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Nikana Attack/stealth Kills Need Fixing

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Hi guys i hope you fixs this so i use the Nikana and i have seen some things that need fixing. The frist thing is the frount counter attack animation. Your warframe enters this animation and the enemy just dies and falls on the floor leving you stabing the air. The sceond thing is the animations when you have blind justice stance on. The same thing happens in the frount counter attack animation with this one as well. And the stealth attack animation when your warframe enters the stealth attack he trips the enemy and that's as far as it's goes sometimes the enemy bounces off your your blade but most times he acts like he just got shot and dies. Well that all then animations that i've seen that need to be fix might be more or might be just those 3 but in any case hope your guys fix. The animations in this game is one of the this that make it GREAT! if i run into any more animations mess ups i well let you guys know :) thanks for reading. P.S Not an connection thing it's there and wont stop. It needs to be fix.

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