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Wts Prime Parts

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WTS|___|1x Lex set (30pl)|1x Orthos set (40pl)|1x Odanata set (75pl)|___|6x Akbronco bp (5pl), 2x Akbronco link (7pl)|1x Ankyros bp (10pl), 1x Ankyros blade (10pl), 5x Ankyros gauntlet (5pl)|2x Ash chassis (15pl)|1x Bo handle (40pl), 6x Bo ornament (3pl)|1x Boltor barrel (10pl), 3x Boltor receiver (10)|1x Braton bp (10pl), 1x Braton barrel (10pl)|2x Burston barrel (15pl), 1x Burtson stock (5pl)|2x Carrier bp (20pl)|1x Dakra bp (20pl)|3x Ember chassis (10pl), 2x Ember helmet (10pl)|2x Fang bp (3pl), 2x Fang blade (5pl), 1x Fang handle (7pl)|6x Glaive blade (5pl), 2x Glaive disc (3pl)|3x Loki bp (10pl), 2x Loki helmet (5pl), 1x Loki chassis (25pl)|1x Mag bp (30pl), 2x Mag chassis (20pl)|1x Nova bp (10pl), 1x Nova helmet (15pl)|1x Nyx bp (15pl)|1x Paris bp (7pl), 1x Paris lower limb (5pl), 1x Paris string (5pl)|4x Rhino chassis (20pl)|2x Sicarus bp (3pl), 3x Sicarus barrel (5pl)|1x Soma bp (7pl)|1x Vasto barrel (7pl)|1x Vectis barrel (25pl)|1x Volt bp (45pl)|3x Wyrm systems (10pl)| WTB/WTT for Scindo.

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