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Valkyr Ripline + Nyx Absorb (Bug?) - Into Space And Game Crash (Video)


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Nizkanen and I found this ''bug'' a long time ago, but now we decided to record it.

When we did it accidentally the first time I didnt get that high up to crash the game.

So now we decided to report it here.

(as we noticed it is a ''harmful'' bug to the game as it eventually leads to a crash.)



We actually did the videos with entertaining in mind, but we came to the conclusion to post it here in the general bugs and not the general discussion. And as entertaining in mind, Nizkanen also recorded from he's point of view, just choose to watch the above video in youtube and the link to Nizkanen's video is in the video's description  

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My gosh, this is fantastic.


"I must go, my planet needs me!"

Well thank you, :)


And I would like an official response from Devs if it was intentional for valkyr's ripline to be able to target nyx' absorb and is nyx supposed to fly this way.

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