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I have some questions and etc.: 


1. Are kubrow "energy" colors random? I play Ash and when I go invisible, Alpha goes invisible in pink. I can't find an option for a color change for that?


2. Kubrow mods, they are soooo expensive. Wow. Like crazy expensive to upgrade.


3. Can someone post their Raksa Kubrow build? 



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1. Eye color is random i think and can not be changed so what you see is what you get

2. Because its basicly like your serration or Redirection. Gives you alot of damage or shields. Kubrows can essentially be tanker than you so.. its gonna cost you

3. I dont got one sorry

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Builds aren't too varied, since there aren't many kubrow mods. And if you plan on ranking up the important mods, like Bite and Maul, just know you will be putting some forma into your doggie. I just put 4 forma into mine about a week ago. The nice thing is that Kubrow rank up quite fast. Mine went doubly quick, since I have the Prime Access boosters active.

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