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Wts Mods And Prime Parts

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Add me in game and pm me or just reply to this thread with your offer


Warframe Mods


Narrow Minded x2  |  Reflex Guard x3  |  Streamline x2  |  Transient Fortitude x1 | Vigor x1  |  Steel Charge x1  |  

Stretch x7  |




Critical Deceleration x2  |  Heavy Caliber x1  |  Hell's Chamber x1  |  Malignant Force x1  |  Ravage x1  |  

Shotgun Ammo Mutation x1  |  Thunderbolt x1  |  Toxic Barrage x1  |  Vital Sense x2  |  Sinister Reach x2  |




Hollow Point x3  |  Ice Storm x1  |  Stunning Speed x1  |  




Energy Channel x1  |  Focus Energy x1  |  Spoiled Strike x1  |  Sundering Strike x8  |  Whirlwind x1  |  Fever Strike x3  |




Cleaving Whirlwind x3  |  Coiling Viper x2  |  Blind Justice x1  |  


Prime Parts / Blueprints


Akbronco Prime BP x3  |  Ankyros Prime BP x1  |  Ash Prime Chassis x3  |  Bo Prime Ornament x1  |  

Boltor Prime Stock x1  |  Burston Prime Barrel x1  |  Carrier Prime BP x1  |  Ember Prime Chassis x1  |

Ember Prime Helmet x3  |  Fang Prime Blade x3  |  Frost Prime Chassis x2  |  Frost Prime Helmet x1  |

Hikou Prime BP x1  |  Orthos Prime BP x1  |  Paris Prime BP x1  |  Paris Prime Grip x1  |  Wyrm Prime BP x1  |

Volt Prime Helmet x1  |



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