplay anyway, as at some point greater staying (so, effectively killing) power thrumps all. Pull as a built-in disruption ability is of course always available, so a mod to add additional versatility to an ability that is useful anyway hurts much less than replacing one of only four (one per player) Aura slots; Thief's Wit is not viable to begin with, as it does not actually work for all players.
- At large, I would think that this necessitates more a rework of the game elements in question (Carrier, Loot Radar, Thief's Wit) than of Greedy Pull.

Synthesis: Greedy Pull should pull affinity, credits, mods, parts and pigments for all players but health, energy and ammunition for the casting Mag only.

About the Frost Rework:

At large I like the outlook given, the only change I dislike is the changed propagation shape of Ice Wave to cone from line.
I doubt that either shape would be definitely superior to the other, so a change would not actually change that much; it only serves to switch sympathy from those who prefer a line to those who prefer a cone. But that means that I am on the losing end. So, well, I am against it - who likes to lose (outside of certain forms of bedplay, mayhap), after all!

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I only wish to lend my honest opinion on Frost's changes, as I am a very avid Frost player. At over 1000 hours of game-play, 20% of that has been with Frost.


The changes I have seen in the previous Devstream, and that have been talked about, I must admit are very hopeful, I am looking forward to them. The reason I say hopeful, is because I am still a little afraid that Frost's role or place amongst the other Warframes will not change; that he will still be used as a defensive "Globebot," Especially in light of the new generation of, quick, deadly, and flashy Warframes. Quite simply, as an older frame he can't keep up.


What I truly wish for Frost is a well done ice and freezing mechanic. Something to benefit the player for freezing enemies solid, and then for it to happen more often and reliably, so we actually feel in control of our powers. For example, frozen enemies receive some sort of debuffs, they are "brittle" and easier to kill. (Could be anything, less armor? Less health? Small chance to insta-kill? Damage multiplier?) Maybe shattering the ice causes an AoE damaging effect. If all of his abilities, as an ICE CASTER, can do this, he would feel more streamline, that he finally has synergy between his abilities. And lastly, for these frozen enemies to STAY frozen, as opposed to shattering as soon as they receive so much as a point of damage, which then defeats the point.


I would also love to see a great positive stat boost. Frost used to be just as armored and heavy hitting as Rhino! Big, robed, and solid as his ice, I would love to see stats to reflect this initial design.


In light of this, I hope that this is a positive trend of detailed reworkings amongst the Warframes that need it, particularly the old ones, for the Year of Quality.


Thank you for your time, and thank you for reading!

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Greedy Pull:

I've got nothing to say to Greedy Pull changes other than its meant to be greedy after all isn't it ?



Frost changes:

Can't wait to try them out :D



I don't play PvP but my overall thoughts about Parkour 2.0 are mixed.

I just don't like hopping on walls running looks  way better


Mored Corrupted Mods:

Yes but not just Corrupted mods. More Primed mods would be nice too.

There are so many mods that need to be primed 0_o

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2fast in conclave?


It's not 2fast, really.


Excited for parkour 2.0. in conclave?


Hell yes.

No more unresponsive jump buttons, better control, raised skill ceiling.


Excited for parkour 2.0. in general?


Not as much as you'd hope. If parkour 2.0. and my birthday were next week I'd be more excited for my birthday.

Ok, not a great analogy, I know. I'm anticipating P2.0., but other than that nada.

I'm worried that it's going to be somewhat lackluster, but then again  I was worried that the Excalibur rework was going to be lackluster and look how that turned out.


I'm also somewhat sad over the apparent removal of the wallrun.


Mo' corrupted mods?


You say it like it's supposed to be exciting, but all I see is more stuff to farm.

Can the game focus go back to being the challenge in the level and enemies, rather than finding the most efficient(fast and requiring little effort besides pressing a single button) way of mass-murdering huge hordes of cloned enemies?

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Please don't change Greedy pull!


As for Parkour 2.0, I completely dislike the new version if it...It might be a game "killer" for me if it's implemented I definitely won't like the game that much anymore...same if coptering goes away...but that's just my poor opinion I guess...

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I certainly don't think Mag is worthless with or without the augment. I love my starter frame, even though I haven't gotten to use her seriously in a long time.


What my concern is, well... is that it makes the augment itself useless in team play. I much prefer the 'only iterate orb pickups' version. It did have to change, though, because it was shoehorning Mag into a stupid, limited role that utterly fails to showcase any of her true (and extremely solid, at that) power. I still hold that loot itself should be global as part of the solution to the 'much larger gameplay efficiency puzzle' DE mentioned.


Agreed in that the Frost update is sorely lacking, on further thought. Although I did like the idea of Ice Wave being a wave; all I wanted was for it to expand horizontally properly and become a large ice sheet, not just... well, it's Cone of Cold, on a frame who already seems to have a way of dropping several tons of significantly more effective (albeit in a cheap way with armor breaking) ice on everything.


Ballistic Battery... is effective, but it's clunky and awkward; that ability needs a QoL more than anything. Mesa's 2 and 3 are indeed very solid pieces of kit, though.


The issue you mentioned with corrupted mods is the same one I brought up - Vile Precision is another one on that awful list of sad, broken mods that really should have been viable ways of presenting the player with real modding choice. (I keep mentioning it because it's honestly my favorite of the underdog mods - recoil reduction is so much fun, and so few people realize that shooting the ceiling deals zero DPS.)

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In light of DE's Greedy Pull proposal (only Mag can pull her share of pickups), please consider also making resources and mods similar to credits, where one player picking them up distributes the resources and mods to the whole squad.



Im going to have to agree with this one, my friends and I have said the same too many times over the last 18 months.


Frost rework. Im looking forward to it. It sems fruitless to argue about pro's/cons until people are actually playing it and you can see how people use/abuse it.


Parkour 2.0. I like much of what I see except for the double jump & air dodge. Its too gimicky. Im sorry did someone fit all the tenno with rocket boots while no one was watching?

(For the record I dont like the air melee stuff either, the functionality may have been necessary for archwing, but I hate it in normal combat and would turn it off if I could.)


Corrupted mods. More mods are fine so long as they are useful and balanced.


But to be honest I think you should also look at some of the older standard mods and adjust them to fit in with the new mods scales, I think there are still a few things like status +2.5% that need fixing. Im sure you already have a list of those needing attention, and if you dont, you could probably just start with the oldest mods and work forwards.


You also need to look at the keys for the corrupted vaults so that smaller parties dont do all the work and then get shafted because they dont have the right key. At least give us the ability to carry more than one key, even if we get all the relevant penalties too? Or have a single master key, (crafted from one each of the normal keys, plus an orokin cell, neurode and an argon crystal,) which can open any vault but gives penalties to the whole party. (Could be randomly selected for each player for each mission, or it could change every minute or so during the mission, or just give every player every penalty if you want to keep it simple.)

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First of all, why is greedy pull getting a nerf? it's not that bad....well I guess I'll accept it since i don't exploit it that much myself.


Ok now about conclave: I feel too slow in conclave so asking me if conclave movement is fast it's crazy...I'm way too slow in conclave sometimes it irritates me since i'm so used to PvE...


And now the big downside: Parkour 2.0


The new parkour 2.0 mode shown in the last dev stream is bad...very very bad...too unrealistic, too fake...looks awful...I've been playing for over 2 years and this might be the first time that I disagree so strongly with DE in one of their major 2.0 changes... 


I want to wallrun not to hop around like a bunny boosting myself up in such an unrealistic way and half of the time on "clouds" or insible platforms...well I know that the demo shown in the Dev Stream had a lot of work to do but this new Parkour 2.0 is killing the game for me...I hope DE can look for better alternatives or at least don't remove wallruning...


Even the boosting/jumping from enemies looks ridiculous, can you even see/notice what are you hopping on? most of the time you don't have the time to do that in a swarm of enemies anyways. Some quicker movements on the walls would be better.


Also i'd hate to part ways with my beloved coptering but if it has to go i'll accept it, it's not a big deal...but that new parkour 2.0 hopping around everywhere half the time hopping on nothing...no please, just no D:.... when did we get rockets in our boots?




And offtopic, but also about the last dev stream: turrets? ok nice...we didn't ask for them but it's a nice additon...now why don't get get grenades which we have been asking for since closed beta?

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I am definitively looking forward to conclave after parkour 2.0

The idea of fast and hectic pvp with ninjas, acrobatics and melee is awesome but copter and directional melee ruined it. These two maneuvers were only a minor issue in pve because of rushing players leaving behind everyone else, in pvp they make into a one booring nonsense with players flying all over the place unexpectedly.


So basically if they are tuned down and parkour 2.0 takes it's place, I'd be happy to try it since hopefully fast movement in conclaves will be a lot more skill based and harmonic instead of dreadful slingshots that game's netcode can't even keep up with.

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Why is the Question if the nerf is "sufficient".When you are biased like hell can you please STILL put a neutral question with a option to disagree to the nerf.

Greedy Pull is working perfectly fine as convenience tool being carrier +1

That it is used 4x more than any other power shows 2 things: 1. People love the augment 2. People use it outside of Farming since that ALWAYS includes a necros.

Pull casts much faster but that can only account for 50-75% of the uses if it is cast 4x(as mentioned in Devstream) as often as Desecrate (which is without a doubt the most used ability) it has to mean something...


It doesn't contribute towards draco in any way, using Trinity or Limbo is just as easy and the ressources are irrelevant BUT people like to get them

It doesn't contribute towards camping in Tower, Trinity works just as easy and the ressources are irrelevant BUT people like to get them

It DOES contribute to all normal gameplay vs Corpus or normal Void missions, by letting everyone replenish ammo life  energy and get loot (which still isn't relevant) but it allows mag to have a purpose aside from killing corrupt corpus (which are trash compared to the lancers) to the team.


Triton is full of mags and they are actually helpfull and allow me to take Zephyr or Frost since I know I will get those Nanospores I need without stopping to Def (yes I need(ed) Nanospores dont ask why)


Frost Changes:

Will this make me play him outside of Defense? Hell no! Ok changes but which point do they have?

Don't Limbo/Hydroid/Zephyr need more help?

Necros is still a loot gimp after his QOL

Nyx is superfluos because of Irradiating Disarm



Movement in conclave:

It is way too fast if players want to be fast.

There are people which do nothing but getting energy and coptering around the map.

Nerfing the damage of Bo Prime has only made it to the Sigil of those jerks.


Parkour 2.0 (in conclave):

I feel parkour suffers from being unable to grab onto some walls completely, others in a certain angle and offcourse by bars on walls which kick you off when you try to run above them.

If this is fixed by Parkour 2.0, which I don't believe it might be worthwile.


Why would anyone want to play conclave more because of it?



Corrupted mods:


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