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Frustrations/warframe Basically Hate/love


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I will explain the topic.I came up with it because I been noticing a lot people getting frustrated with what they have and don't have,people talking about what they love and people talking about what they hate.

i seen people get really frustrated a lot,and i seen people say how much they love the game and vice versa.

What this topic i would like you as the individual Tenno to share what frustrates you about Warframe what you love and what you hate.

SO basic standard is

1.you shared the frustration you have please share what could make it better.

2.you share what you love and then please share what you think a person would not like about what you love

3.you share what you hate,and then please share what you think a person might like about what you hate

While this may seen like a weird topic i would like if anyone comments to be friendly and not hatefull.



1.What frustrate me i would have to say it would be the fact that when i decide not to do solo and work in a team almost every player i have worked with lack creativity

Now what would fix this is if we can let people be aware that the best builds are the most adaptive not the mainstream ones that begin to fall off as the game evolves.

2.What i really love is the changes this game brings always keeps thing interesting,What people might not like about this is the set up or the way things were they loved and new things begin to conflict with what they love.

3.What i hate is the problem with old mechanics not being updated as the game evolves,we have just decided to just let them be and live with it some of this things being people abusing certain mechanics that were not intended and DE decided to keep them which now are treated like the game mechanics.now someone might like this old mechanics because they make thing effective and more useful for them.

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