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Require Regular Versions Of Frames To Craft Prime Variants?


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As said in the title. This is mostly to overcome skipping most bosses to the void for primes.

Also, it forces quest frames to be played when thier primes are released.

It would also be nice to be able to switch to the regular skin from primes to keep the aesthetics.


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i feel like people would find a way to complain. Also some people would argue the same for weapons but some weapons like the braton are sold due to it being merely fodder and people would not like building a weapon again to get a weapon. Remember those 3 weeks with the tonfa and other new weps were we had to rebuild old weapons

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@ BlazenFury

This isnt about lore, its more about the problem with people completely skipping game features and content by directly going to the void.

@ rechot

Im talking bout frames, not weapons.

It breaks lore anyway even if you say its not about the lore


And besides that if people want to support the game then let them

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This wouldve been a logical step- but theyve already established a precedent and i dont see them reverting it.


It wouldnt "break" lore because they could just come up with a reason why you would need the original frame leveled to 30. They could make up anything like- Your tenno needs the mental imprint from a fully leveled frame in order to control an advanced prime or some BS like that.


come on people- stop with the "it will break lore' excuse. Prime lore is already wonky as it is anyway.

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@ Toxic

I dont see how this effects people supporting the game, if its PA, it already comes with everthing built.

What part of the lore am I butchering here?

People dont have to go to the void to get the parts they can buy in tradechat for plat they have bought.


The lore being butchered is that regular versions as mass produced knockoffs. while the Primes are original models. Using a mass produced knockoff being used to make a superior original makes no sense. You cant make an original with a later version

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Hell no. This idea was already really stupid from the start, when weapons require other weapons to craft. Why can't we just use the resources that are needed to craft the weapons that is required to craft this other specific weapon to craft it? But instead a whole piece that's already been crafted? I see no point in that except to make the players to wait an extra day or two and motivate them to use platinums to rush them.

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Again, here are the main arguments I've read i'll add my thoughts.
1. This is a super casual game, getting primes before getting a regular frame will break lore.

A:True, This wouldn't make any sense for us to gather primes if they were skins and the story would have to be written, Warframes lore is already messed up anything like this would wreck an already delicate web that we put together.

2. We are forced to play what we don't want to play.

A: Not everyone is a jack of all trades and some people aesthetically don't always like prime, let them have an option of shiny to non shiny, like in Magic the Gathering not everything needs to be holographic card deck. 


3. This will hurt trading.


A: True this will hurt trading as you are not going to a skin. If you look at Guild Wars 2 Because stats don't matter but they changed legendary weapons to skins so you had level 1 alts running around with legendary skins which pissed off new players and made them cry for more changes.

4. #Taxi

A: While I taxi people to alerts all the time because again they are more casual to the game then me I would like to say that this is inevitable for sight. I'm sorry but I don't like to be force fed content, this isn't The Order 1886.


5. Something that should be address is Skins don't always work for all primed things and the artists didn't want their cool primed version to be reskinned over for the most part. (Carrier prime).

A: Personally I would love to reskin my carrier prime to look like a parrot again, however i'm ok with the look of carrier prime and my primed access accessories to over look this minor upset.

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