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Some Ideas And Fix Ideas

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I have a few ideas, some might be the same like the others on here.

1. More rank slots. Please? I really want more rank slots, 8 isn't much to play with and my small team would like to have their own unique rank names. Maybe add 8-15 more slots? That would be great please.

2. Change the colors on certain existing items? Such as the bridges, arches, banners and maybe trees?  Or lanterns where you can change the light like you can with the dojo.

3. Item suggestions

    - Cherry trees (4 different kinds)
    - In ground koi ponds (2 different types, one medium and one large like the fountains)

    - Benches or Japanese themed park chairs (Where they're functional and you can actually sit on them with others)

    - Stone/wooden trails (like in the leto garden and Wooden Sand garden. This would be loads of fun making paths to walk on) 

    - More Rock and Land formations

    - Stone based bridge

    - More Dragon Statues (3 different types)

    - Wall art (5 small rectangles. circles and squares, 5 medium rectangles. circles and squares, and 5 large rectangles, circles and squares)

    - Fox/ninetail fox statues (My friend loves foxes, you would make him very happy if you guys do this)

    -More instruments.

    - More Buddhas 

    - More light/lanterns (Floor Lights, Wall Lights and ceiling lights)
    - Windows

    - Stairs and floors (To make like a over hang or small second floor)

    - More statues (Like the one in relay and in the hall of fame.)

    - More Tenno statues

    - Animal Statues (Like Zodiac statues both Japanese, Chinese and western.)  

    - Faction statues (Because that would be awesome)

    - Weapon racks (4 Floor racks and 4 wall racks both consisting of guns and melee weapons)

    - Different Trade posts (Trade post and treasury look exactly the same I keep mistaken the treasury for the trade post.)

    - More plants (Flowers, hedges etc)


4. More capacity in certain rooms such as the observatory, great halls, (from second hall to second to last hall), duel room, small and large four way rooms. They need some more love, maybe like 20-30 more capacity so we could make them look pretty and gorgeous.


5. More freedom placements of items. We can't even put a bridge down over the river in the Leto Garden. We can't put anything down in the water garden rooms, it's very sad. please fix this <3


6. More Colors for the dojo.
- Black

- White

- Gold

- Pink (I'm a girl and I'm not a Pink fan but I'm sure others would like pink)

- Green, Blue, Red, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Brown (3 more different variations of these)

7. More Room Suggestions

- Medium and a Large dueling room (Medium being a four man duel and large being a eight man duel room with options such as teams, free for all or etc)

- Race obstacle course (Where up to 6 or more players can compete to the finish line, maybe it could be a nature theme or similar to the obstacle course.)

- More four way door rooms (3 being nature with more trees, 4 being inside base such as the great halls or the Rail rooms and 4 being more home theme rooms)
- Living space rooms (6 different looks, this would help close off unwanted doors.)
- Spawn rooms (Docking station (like in Relay), Outside Garden (Like a green house), or the one like on the Solar rail with the clan emblem showing on the sides of the doors)

- Council (Where those of higher rank or those from other alliances can meet and discuss things)

- More Halls of fame

-Reactor (One being medium and large and they give out larger energy output compared to the small one)
- Gun range (to try out weapons you don't have yet or ones you already have)

- More Halls (Different shapes like the long hall and the halls in the hall of Fame.)

- Control room (Where teams of four or more can do clan based missions either pve or pvp with other clans)



8. Have the option to change the light the ceiling like in the great halls to either light or windows. This would be great for many of the rooms that have this in the ceiling.

9. Have more capacity of how many rooms we can color. (I heard you can only color 54 rooms, if this true this is a suggestion if it's not true ignore this)

10. Please fix the Score board in the obstacle room, I and other clan members don't like it that it keeps deleting the scores.

11. Please fix the delete rooms. I don't like that I have to delete every other room when there's another hall which I'm able to access to it even after I delete the other room. Like I want to remove a hall that leads to my labs and replace it with a different hall which would just reconnect back to the other room but can't because I have to delete all my labs and the small four way rooms even though there's a hall right next to it that has access to the labs.


12. Option to color the floors and the walk ways.


New suggestions

1.(12/23/15) Give us the option to play as our Tenno kid self in the Dojo only, that would be pretty neat! Not the biggest want but still a neat idea. I just love my little Tenno! 

If you like my ideas and fix ideas let me know! If you guys have any ideas you would like to have, let me know and I can add it to the list! I might even start adding pictures as ideas for some of the already placed suggestions

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All these suggestions are great! I am currently building my own dojo and I feel really limited by what we have right now.

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All these suggestions are great! I am currently building my own dojo and I feel really limited by what we have right now.

Thank you!~ I really do love this game and where the development team is taking it but I really do hope they step back and give more attention to the dojo. They just made a small change where we can downgrade it if there's not many members and that's great but I WANT MOAR! I want to do much more with my dojo!~

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Cool ideas, may I suggest copying it to the mega thread so it can be a part of it?:)

Will you be adding it to your thread? I've been thinking of doing doodle ideas of items and such for this thread but if you're willing to add my ideas to your list that would be cool then I could send you the links to my doodles for item concepts

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