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Mighty Mountain clan void Hunterz very active fun accept new an old playerz laid back but competitive clan


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Hi to all fellow Tenno's out there just a quick post telling you what a great Clan we have and the mix of people we have playing together.In the early hours (UK time for me) we had people from Australia,USA,Egypt and the UK all in chat and having a laugh together.We went Fusion core farming then a quick couple of credit farming runs followed by a few Tower 3 & 4 Void runs.

If your looking for a good bunch of people to play with and learn from then you can't go wrong with the Void Hunterz,we will help with credit farming,Boss fights and if your really good we will let you in on are Rare Fusion core farming spot,also help out with Blue Prints and Mods for free if we have any spare,also happy to help out with the best Warframe or weapons builds.

So come join us and make some new friends your always welcome in Party Chat.....

Post here or PSN denden182 for an invite Look forward to seeing you soon........

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Void Hunterz are looking for active new and veteran members mastery rank is not a issue we have a large dojo which is 100% researched with a zero clan tax for members to use. we also have a clan logo.if it's farming for credits,resources to frames,mods,weapons or prime parts we have members on all the time so if you feel like this is a clan that you would like to join an grow please feel free to msg us on psn if you have any further questions psn names are  denden182{Warlord} or ​skip3434​ {Warlord} 

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