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Greedy pull is a result of the 'efficient' play. While the change is needed, I think that changing it into Mag 'personal' vacuum is not a good way to do it since it happens to reduce the cooperative nature and increase the frustration of trying to get mods and resources from hard to reach places. Just cut energy orb and health orb from pull effect and leave everything else intact will fix the 4spamming gameplay while keeping it useful for party members.


Frost change is indeed interesting. Adding passive along with environment gameplay is a good concept. Avalanche with utility is a step in the right direction since pure damage abilities lose their power quickly as the game progress. Similar change is welcome in the future. Not quite sure about repelling globe though, must test it before giving feedback.


Not playing pvp, no comment.


Corrupted mods are what mods should be. A way to 'modify' not purely 'progress'. However, the cons must be equal to the pro given by the mods. Now, their value is depend on how game-changing these mods can be  

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Greedy Pull:


The thing about Greedy Pull is that it's a symptom to the problem, not the core of it. The reason why people resort to that kind of farming is because of the Grind Walls put in place against us. It isn't just the grind, as games that have grind sometimes can manage it well. It's the Grind Walls, Time Walls, RNG Walls, and all the other walls that you put in place for us to try and vault over. When players see all the walls placed before them to try and get through/over, they're not going to be happy and play the game throughout various missions, they're going to find the quickest route to overcome the immeasurable walls placed before them.


You want players to play the game and be interactive, actually incentivize them by making playing the game not an endless grind, but an enjoyable experience that is rewarding to them. Don't hide the rewards behind obtrusive and oppressive walls (I'M LOOKING AT YOU, MESA GRIND WALL!), make the acquisition process of obtaining something in the game actually enjoyable and fun! Quests were a great start, they added tidbits of lore, even if the missions were the exact same that we experience throughout the game (this needs to be addressed as well), all until you threw everything behind a wait wall.


Then came the introduction of more mods to grind and get cores for. How do you think players are going to respond to the even more so massive grind you threw in their faces? They're going to do everything in their power to try and overcome that grind wall and make the acquisition process easier for them to overcome. Nerfing the availability of the cores wasn't the solution either, as now players are more so pushed into these tactics to try and gain sufficient supplies to level up the new mods that come in.


Do you really think players enjoy having to level something up after they polarize a slot with a forma? No. Having to go through all that grinding not just once, but multiple times will grate on a players' nerves. So when something like Greedy Pull comes along that can alleviate their frustrations, some players are going to resort to it. They're going to do all they can to try and get out of the rut you've placed them in, and that includes methods that you may not approve of.


If these problems were addressed in a more systematic way, then we wouldn't have to be talking about this. Now the problems I am referring to are the endless Grind and absurdly weighted RNG that WarFrame has, that's what needs to be fixed to be more fair to the players. To be more rewarding to those who continue to play the game, to those who stay in a mission nearly for an hour trying to get that one part only to have the weighted RNG not give them a good chance of getting it. The weighted RNG is a massive issue that infuriates players, it does not help with the experience. (I'M LOOKING AT YOU! SHELDON!)


Don't nerf the tools the players use, actually make the experience of playing the game more enjoyable so that the players are more exploring in their gameplays, rather than just finding the fastest way to overcome the massive grind walls you place before them.


Treat the core of the problem, not the symptoms of it, nor the ways players try to cure that core issue. That core is the insane amount of Walls placed before the players, it doesn't incentivize them to buy plat to overcome it, it tells them to find another game for them to enjoy. It's a simply psychological obstacle, and overlooking it will just create more problems in the future.


Edit: Dang it it cut my response. Retyping it now!


Frost Rework:


Some Armor Buffs and the Prime Buffs would be good!


I have to preface this by saying that all powers should be scale able outright, without need of an augment making a power scale able and useful.



The incoming Frost changes give some good scale ability to powers like Freeze, what with the traps now usable in all levels of content to the same level of efficacy, if used creatively by the player.


Ice Wave:

Ice Waves changes are interesting, and do help to ensure that the power is a strong offensive ability, how this plays into his defensive capabilities is yet to be seen,


Snow Globe:

For Snow Globe, I do enjoy the changes incoming for the ability, however, the limitation to four active globes does not give an indicator on how we will be seeing any globe HP or visual indication of globe health, how it interacts with the stacking globe health, and what has been done to help visibility while within Snow Globe. Not to mention we have no indication as to whether or not AoE attacks like Bombard Missiles or Stomp MOA blasts will finally be stopped by Snow Globe.


Another mechanical change to Snow Globe to give it some scale ability without needing to spam would be having the Casting Frosts armor value be applied to the HP of the globe, rather than stacked onto it. Thus, a maxed armor/power strength Frost now has a very strong Snow Globe with an EHP far better than before. The need for spamming the skill isn't as high, as now it has better HP to deal with incoming damage. Although, maybe giving its baseline health a slight boost as well, along with applying armor, would help as well. Allowing players with Punch Through weapons to shoot through the globe would be useful too, if players are outside of the globe dealing with other threats.
Aesthetically, removing the Snow Storm running rampant within the globe, and replacing it with actually falling snow would go a long way into making visibility within a globe better. Players wouldn't have to mod for Black energy colors just to get a clear view of the enemy. Also, showing visual damage to the globe in the form of cracking can help players identify when the Globe is under heavy fire. Having an audible "shatter" sound when the Globe goes down also gives an audio cue to all players that the globe has fallen, and the area is vulnerable.
UI wise, allowing players to aim at a globe and having an HP value/bar pop up showing the Globes current health would be very useful, as players can gauge how long before the globe falls and the area it was in becomes vulnerable. Also, giving the Casting Frost a location of Globes cast and their HP levels allows them to identify where they need to return to an area to recast the globe or deal with threats.
Thus, Snow Globe now becomes a very useful ward, but Frost isn't tied to it for his usefulness. It's a good skill that can stand alone, but not a skill that automatically pushes Frost players on babysitting duty.

Avalanches incoming changes are interesting, and can be useful throughout the game thanks to the Ice Explosions helping with lower level scale ability, while the armor reduction working to ensure it's scale able into higher content. However, just like the Greedy Pull issue, I feel that the armor reduction issue is acting on a symptomnot the problem itself.


It ties into enemy armor scaling in WarFrame. It makes the only really viable aura to use in higher content Corrosive Projection, as it eliminates the insane scaling that enemy armor has. The problem here is how enemies scale solely through armor, and insanely rapid paced at that. The symptom is the requirement of Corrosive Projection in order to go far in higher level content. If our enemies actually scaled outside of just being bullet sponges that eventually have the potential to one shot you, there could be more variety in higher level content than just required CP and enemy armor reduction.


To give some examples:

Grineer Scorpions:

Level 1-10 Scorpions is what we have now.


Level 11-20 Scorpions are able to block bullets/roll out of the way of incoming skillshot/ranged abilities and bullets.


Level 21-30 Scorpions now have a stance for their Machete to better utilize their weapon.


Level 31-40 Scorpions have the ability to shoot their grappling hooks into terrain, thus allowing them to use the environment vertically and fly around/across the battlefield. This could also allow them to resist knockback effects by shooting their grappling hooks into the ground to resist it. Or avoid such abilities completely by grapple hooking out of the way of the incoming ability.


Level 41-50+ Scorpions attain wall-running abilities similar to how we can, so that they can utilize terrain with more than just their hooks, and gives them a more interesting dimension.


Thus, we have challenge from content that is not just a rehash of the content that we have, but an expansion of this content by giving content better mechanics as their levels go up.


Veteran players actually face a challenge, rather than just more bullet sponges. We have a greater dynamic in end-game, and our enemies become far more interesting to fight

Grineer Heavy Gunners:

Levels 1-20 is how we see them now. To ensure that beginner players and lower planet content aren't too overwhelmed.


Levels 21-30 gives them the ability to use their AoE ability to stop knock back abilities. Thus giving Heavy Gunners the ability to resist some CC, but also use current assets for an expanded function.


Levels 31-40 allows them to deploy a stationary shield (much like the Grineer Shield Lancer) to use as a defensive measure. With this defensive measure added, the Heavy Gunners can better pose a threat to us as a "heavy unit" on the field, outside of a health stat/armor increase.


Levels 41-50 provides them the use of a secondary weapon/melee weapon (stance added). Holstered, of course, but usable weapons should the AI decide to spice up the weapon variety and fight us with more than just a regular gun. Adding in a melee weapon also creates some interesting situations in close ranged combat, or when enemies are disarmed.


Levels 51+ gives them the ability to dual wield a Melee and a primary/secondary. Essentially approaching the end-tier of Raids, this change makes heavy gunners a clear threat on the battlefield, and something that players should deal with quickly. They become a force to be reckoned with, but one that can still be overcome.

Grineer Commander:

Levels 1-10 gives them the ability to use a Command ability to empower nearby allies. As a commanding unit on the battlefield, this helps to increase the effectiveness of the commander, and fits his role aesthetically.


Levels 11-20 allows the Grineer Commander to teleport a group of allied units with him upon utilizing his teleportation ability. Essentially becoming a squad leader, the commander can now better fit his role as the head unit.


Levels 21-30 The Command ability now has a chance to remove procs placed on allied units. Adding in this change allows the Commander to assist the squad with removing debuffs.


Levels 31-40 gives the Grineer Commander heavier armor, and allows the Command ability to have a chance of increasing the level of allied units in the area. Grineer Commanders now also have a melee weapon on their person.


Levels 41-50+ Commanders have an additional melee weapon and can deploy a Grineer Regulator. Used in synergy, they can create very difficult situations for Tenno to deal with.


These changes help to make the Grineer Commander an actual Commander on the battlefield. Leading his troops and heading the charge against foes.

Grineer Regulator:

Levels 1-10 Regulators emit a pulse every 10 seconds that has a chance to knock down enemy units. Providing a bit of CC to the Grineer, the Regulators use now expands outside of just an enemy damage buff and UI jammer.


Levels 11-20 Regulators increase the buffs given to allied units. Regulators are  also equipped with shields similar to the Grineer Shield Lancer to provide extra defense on the battlefield.


Levels 21-30 Regulators have a chance to remove the procs applied to allied units upon its pulse. Pulse intervals are reduced to 8 seconds.


Levels 31-40 Regulators can now move freely through the battlefield and can utilize a short ranged teleport to escape/reposition every 10 seconds.


Levels 41-50+ have Regulators with increased speed, and pulse intervals are reduced to 5 seconds, with increased radius.


These changes help to make the Regulator a more useful unit on the battlefield, and helps them to become a very strong support to the allies around it. Rather than just a damage increase and enemy UI jammer, it now becomes something that Tenno can audibly hear and prioritize on the battlefield.

Corrupted Mods:


I agree entirely with AlphaHorseman, he makes good points eloquently and I agree that DE are taking the wrong approach. Taking away the things players use isn't going to change the approach to a system that only seems to reward horrendous grind. There are a plethora of other ways to supply the Mesa with energy, the greedy pull nerf is missing the point, and the argument that "well it gets used 4x as much as any other ability" is irrelevant. Anyone who uses gpull frequently will tell you that it often takes multiple pulls to get the items over to you (yes even with a maxed card), so those 4 uses equate to,essentially, a single use. Nothing im saying is new or hasn't been said before, but the poll asked me to post if I answered "Other" so here it is: Your gmag pull nerf is missing the mark entirely, and Alpha explains this well. 

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Thoughts on the Greedy Pull situation:


I don't like the Greedy Pull changes, but I understand why so many players do. The majority of players are just happy to see something, anything to interrupt their current Draco slog. The main problem with that is that it doesn't address the core problem and creates another utility mod that can't compete for the spot with a stat mod. 


In its current implementation, Greedy Pull is usable over a stat mod precisely because it provides a benefit to the group, something which the proposed changes remove. As a solo ability, it a mod that has its utility very massively dwarfed by the fact that you could just be using a Carrier (operates automatically, does not use the frame's energy) instead of Greedy Pull (manual, uses energy.) In the proposed implementation, the only advantage Greedy Pull has over Carrier is keeping your frame stocked with energy from a safe position, which is very marginally useful compared to the utility of using a Carrier as it no longer provides a group benefit. This might have been an okay change if Mag were a support frame, but Mag is currently a DPS/CC frame that's rather sub-par at both. 


Removing the group benefit of Greedy Pull without also providing changes to Mag's kit creates a situation where a frame loses the one thing that was actually causing it to see larger use to stop a farming method that will instantly be replaced by something similar. Mag ends up right back where she was before Greedy Pull and life in an online game goes on as people move to find the absolute most efficient way to get everything they want and not much ends up changing overall. If you really wanted to change Greedy Pull like this, it should have been implemented simultaneously with a Mag rework. 


This also exposes larger problems with the augment system and the lack of dedicated frame slots for utility, but that is a bit off-topic for this particular discussion.



Thoughts on the Frost rework: 


In general, the Frost rework provides a decent refresh to Frost and is overall pretty positive. I feel, however, it overlooks two key problems with Frost, both of which involve Snow Globe.


The first problem with Snow Globe is that as it stands, one cannot fire through multiple Snow Globes. This creates a situation of antagonism amongst players, as it can directly obstruct their fire in key moments and there is very little visually to distinguish between multiple Snow Globes placed close together. This causes the rest of the group to be irate about a Frost just trying to use his frame effectively. I'm sure anyone who's played Frost can tell you the number of times they get told "no snow globes." That isn't a healthy thing to have happen in a team game. 


The second problem with Snow Globe is that the visuals are really obnoxious. I don't mean that they look ugly, I mean that they are a huge pain to deal with. Most colors on snow globe end up being very harsh on the eyes and hard to  see through due to the icy wind animation that sits in the interior. This is typically avoided by a good amount of Frost players setting their energy color to black. The problem with this is that once the Snow Globe is set to black, it becomes very hard to see at all. Locating the edges from within the Snow Globe becomes especially troublesome. This feeds back into the first issue, where you can have several hard to see Snow Globes all in one room creating an environment where  you can't really tell if you're going to waste ammo when you shoot at something or not. 

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More corrupted mods... Because all the ones we have already are stellar additions to Warframe. How about instead of continuously adding on new mods that inevitably just replace existing ones, we go back and work on making all mods legitimately useful? 

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Greedy Pull:

While on some maps it can be fun to use the skill I do agree with it being an "abused skill". Hardcamping isn't very ninja I suppose.

But it is still a pretty big change that will affect the coop aspect of the skill, perhaps adding some kind of other bonus to your allies would be in order?


Corrupted Mods:

While they are cool for min/maxing and new mods are almost always fun, over-focusing on some alreaddy existing feature might not be as good though.


Armor vs. (max) energy capacity?

Number of rounds vs. Damage (sniper)


Frost changes:

Still think you should scrap his 1:st or 2:nd skill and replace it with a movement skill (something like an ice version of the metroid ball.

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I think GP should pull items in a cone, I didn't understand why Pull only effects enemies in a cone and GP effects items in the entire range.... 

I don't think spammers would rotate their mag  and pull everything, since it'll be too much trouble 

if you already thought of this, I think that she should just pull items to herself, better choice than removing it or leaving it at it is 

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Greedy Pull is ok as it is now. You either change how loot works generally in the game, or leave GP as it is.


Also by making it for the user only, we again move away from team work to solo play, which I do not see the point.

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Greedy Pull


I like the change, this is what I felt it should've been to begin with, like carrier.




I liked what I saw on the Devstream but sadly the enemies weren't strong enough to fully test out his abilities and  their effects. Other than that I 'll have to wait and see.


Movement in Conclave


One of the turn-offs about conclave to me was the movement speed. Limiting it would definitely make me want to play it more. Sure the speed is a great aspect of Warframe but I always felt that PvP and PvE should have different mechanics.


Corrupted Mods


Depends on what they do, I wouldn't want another Blind Rage or Overextended, but I would like to see nightmare variants of mods such as Rage, Retribution, Quick Thinking, etc.

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GREEDY PULL MAG: Instead of nerfing her greedy pull to "not-so-greedy pull" a simple change could solve it, not allowing the energy to get pulled will be leaving you with an effective greedy mag that still gathers all the resources without the possibility of exploits.


PVP: Yes I am excited for the parkour 2.0 in conclave and I do not think the movement speed is too fast (although a bit larger maps and game modes with more players would be nice).


MORE CORRUPTED MODS: Depends on what they do, although it would be nice to see some new ones for weaponry (maybe even sentinels and kubrows?)


FROST REWORK: Alright, time to get started.

    -Freeze: So with the rework we can create patches of ice that slow the enemy down, sounds pretty good on paper, but the main problem is, warframe gameplay is too fast for any tactical trap creation, even on defenses. Personally if I wanted something that would slow the enemy down in such a way, I would chose ice wave impedance especially with the ice wave rework, otherwise freeze is still too focused on a single target which could be good for assassinations, but even in those we kill the target usually to quickly for it to even matter.


    -Ice wave: No comment on this one, I think it's great, although I have seen an interesting suggestion about a 360 degree ice wave which would be pretty interesting.


    -Snow globe: With the rework it pushes enemies away and freezes them instantly, the timer has been removed, and you can stack them up to four at a time. Sounds great, but there's a major flaw, in late-game and end-game defense we will still need to keep spamming it because the enemies put out so much damage that they'll be able to take it down in seconds. This could be solved in two ways, either make it invincible and duration based just like it used to be, or make it HIT based which would make it require a set number of hit regardless of the damage the mobs do, this is a double-edged sword, because on paper it could work out amazingly, but it would require some testing, because a mob of enemies can send out a lot of bullets in a short period of time, but on the other hand it could work like a charm removing the need to spam the globe.


    -Avalanche: The current rework would make enemies that die from avalanche ice proc the living enemies which would result in slowing them down, whilst the living enemies will have their armour reduced. Sounds interesting, but  if you're surrounded by a squad of gunners or bombards without any weaker enemies or the levels are too high for them to die you are left there once again standing with the enemies shooting you straight in the face instantly. The infamus bug that left the enemies frozen for a couple of seconds would be a brilliant avalanche rework giving it the CC it needs. On the other hand, I would prefer a total power change, giving us something totally new to play with, just like Excalibur received the Exalted blade. I came across a suggestion which sounds really interesting, the ability is named blizzard, giving frost an AoE that follows him around for a period of time stunning or cold procing the enemies that enter the range of his effect.

    -Passive: In my opinion all elemental frames should have a simple passive of elemental resistance or he could at least cancel out the shield-halfing "freezing temperatures".
IMPORTANT EDIT: While discussing Frosts rework with a friend I had a "Eureka!" moment.


Freeze is pretty much useless, so why not remove it totally? The only downside of that would be the removal of freeze force, but we already have plenty of augments which buff allies.


Ice wave could work as a first ability, it is similar to slash-dash and rhino charge (ranged abilities, directional, clearing the path ahead).


Snow globe would move to the second ability slot (or perhaps maybe stay as the third ability)


Avalanche would move to the third ability slot (staying as it is, doing radial damage)


By doing this we would be left with a NEW ABILITY SLOT that could be used for a new, more up-to-date ultimate, that is focused a lot more on CC.



That about covers my report. I absolutely love and have been loving what you are doing at DE for a bit more than two years now, I have yet to see a studio that pays as much attention to what the player base has to say, and balancing and perfecting their product.

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Greedy Pull:

Now that it's not going to effect anybody but the caster, no one else in the squad has any has anything to complain about.  Not affected, not their business.

But, nothing will change.  All the complaints about Greedy Pull are the fault of the missions and the rewards.  The reason why everyone is Space Camping in a Space Ninja game is because camping has the best rewards.  DE always nerfs the Space Camping tools, then makes new space Camping tools, and moves the camp to another node, but it never nerfs Space Camping itself.  DE nerfs Space Ninja instead.

Frost Rework:

The additions are theme appropriate.  But Frost is still too slow for me, and campy.  I'd let Frost freeze the ground underneath his feet as a passive ability so he can slide and coptor at light speed across the map because Space Ninjas ain't slow.

Conclave, Movement, & Parkour 2.0:

Conclave is "balanced", it's too slow, therefore I do not enjoy it.  I never spent any money on it so I'm not affected by anything that happens in PvP.  So, I blissfully ignore it.

New Corrupted Mods:

Doesn't matter.  If it's any good, DE will nerf it to make way for the next good stuff.  Warframe is "balanced" on the plat purchases of the players who get the good stuff.  So, why bother getting enthused.  Powerful content is just bait, to be switched out for the next powerful content after the nerf, rinse repeat.

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When will you stop trying to plug design holes? Greedy Pull was never a problem, endless Greedy Pull spam was.


We have something fun and useful and then DE nerfed it into the ground, because they still trying to cure symptoms!

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I chose the only option you offered in your poll that was not biased.

I (and all my friends that use the mod) think the Greedy Pull change is unnecessary.


This question is loaded:

Do you think the Greedy Pull change is sufficient?
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Funny how Mag needs to be nerfed, why isnt DE reworked?? Take and take from us, why dont you start to give?? Stop adding weapons, over priced "discounted skins", and anything else until you have a zero deffect game with current conditions?? Because i will take a greedy mag in a 40 minute t4 defense over the game glitching locking "losing multiplayer connection" being thrown back in my ship ( where annoying ordis is still very functional) and being shown mission results from 2 missions previous and getting NOTHING for the last 40 minutes i spent playing the game.

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Greedy Pull - think AlphaHorseman said it quite well.

Personally I'd rather see GP left as-is, the core grindwall issues addressed and more oversight on DE's "rockstars" in future to prevent such obviously broken concepts from being introduced into the game in the first place.

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Greedy Pulll:

Honestly I don't care, i dont play mag and am against draco and such so do whatever you feel is right.



I think the changes are good but he needs a substantial amour buff and possibly more CC added to his abilities. Ie, Longer stuns, longer slows, he is supposed to be a defensive tank after all. 


Parkour 2.0 and PVP:

Honestly, Parkour 2.0 is a fine and it might make me play PVP more. I think all frames should get a speed boost and all the animations in Parkour 2.0 should also be sped up a little bit, but other than that its fine. 

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Do you think the Greedy Pull change is sufficient?

-No. Greedy pull by itself is a bad augment, because it ruins the concept of the Warframe, as a fast paced game with a lot of movement. Stationary gameplay is bad. It's boring.

How do you feel about the upcoming Frost changes?

-I am disappointed, that there is no synergy between powers. I was really expecting Excalibur level rework. On the other hand 99% of Excaliburs i see are using only Exalted blade. So... same one button frame. Hard to expect something better from Frost rework.

PvPers, do you think movement is too fast in Conclave?

-Yes it is fast. Given, that we have regen for shields, health drops and low damage from a ranged weapons. It's really hard to kill fast moving target. Which is annoying.

PvPers, are you excited for Parkour 2.0 in Conclave?

-No. I see no application of parkour 2.0 in Conclave. Frankly i don't see any use for parkour 2.0 even outside Conclave. I use air melee or copter. If you will slow down movement speed without adjusting weapon damage, you will have a domination of melee weapons on your hands. Or shotguns.

If you’re not a PvPer, do you think the Parkour 2.0 changes will make you want to play Conclave?

-... no it would not. if i would play pve only i will continue to play pve only. If you want people to play pvp more, give them better motivation. Such as cosmetics. As a matter of fact, i can't demonstarte to players around me my rank in conclave or pvp-based achievements. I can't even show them my pvp sigil.

Would you like more corrupted mods?

-No. I don't like OD tileset, i don't like dragon keys and i don't like your rng. I would love to see more syndicate's augment mods instead.

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Nerfing Greedy Pull doesn't solve the problem because people will always find ways to satisfy their energy needs. (Trinity or Limbo for example) Solve the problem of why people use Greedy Pull instead of changing the augment to be trash and having the problem mutate into something else.


As someone earlier in this thread said, "Cure the disease not the symptoms."


Frost is ok, but I feel they did a patch job and didn't address the issues he had. Sure, he may be a bit better with the, "rework," but I don't think it will last far into the future before he needs another one.


Parkour looks nice as long as it has lots of utility.


One corrupted more I would like to see is an increase to efficiency and decrease to strength, like at max +75% eff/ -65% str for example. I think it would be balanced +eff/ -str because usually when someone mods for efficiency they usually need strength to make the most of the ability. Also, a +range/ - str would be cool for the same reason.


I'd like to see some of the corrupted mods separated into mission reward tiers. For example, duration rewarded from survival; efficiency from exterminate; range from capture; strength from sabotage; health/ shield/ energy/ sprint speed/ armor/ casting speed from assassination.

Just an idea, but adding more corrupted mods would further dilute and lessen the experience.

Plus it rewards gameplay of the other game modes as everyone usually runs Extermination and ruins gameplay.


We need some more balanced combinations for corrupted and nightmare mods.


By the way, after Frost gets done, could you look at Ember, Saryn, and Limbo? Saryn desperately needs help since all her Miasma spam. Ember needs updated for end game content. Limbo needs rethought out.

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I didn't know the greedy pull changes were here already :I would it be too extreme if it worked like this?: pulls everything regardless of line of sight to the casting Mag, to the rest of the team it only pulls pick ups that are in line of sight with her. 

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Greedy Pull nerf: the spark that started it all was the "infinite energy supply" that Mesa and Mag were able to create and as far as I know, nothing else was deemed as a problem. So a proper fix that would not again completely destroy the "team use" for it would be to simply disable interaction with Greedy Pull and Energy Orbs; no more min effort max effect, but still the luxury of quick material and loot gathering.


As for Frost changes, I do like them quite a bit, but for Freeze, I had something different in mind some time ago. Instead of it being a one-use-per-cast projectile, make it sort of a "drone" that follows you and fires projectiles for the duration of the ability. Behaviour-wise very much in style of Mesa's Shooting Gallery, the ice orb follows you and fires at its targets, providing a moderate chance to slow them down each time, in addition of dealing damage.


Additionally the power could be modified further with Range for additional orbs to fight multiple targets and Strength to increase the damage of the projectiles and increase the chance of freezing (because having autofire Freeze would be silly.

(Inspired by the idle animation where Frost punches the ground below and hovers small orbs around him.)



If the currently proposed Freeze change is added, there are a few augments (via a mod or even as an innate feature) that I would like to see, which would really bring Frost into the "modern and viable" category:


First alternative mechanic would be to give Freeze a small (1 meter sphere or horizontal line) AoE effect around the projectile, so now if you managed to cast Freeze in between multiple enemies, they would all get frozen. This would contribute finely to the CC.


Second would have to be an Augment mod: "Freeze drains health and energy from each frozen enemy for 5 seconds, healing Frost and restoring energy. This, in conjunction with the former change  would be a DoT effect that would reward well placed "shots" as early interrupted (as in hitting the first enemy in line) would leave the rest unaffected whereas Freeze that passed along multiple would bring significant boost to Frost's performance.


Edit: The idea behind the second augment is the way how actual freezing works; energy is moved from the warm object to the cold object and this reduction in energy, that is heat, causes the initially warm object to freeze and the cold object to heat.

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Oh god, you are thinking to add more corrupted mods? Most if not all of them breaks the game to such a point that we have Greedy mag's and Miasma Saryns, and Javelin excals.

Hopefully we will see more weapon ones, or hek, Sentinal/Kubrow ones?! C'mon DE, think of the possibilities!

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I hope we actually see some hot topic things put into the game.

It would be nice if these hot topics were on the right hand side notice boards in our ship, would get more player interaction then.

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Nerfing greedy pull won`t solve the farming problem, also like many say mesa isn`t the problem either... this happened before and old players + DE should know what i mean.

The frost changes look nice, ice wave would be nice to send waves in all directions instead of a cone area (i just like the idea but cone is fine too) and just don`t forget to add a hitpoint/health counter  on snow globe, something similar to rhinos iron skin, just to show players when it`s almost  gone.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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