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What Does The Term ,,carry" Mean In A Game ?



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It means that you didn't do as much work as someone else, Someone is carrying you up to the next rank or mission or objective. It is usually the strongest. It is a term that is commonly used for First Person Shooters when you have a high kill to death ratio as your team is being carried by the one player with über skills.

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Carry in this meaning is to "carry" a team to victory, for example, the person doing all the work, say, someone carrying a table on their back, is the carrier, and the people who are riding on top of said table on the carrier's back are the carried, who rely on the carrier's effort to succeed.


A crude analogy, but hopefully effective.

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MR rank has no meaning .... its how many individual items you have ranked up or, not even that, if you didn't take the test.

MR rank 2 could be sitting in a mesa with a boltor prime and able to do anything in the game, or it could be a noob with a mk1 paris. 


But odds are, he isn't going to be carrying anyone... he is probably a new player and weak. 

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carry in normal game term is heavy damage dealer and game changer


but this is MMO. Where everyone has equal start, every one can level and keep their items. It just takes time and skills. Perfect with good team work.


So i dont see the need of a carry in this game unless you jump really far like fast planet unlock


fast planet unlock


-> one guy who unlock all the node go and bring the new guys fight all the bossess of each planet. Well yeah since he taxy for you and help you kill the bosess he / she can be considered as a carry.




He taxy you to a really high level map where you cant kill a thing and he killed all for you. Thats carrying


If low level junk and he got the same mod and eq as you, and you can kill without his help, he is not carrying


So carry only applicable when you really hopless without him / her

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