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It's a damaged version, so in essence you were ripped off... hard.

^ this, basically you were given a damaged mod that new players usually get in their starter-tutorial missions, something they get to start off with the game, they have less ranks and give lesser benefit and are only there so new players have something to equip until they obtain better, "undamaged" mods. Essentially, you were ripped off as the guy above said.

Glad u got it for free, however, pay attention for trading platinum/items for mods next time, if you happen to see a "crack" on the mod (look at the damaged mod, u can see there's a crack on it to show it's broken, plus lower ranks than it should be) do not trade for it as it is possibly an attempt to scam you.

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There's a number of "damaged" mods that were introduced in the tutorial (Vor's Prize) of the game. The intent of these mods was to give players access to required mods (such as Serration) without being at the mercy of RNG and not obtaining Serration until a much later point in that player's career. 


So that the mods given didn't completely trivialize the act of collecting mods, they released "damaged" variants that had a lower maximum rank than a regular one.


That's what you have here.

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Damaged mods should not be tradeable, DE should implement that so that people who do not know won't get scammed anyways.

Some of them start at a lower cost and are actually pretty useful to have when leveling up weapons and frames, even for players with well-stocked inventories.

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