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[Suggestion] Alerts And Mini Events


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Since the fusion moa event, I've always thought it would be interesting for them to use their alert system as a springboard for mini events throughout the day etc. 


For example Grineer are transporting Tenno captives to a prison for execution and we need to intercept them and rescue as many as possible before they are executed.  By completing X number of rescue missions you get Y prize.  This is where some modification to the alert system would help, such as the token system mentioned by Rebecca.  Could also use spy missions for this such as Corpus are moving large data stores on Orokin technology on multiple ships throughout the solar system which we have to find and intercept.


The flaw I can find with the token system though is it would become yet another currency system in game, and then it would be people complaining about token pricing, missing token alerts, etc.  Could calm some things down, but doesn't help in the argument of people wanting to be able to grind for things constantly etc.  Possibly have all ? alerts drop a token with a chance of 2 and then all non ? have a chance to.  Then if above mini event system was implemented you could get say anywhere from 1-5 or maybe more depending on how well the objective is completed.  Would allow people to farm a bit and have more incentive to play.


I do like that the alert system kind of adds some randomness to the game.  It is set in a solar system at war, and these help to make it seem like that.

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