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Dual Weapons... Once Build, Let Us Choose If We Really Want To Bring Both Of Them


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Well i know it would be a loss for DE (precious slots are precious)


But it have no sense having a dual magnus (basicly two of the same gun)  and not being able to use only 1 at a time  if we want.


Most ppl sell the regular one for free a slot...



It would be such a great improvement quality of life wise



Dual weapons could take 2 slots to be kept if its about buying slots



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Sorry but i really don't want to have to pay for extended slots with your ideas.



But i like the concept to chose your personnal Akimbo weapons differently.


well... you actually need 2 slots free to build akimbo weapon allready


but i agree  maybe a diferent downside for this....


make yu free to use akimbo with 1 slot , but request a new one if yu want to use them separatly?


would be fine like this?

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That would be nice but i fail to see a reason for it . Maybe if we could use for example a bolto and a lex if we have akbolto and aklex , or if it would allow us to use it in melee stance while parrying for example (which i feel should be the case with 1 handed secondaries >.< , we're freaking ninjas but we cant shoot a small gun while blocking with our swords ? ) .

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Yes. Definitely. Losing the ability to use the single version is the only reason I haven't built the AkBronco Prime yet (no, don't want to spend that many cells on a third bronco).


yup that's it yu dont use 3 bronco at same time yet if yu have akimbo (mean 2 bronco) you need another one to use 1 bronco...


that's wut is bothering me

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