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Wts Extra Prime Parts/bp

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It's all basically common stuff, but looking to sell these items anyway. Do not ask if i have any of the other parts. As i only have one of them and not willing to sell it, or i do not have it


Warframe parts

-Rhino prime bp x1

-Rhino prime chassis bp x1

-Volt prime helmet bp x6

-Volt prime chassis bp x1

-Nyx prime systems bp x2

-Ember prime helmet bp x8


Weapon parts

-Vectis prime barrel bp x1

-Soma prime bp x1

-Fang prime bp x6

-Fang prime blade x2

-Bo prime bp x2

Burston prime stock x1


Message me your offers on psn for faster replies or post here. Up to you. PSN: drahkel

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How much for the volt helmets?

25p for all of them?

Not sure if this was serious, or just a troll. If you're serious then yeah i guess, nobody else has responded and if i don't get rid of them i'm using them for ducats. Send me a message on psn letting know when you're on if you were serious

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I'd buy them for some ducats as well... So yeah im not looking to pay alot for them.

Im willing to pay 5p each (Same as i would pay for ie Loki)

Hit me up if you want to strike a deal

I messaged you on psn i'm willing to do 25p for all 6 volt helmets. I already have a volt prime and nobody else has made an offer on them, and it's as i said if nobody takes them off my hands i'm just going to sell them for 60 ducats, i would rather prefer the plat over the ducats. So we have a deal

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