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Envy's Storefront - Wtb / Wts / Wtt. Come Take A Look!

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Hey everyone, I feel that I offer fair prices and would consider taking offers/request from you if you need something or want to work out a deal. Just message me on here or on XBL!


I offer discounts for multi-item purchases, I also welcome trades!


Willing to trade for the following parts/mods

Primed Flow

Primed Continuity

Scattering Inferno

Shell Shock.

Telos Akbolto

Max Rank (R10) Hornet Strike

Repelling Bastille

Life Strike



- Vaulted Sets -

Mag Prime - Best Offer


- SETS -


Orthos Prime Set - 40p

Rhino Prime - 100p

Braton Prime Set - 45p

Burston Prime Set - 45p

Paris Prime (minus upper) - 40p


-Prime Parts


Akbronco BP - 5p

Ankyros BP - 10p

Ankyros Prime Gauntlet - 10p

Bo Prime BP - 15p

Bo Prime Ornament - 5p

Boar Prime Stock - 10p

Boltor Prime Barrel - 10p

Boltor Prime Receiver - 5p

Boltor Prime Stock - 10p

Braton Prime Stock - 12p

Bronco Prime BP - 5p

Bronco Prime Receiver - 5p

Burston Barrel - 12p

Burston Stock - 5p

Carrier Prime BP - 40p

Dakra Prime BP - 20p

Ember Prime Chassis - 10p

Ember Prime Helmet - 10p

Fang Prime Blade - 5p

Fang Prime BP - 10p

Glaive prime BP - 15p

Hikou Prime BP - 15p

Hikou Prime Starts - 10p

Lex Prime BP - 10p

Loki Prime Helmet - 10p

Loki Prime Chassis - 40p

Mag Prime Chas - offer

Mag Prime BP - offer

Nova Helmet - 15p

Nova BP - 15p

Nyx Systems - 25p

Odonata Prime Systems - 7p

Odonata Prime BP - 35p

Rhino Prime Systems - 10p

Scindo Prime Handle - 20p

Scindo Prime Blade - 35p

Sicarus Prime BP - 5p

Sicarus Prime Barrel - 10p

Soma BP - 10p

Soma Barrel - 35p

Soma Prime Barrel - 35p

Vasto Prime Barrel - 5p

Vectis Prime Barrel - 30p

Volt Prime Helmet - 20p




- Rare - 

Barrel Diffusion - 30p

Creeping Bullseye - 15p

Critical Delay - 10p

Coiling Viper - 10p

Energy Channel - 5p

Fired Up - 7p

Flailing Branch (staves) - 10p

Flow - 10p

Iron Phoenix (swords) - 12p

Intensify - 20p

Jolt - Offer

Malignant Force - 15p

Metal Auger R2 - 20p

Power Throw - 5p

Pistol Ammo Mutation - 10p

Pistol Pestilence - 10p

Rapid Resilience - 10p

Ravage - 12p

Reflex Guard - 5p

Rifle Ammo Mutation - 20p


Seeking Force - 25p

Shotgun Ammo Mutation - 10p

Sniper Ammo Mutation - 20p

Steady Hands - 5p

Sundering Strike - 10p

Tainted Shell - 7p

Toxic Barrage - 12p

Thunderbolt - 7p

Undying Will - 10p

Vigor R4 - 25p

Vile Precision - 15p

Virulent Scourge - 12p

Whirlwind - 15p

Vital Sense - 12p


Various Nightmare Mods


- Stances -


Bleeding Willow

Burning Wasp

Clashing Forest

Coiling Viper

Crossing Snakes

Decisive Judgement

Flailing branch

Fracturing Wind

Iron Phoenix

Gemini Cross

Grim Fury

Homing Fang

Reaping Spiral

Rending Crane

Sinking Talon

Sundering Weave

Swirling Tiger



Please let me know if you have questions or requests.


I have many silver mods as well, just didn't feel like writing them all!

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