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Warframe - Fan Art - " Night Lights "

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My first post on a Fan Art for Warframe. I hope you like it;)

[The topic will be updated continually with different Fan Art, the topic will be unique. So all my fan art will be here!!!]

EXCALIBUR - Proto Armor

The fan art is based on Excalibur with the Proto Armor, during a night mission attacked by many enemies, under enemy fire tries to fight them all and survive.
For those who have always wanted the Proto Armor Excalibur, also like me, who have not even approached a little bit to be able to obtain it. The dream still remains  :'|

BANSHEE - How I should call him?

Banshee with Xenokubrow,she has always made me think that he could get into the role of a mother. The look reminds me of Mother Xenomorph, so I thought I needed a special company to Banshee. Look at how cute together ... :)


OBERON - Last Sacrifice

I think oberon is willing to do anything to save his friends! It heals his companions at the same time he takes damage in a trap full of enemies.


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Gorgeous art, indeed. 


If you don't mind me suggesting though: Your proportions are very well done, as is the pose, but that becomes really hard to see with the background, to the point where I had to strain to realise that most of his back is actually the same colour as the background. 


Perhaps you could consider adding a little incandescence, a soft glow, to the background surrounding Excalibur, like the Renaissance painters used to do:






Which I find your art style quite reminiscent to! It's really good looking, though!

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