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Ui Scaling Gets A Little Weird Beyond 16:9 Ratio Screens...


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Just something I noticed when I switched to a 21:9 ratio monitor (Ultrawide monitors).


The UI seems to scale not so well, some text and items do scale, but then they get stretched out wide. Other items don't, and portions of the UI get 'cut off' at the sides.



An example of "wide" stretched text and buttons:


Arsenal Menu






An example of UI menus getting 'cut off':








P.S. Excalibur still can't reach the cookie on his shoulder


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The UI begins to have significant issues at larger or wider resolutions.


I have an old thread about it here:



Here is one really awful screenshot from that thread:



The orange indicator to the right of the crosshairs should be on the control panel that is just to the left of the crosshair. Anything that draws over an object in space (damage numbers, revive icons, etc) has its placement exaggerated significantly.

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And you think that 21:9 aspect ratio is a problem? Try going with a 4k display. Everything gets too small and has ZERO scaling.BTW I think 21:9 ratio can be set in the Display settings. I don`t have issues with it.


I know what you mean. Until recently the resolution Warframe has been playing on my screen was 1440x810 in borderless fullscreen as opposed to my displays native resolution of 2880x1920, and I took pains to make sure it stayed that way because playing at that resolution made everything UI related impossibly tiny and dropped my fps from a stable 200 in my liset down to around 60. If we had a way to set the resolution independent from the window mode, or scale the menu UI properly/manually that would be very helpful for fixing the problem.

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