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Pyromania (Fan Concept) - Ember Accelerant Augment To Increase Damage Scaling

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Short Description: Chance to increase Residual Heat intensity, spread, and length of stay.


Short Description with Mod ranks 0 / 1 / 2 / 3 = 10% / 20% / 40% / 60% chance to increase Residual Heat intensity +10 / +20 / + 30 / +40, spread +0.5 / +1 / +1.5 / +2.0, and length of stay +0.5 / +1 / +2 / +3.


Note: Numbers and values are completely arbitrary and should be adjusted and balanced accordingly.


Effect 1:


Heat DoT damage per tick (Residual Heat Intensity) and Heat DoT tick count (Duration / Length of Residual Heat) increases per Enemy Strength (both increase enemy level or enemy health scaling).


Effect 2:


Flames linger on corpses similar to a field left behind by Fireball.

Heat DoT with remaining ticks also have a chance to leap from a dead enemy & jump to the nearest live enemy.

Enemies affected by the leaping Heat proc will panic for a short duration like coming into contact with Fireball lingering Heat (uses same mechanic in that regard)


Breakdown of Short Description Mechanics:


Percent = Chance to affect Residual Heat DoT. Chance of residual heat leaping from corpse to nearest live enemy.


Intensity = Damage added to Residual Heat proc DoT (heat damage per second) multiplied by Enemy Strength Level (5-10 enemy levels or every 500-1000 of enemy health). Increased by Power Strength.


Spread = Number of meters flame can leap from corpse to nearest live enemy. Increased by Power Range.


Length = Number of seconds added to Residual Heat proc DoT or number of ticks of Heat added (increased by Power Duration). / Number of seconds corpse burns before extinguished (not increased by Power Duration)


Uses Detonite Gel with Accelerant inspired by a combination of Greek Fire, Napalm, White Phosphorus, Molotov Cocktails, Thermite, and other incendiary devices.


Alternate Name(s): Pyromancer (or Pyromancy). Detonite Gel Infusion. Residual Heat. Pyrokinesis. DE may be adverse to naming something after a potentially destructive mental disorder diagnosis and stigma such as Pyromania. Other suggestions welcome.


New Ember Sigil To Go With This Augment:



Footage Of An Ember Attempting To Slot This Augment For The First Time:



Result of Successful Augment Testing:



TL;DR = Just some preliminary notes to get an Accelerant augment that makes Ember's Heat damage scale better. Math involvement suspected. Constructive feedback welcome.

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Hopefully, trails of burning bodies won't crash people like old World Of Fire did.


Better have some sort of cap on number of flaming bodies to prevent that I guess.

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Added some silly fire related images to the OP to make the bad math and rambling text a little less boring. Hidden behind spoiler tags because nobody can resist pressing shiny buttons.


Speaking of OP this Augment will probably make the rest of Ember's abilities OP. It would probably need quite a bit of balancing to get it just right. At least the idea is there, anyway. #infodump

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It was suggested that Pyrokinesis could also be used as an alternate name for this augment. Added to OP.


Edit: I also added Pyromancer / Pyromancy as well.

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